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  1. Running into an issue exporting to Android here. I'm not sure if this is a feature or a bug, but every time I export a set of games from a platform, it erases what I had moved to Android in the past. Because of this, I can't simply add a game that I want later, I have to re-select my whole set and re-export it all. Not huge in the scheme of things, but it's still a bit of a pain, considering I usually think of a game or two I might want to add after I've already done the initial copy. What is problematic, though, is the files from my last import remain on my device, so I've still got a folder full of games, but only a few entries in the platform xml, for the games that were exported last. Other than that, it's been pretty smooth-going. Haven't had issues with the betas on either of my machines.
    I've been wanting to get to a local arcade called the Galloping Ghost to get something like this for some time but A) I know very little to nothing about audio and B) I haven't gotten around to doing it. That said, this is perfect! I started it and sort of got lost in it, just letting it run for a while as I set up some stuff for Launchbox. Very cool!
    This is beautiful! Insta-switched to the theme the moment I saw it in the announcement video. Perfect mix, to me, of flashy and cleanly designed. Not gaudy, but visually interesting. Love the intro videos as well. Haven't had any issues just yet. There is a TINY bit of slowness when switching platforms to load up the video, but I presume that's something to do with BigBox and how it loads video rather than something to do with the theme. I prefer the made-for-theme platform videos, but it worked fine with my default videos before I used LB to get them.
  2. Was just about to come here and report the same problem. Updating and resetting configs didn't help, and just clearing the data left me with a half-broken Retroarch, so I cut my losses and uninstalled then reinstalled. Working flawlessly again. 100% a Retroarch issue. Thanks for the tip!
  3. I switched the mode of my controller (running on MiniIPAC) to act as a game controller rather than Keyboard in an attempt to maybe fix the issue and it's still happening. The controller behaves properly outside of Launchbox, but within, the "L and R" buttons, assigned to page up and page down, are both reversed and only scrolling one game at a time. None of the other buttons are getting mixed up and the problem doesn't present in Retroarch. The Windows 10 controller interface doesn't show that the buttons are switched when I alt-tab out, so I can only imagine it's something in LB.
  4. Absolutely, thanks again. I guess I would've seen it anyway, since reading through your initial post completely before getting to work, I noticed that you'd already mentioned it. Whoops. I'll definitely flash that firmware, then.
  5. Yeah, I saw that when I loaded it up. That's how I would've done it anyway, considering the controller I connect to my arcade machine regularly is a DS4. I did see that the "gamepad" option was greyed out for me. I can technically force the controls over (and have already backed up my own .ipc files just in case). Is it the same for you, or did you sidegrade to one of the firmwares that supports gamepad configuration? I might move over to one of those anyways. Doesn't seem like the functionality is at all different other than the added gamepad functionality.
  6. You're a lifesaver. I was looking into just this reasonably recently after having a hell of a time setting everything up in Retroarch. Really appreciate the fact that you included both versions. Not sure if I'm going to convert just yet because I've finally got everything set up and working, as far as I can tell, but I'm happy I've got the option. Thank you!
  7. Ok, I've probably got a really niche bug here because I can't imagine too many people are using Bigbox in the exact same way as me, but here goes. I've got Bigbox in an arcade console using an Xtension arcade controller for control. The Xtension (miniipac) is set up as a keyboard for easy use with MAME, so I've configured the keys manually in Launchbox. Every so often, completely inexplicably, Bigbox will temporarily forget the "Page up" and "Page Down" controls, and do some weird switcharoo where "Page up" will move my cursor one space down, and "Page down" will move my cursor one space up. The issue usually disappears or fixes itself with a relaunch of Bigbox, and it never presents itself in Retroarch. I made sure that it wasn't my controller going wonky - thanks to a suggestion in the Discord, I was able to confirm that the buttons on my Xtension hadn't changed by repeating the issue and immediately bringing up notepad to see if the buttons were broadcasting the wrong keypresses. They were fine. Obviously not a huge issue at all, since I rarely use "page up" and "page down" anyway, but I figured it was worth reporting and seeing if anyone else had a fix or something.
  8. Awesome, thank you! Just wanted to make sure nothing was amiss. On second thought, I probably should have asked this in the discord. Totally forgot it existed. Well, next time. Thanks for the response!
  9. I've got a known complete MAME .201 set from a good source and I was wondering what I should be expecting numbers-wise for an import with default settings, give or take whatever margin of error there might be. I'm skipping all of the "skippables" but prototype games and I've combined different versions into additional apps. This results in around 3000 entries. I noticed that I was actually missing a few from my "favorites" list and existing playlists and had to import them manually, so I'm wondering what might cause that, and I also wanted to make sure that I'm getting around the correct number of games on import.
  10. Search for "mature" in Arcade and all of them will come up, from there, mark them as hidden. You can still bring them up in Big Box by changing the option to show hidden, but they'll be gone normally.
  11. Hah, yep, for sure. Although they were a pretty good indicator at that point. I haven't updated my console ratings, but the Arcade ratings, the ones I noticed trending super low, are all from a few days back when I imported them all. I'll have to re-run the metadata update on the rest of my stuff.
  12. I'm honestly wondering if some people are just going through the list rating everything low. The reason I noticed the crazy low ratings was because I'm going through a MAME pack game by game and deleting the extra stuff I don't want. I honestly don't think I've seen a game above 3 stars, which is just insanity. SNES seems to be accurate-ish, or at least was when I checked. The staple games were in the 4s and 5s, although I haven't updated since day one, so maybe they've all trended down as well. Just hoping it balances out so I can use them properly. The monsters have rated the Metal Slug series like 2 stars across the board. I don't even know how a crappy kid could be unamused by Metal Slug. I'll have to go through and rate everything. Do my part to averaging out the bad ones. Thanks for the responses, guys! I appreciate it.
  13. Hey guys, figure this place is as good as any to ask about this, hopefully I'm not just uselessly cluttering up the forum. I know it's not technically "troubleshooting", since there's nothing I can really do on my end to fix it, but is there any specific reason ratings are so universally low for Arcade roms? Nearly every game, including some very classic staples, are around .5 to 2 star rated with enough votes to have evened out to a higher average. Are people spamming the ratings system with low scores intentionally, or is something else going on?
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