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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Collection theme for the DOOM Series by request of @Robin55 Hope you all enjoy!
  2. I will give making a Doom Collection video theme a shot!
    These are really fantastic! Thank you for your great work on these
  3. I may be wrong, but I believe CHDs are specific to MAME/MESS, so I don't think you can use an M3U to load a multi-disc game in this format, but you can try. To create an M3U, use any plain text editor (Notepad) to list your BIN/CUE discs (or ISO if that's what you've got). Just add the full filenames including extension for each item. Example: Chrono Cross (Disc01).bin Chrono Cross (Disc01).cue Chrono Cross (Disc02).bin Chrono Cross (Disc02).cue Instead of saving the file as a TXT, save it with M3U as the extension and call it the title of the game (keep it in the same directory as the actual files themselves): Chrono Cross.m3u In RA, just point your loaded core to this file to load the game.
  4. I'm still doing them; just out of pocket the last few months with life happenings, but will be back to uploading more theme videos again soon!
  5. It's funny, I have a mostly curated collection across 40ish platforms/computers and approached it from the standpoint of "would I actually ever play this?" and, for the most part, I don't really play the old games as much or as often as I thought I would. I largely stick to playing games in my ever growing Steam/GOG/Origin/Uplay libraries... with exception to Super Metroid and various hacks of it and a few other games, it's really become more of a novelty and the "fun" I am having with them has largely revolved around the cherry picking of games I would play/wanted but didn't have as a kid and the whole "setup" of learning how to configure the emulators, configure the middlewares and front-ends, getting all the artwork and making video themes. I am largely done with adding anything else outside of newer PC titles, and once I am done creating video themes for my collection, I want to dig into getting a really elaborate Hyper Pause setup through RocketLauncher for each system. I have paltry collection of games compared to a lot of people (1TB of a 2TB drive carries my entire LB/BB and emu+ROMs/Discs collections) and I may even pare it down more.
  6. I see what you mean. I completely forgot that I have Citra configured through Rocket Launcher to use a bezel and fade with it and it uses an auto-hotkey profile to force Citra into fullscreen every time you run it. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that you can use the script outside of Rocket Launcher though. I tried pasting it into the AHK section for the emulator in LB and it just kicked out errors. I tried editing it and removing the bits I figured were giving it issues, but it would still give errors, so not sure. You could just configure Citra into Rocket Launcher (not difficult if you don't want to use bezels and such), but if you want to try messing with the script (or if someone else that's more savvy with AHK wants to look at how it might work for the AHK section in LB), I've posted it below: MEmu := "Citra" MEmuV := "2016-11-23" MURL := ["http://citra-emu.org/"] MAuthor := ["djvj","bleasby"] MVersion := "1.0.1" MCRC := "B2CEA0A2" iCRC := "8131AB6F" MID := "635740704032217117" MSystem := ["Nintendo 3DS"] ;---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ; Notes: ; Roms must be decrypted to run in the emu ; See here for a guide on decrypting games you own: https://gbatemp.net/threads/tutorial-how-to-decrypt-extract-rebuild-3ds-roms-run-xy-oras-without-update.383055/ ;---------------------------------------------------------------------------- StartModule() BezelGUI() FadeInStart() primaryExe := new Emulator(emuPath . "\" . executable) ; instantiate emulator executable object primaryWindowClassName := "Qt5QWindowIcon" emuPrimaryWindow := new Window(new WindowTitle("Citra",primaryWindowClassName)) ; instantiate primary emulator window object emuConsoleWindow := new Window(new WindowTitle(,"ConsoleWindowClass")) Fullscreen := moduleIni.Read("Settings", "Fullscreen","true",,1) bezelTopOffset := moduleIni.Read("Settings", "Bezel_Top_Offset","30",,1) bezelBottomOffset := moduleIni.Read("Settings", "Bezel_Bottom_Offset","8",,1) bezelRightOffset := moduleIni.Read("Settings", "Bezel_Right_Offset", "8",,1) bezelLeftOffset := moduleIni.Read("Settings", "Bezel_Left_Offset", "8",,1) CitraIni := new IniFile(emuPath . "\user\config\qt-config.ini") CitraIni.CheckFile("Could not find Citra's ini file. Please run Citra manually first and make sure that you use the module recomended emulator version.") ; Disabling the emu exit confirmation confirmClose := CitraIni.Read("UI", "confirmClose") If (confirmClose = "true") CitraIni.Write("false", "UI", "confirmClose") ; Setting the game to launch on an extra window. singleWindowMode := CitraIni.Read("UI", "singleWindowMode") If (singleWindowMode = "true") CitraIni.Write("false", "UI", "singleWindowMode") BezelStart() hideEmuObj := Object(emuConsoleWindow,0,emuPrimaryWindow,1) 7z(romPath, romName, romExtension, SevenZExtractPath) HideAppStart(hideEmuObj,hideEmu) primaryExe.Run("""" . romPath . "\" . romName . romExtension . """") ; Waiting for main emu window emuPrimaryWindow.Wait() emuPrimaryWindow.WaitActive() ; Hiding citra console window emuConsoleWindow.Set("Transparent",0) ; Waiting for game to load TimeOut := 3000 StartTime := A_TickCount Loop, { WinGet, IDList, List, ahk_class %primaryWindowClassName% ; get a list of all windows which match this windowTitle Loop, % IDList ; IDList set to number of matches found { id := IDList%A_Index% ControlGet, OutputVar, Hwnd,, Qt5QWindowOwnDCIcon1, ahk_id %id% If !ErrorLevel { gameWindowID := id Break } } If (TimeOut && A_TickCount - StartTime > TimeOut) Break } ; Saving id of extra emulator window to be hidden WinGet, IDList, List, ahk_class %primaryWindowClassName% ; Get a list of all windows which match this windowTitle Loop, % IDList ; IDList set to number of matches found { id := IDList%A_Index% If !(id = gameWindowID) { launchWindowID := id launchWindow := new Window(new WindowTitle(,,,launchWindowID)) Break } } ; Hiding extra emulator window If (launchWindowID) { launchWindow.Hide() } ; Waiting for game window to be active if it is not gameWindow := new Window(new WindowTitle(,,,gameWindowID)) gameWindow.WaitActive() if (Fullscreen = "true"){ ; Creating fake full screen as the emu always launches in windowed mode WinGet emulatorID, ID, A emulatorWindow := new Window(new WindowTitle(,,,emulatorID)) RLObject.hideWindowTitleBar(emulatorID) RLObject.hideWindowBorder(emulatorID) emulatorWindow.Move(0,0,A_screenWidth,A_screenHeight + 38) } BezelDraw() HideAppEnd(hideEmuObj,hideEmu) FadeInExit() primaryExe.Process("WaitClose") 7zCleanUp() BezelExit() FadeOutExit() ExitModule() CloseProcess: FadeOutStart() If (launchWindowID) launchWindow.Close() Else gameWindow.Close() Return BezelLabel: disableHideBorder := "true" disableHideTitleBar := "true" disableHideToggleMenu := "true" Return
  7. Shouldn't need any command line. Open Citra and under the View tab, select Fullscreen. Alternatively, launch a game from within Citra and press F11. It will go fullscreen. In either case, Citra will remember the setting until you disable it.
  8. That is one that I had actually skipped over. I already had a video theme for it from EmuMovies and was going to come back to it at a later date (it's on my list for PS2 themes). I can do it next though (will upload it to my PS2 themes thread), but is it cool if it's not the "typical" Yuna and Tidus sort of theme? I found some really good fan art for Auron and Bahamut that I want to use and those two get used all the time, ha!
  9. Version 1.0.0


    A YouTube subscriber asked for this playlist collection theme, so sharing with all:
  10. Shining Force Collection Theme (16:9) View File A YouTube subscriber asked for this playlist collection theme, so sharing with all: Submitter CTRL-ALT-DEFEAT Submitted 01/14/2018 Category Playlist Theme Videos  
  11. Yeah for sure! Just saw this, but I can add the Genesis logo and upload that variant.
  12. NEC PC Engine Game Themes (4:3) View File Themes for the PC Engine. Playlist below. Will upload a version of Ninja Ryūkenden tomorrow with game audio-only: 1. Ninja Ryūkenden 2. Ninja Ryūkenden (no soundtrack) Submitter CTRL-ALT-DEFEAT Submitted 01/04/2018 Category Game Theme Videos  
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Themes for the PC Engine. Playlist below. Will upload a version of Ninja Ryūkenden tomorrow with game audio-only: 1. Ninja Ryūkenden 2. Ninja Ryūkenden (no soundtrack)
    This is a beautiful theme! I honestly thought I'd keep using Critical Zone for a very long time, but after downloading this and trying it out, I've decided to switch this as the main theme. Really nice work on this! Thank you!
  14. Thanks! I can archive them first before uploading. It's definitely the page that adds those underscores to the file names and I'm not sure how to keep it from happening uploading them "loose".
  15. Well, it definitely varies from one theme to the next, but, on average, it's about 3 - 4 hours from beginning to end.
  16. I'm getting the same crash on the latest beta (and only since updating to the latest). Every time I open up LB and then select any game from any platform, LB immediately crashes. If I go into BB, no crashes at all.
  17. @Thornback Thanks for the review! There is already a theme for Metal Gear Rising in this collection (#94 in the list/download list). There is also one for Skyrim (#93) unless you want one for the non Special Edition version, which I can do. I have just over 300 games in my PC collection so I'm sure I'll have all of those covered eventually I've been wanting to do a theme for Vanquish since it was released to PC, so maybe I'll do that one next.
  18. You'll have to use the ICO file; Windows won't recognize a PNG or JPG, etc, for shortcut icons. If you make a shortcut to the EXE and change the icon of that shortcut, it will last forever. The only way it would break is if you completely change where you have LB installed or if you use a program like Resource Hacker to modify the images inside the EXE. Just use the ICO to modify a shortcut and you won't need to mess with it again (even after LB updates)
  19. I've been getting these same kinds of crashes lately, as well, but not very frequently; they occur while going through different games in my collections and only happens in BB mode. I was also getting them once the startup videos were changed to be played back, natively, in the LB/BB engine. About 1 in 5 times, BB would crash right after the startup video finished. I've disabled Startup videos for now and haven't seen anyone mention it, so figured it was probably something on my end causing it.
  20. Hi @Biyakuga I attached an ICO you can use, if you wish, if you want to modify a shortcut (you would be correct that the icon would revert back to what it is now if you modified the existing EXE since it would be overwritten every time a new version is released). Being you were talking about matching Windows 10, it's just flat white, so nothing special or fancy, but matches the existing icons for the Start Menu, Xbox App, Store, etc. Totally not trolling you ; just trying to help out. I don't think it's an unreasonable request, but like has been said, if it is even something on Jason's radar to do, it's probably not very high and I think most are okay with what already exists. lb-icon.ico
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