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  1. I have the same issues with official Xbox 360 and Xbox one wireless controller and dongles. will test it with unchecked flag
  2. Put in each dolphin folder a blank portable.txt file and all Settings will saved in each folder instead of having a global setting
  3. will then also the artwork gets overwritten? thought this is only for the fields
  4. Hi Jason, thank you for responding on this. So at this moment only delete all and resync is the only solution.
  5. is this something I should address to @Jason Carr in Hope he has an Idea or find a solution in the near future?
  6. Dear all, I am now happily working and enjoying LB and BB and helping to moderate the GamesDB as well. I asked myself for awhile now how can I update my already imported Games in DB with the updates from the GamesDB like Artworks and Datafields? example: I have a clear logo in LB already, but now I uploaded a better version into the GamesDB and it is approved, the old one will get delete as well. How can I make sure to get the new one and the old one will delete? another example, I have the game imported and all the fields in LB are now as I need it, for example the Game Name. Now I see that a lot of the other fields are more accurate in the Games DB. How can I update this without overwrite my own works? is there a possibility (maybe as a new feature) to protect fields and or artworks so they will not overwritten by an update? and a function to update the artworks without downloading everything? regards, Chris
  7. Even if I am Interessting to catch some chd based disc games for various systems it would be too much to ask you for such access there as well... good work so far and interesting to see how it raised on your system. Same kind of thread did I managed on an other Frontend board which I already left
  8. I am with you. From my point of view this plug in should optimised built in directly into launchbox with checks plus launchbox and bigbox should getting align with the gamesdb field, which currently is not. that is frustrating sometimes, because why should i fill some dB fields if they will not transferring into lb / bb
  9. most of the FF PC Games have a separate EXE to start without the launcher. like there is a FFX.exe and a FFX-2.exe in the folder. but I have no idea who it would work if you have the steam version. I would like to know it as well
  10. awesome could this also implemented as a standard functionality within launchbox for more than one core or system? @Jason Carr
  11. Dear all, I am working now for over a year with Launchbox plus BigBox but still have a lot to learn. currently I want to set up some systems as good as possible with the artworks etc. but lack with the region thing as well. for example I have the NES Game 1942. all available artworks form the GamesDB are downloaded, regions are also managed in the options fo launchbox (no flag on Japan) but launchbox shows me the Japan fron cover artwork instead of the also available US one. why? or where can I can set up which region this system should show first or which artwork does have an region tag added or soooo. probably for the next POLL of features I would like to have some new features for the gamesdb plus how to handle it in launchbox and big box.
  12. you can make an separate account here https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/moderation and then you are able to suggest changes and upload new artworks, entries and so one or help out to moderate other proposals :-)
  13. can you make a clear logo for this game, please
  14. I like the idea of number 4 and 5
  15. looks really good, even when it is not the same but I am happy and thankfully for that one. I appreciate you work @Dane thank you
  16. what emulator are you using? and what kind of amiga roms? I only have the cryptic names one, which I cannot easy import into launchbox like nes or snes and so on. I am to lazy to import and pick each game by game...
  17. I often had this problem, too. but I thought it was something I did wrong.
  18. can you work on a NEC PC-Engine CD one? I only found TurboGrafx 16 CD, but not for the PC Engine version. that would be awesome
  19. you have to go into the menu from retroarch and set the display configuration there...
  20. It is more complicated for the arcade Plattform. All are together in arcade but we also have a lot of separate platforms as well
  21. or would Teamviewer an Option for you? I do it with Teamviewer every time I want to set up something ...
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