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  1. I have categories (The usual suspects like computer, arcade, consoles, handheld) within each categorie I have the platforms (nes, SNES, n64 and so on) and then i thought I could have instead of all games and the Favoriten included I would have all games and would be able to chose (activate one of the playlists) without making big box complicated. So if I don’t want to look into one of the playlists I can still scroll through all games of that platform. just for info: the different arcades are not in playlists - I have them in separate platforms because playlists have not enough information for this. Plus handling emulators are to annoying for me
  2. Sorry, @Jason Carr but I am not getting the idea of the playlist and their idea behind it. Maybe more communication and or information for this feature is needed Else it will be a hardcore user feature no one else is really benefiting. having a playlist within an platform: thought it will be different than the playlist feature in arcade / Mame. How can I have the right structure ?
  3. I have a category (Consoles) in there I have several platforms (Like Nintendo Entertainment System) and within this platform I have now a few playlists. Why? Because I just added the playlists to my current setup. even the „if no video for the playlist then use a video from the games within“ is not working. if I understood you correct then the way of playlists I have in mind is not working as i expected. So I can delete all playlists. thank you @rexryan
  4. i have had now the chance to test the nested folder thing in BigBox. In launchbox beside some workflow things (like not possible to copy playlist and just change one thing like the platform to have it on every platform etc etc etc) the it is a great feature so far and help to have a better overview. I also want to have a playlist feature where I can choose artwork specific things like -- for this platform show me all games without a video or without an card image etc etc. on the other hand it would be nice to have a good media manager within launchbox. what I absolutely not like it the way how the playlists are implemented in BigBox. I choose the platform (i.e. NES) where I have 4 Playlists. in this platform there are no longer any games, and I am only able to choose between the playlists. I always thought (like in Launchbox) choosing the platform gives me all games and the playlists are the playlistwise reduced ones from ALL. and it is really ugly because I don't have clear logos for all or videos and the screen is fully black. as an Idea... we can go into the platform in BigBox (like NES) then we see all games in it. if we want to have the limited view by Playlist within this platform can we not have a way to choose by playlists like on a specific playlist button? and when we press that button there is the chance to choose between ALL, or the playlists or maybe also included standard playlists like genre, beginning letter or so? what do you think about this @Jason Carr
  5. is something planend as an update for this? I want to have a clean media solution within lunchbox without doubles and different qualities. also for videos and manuals.
  6. Hey, klingt interessant und ich werde mir einige dann mal anschauen. daumen rauf auch von mir.
  7. @Jason Carr is there a easier way to change all the artwork folders for one system instead of artwork type? I tried to find something in the xml files in the data folders but was unsuccessful. Only can find the RomPath.
  8. I know it is confusing but first I had the one issue and while doing the screenshots I found another issue on my system. about the issue from my picture, these missing Games are showing inside my Platform but not in the playlist. that makes it at least confusing for me.
  9. @Opak here are some points Words like Abgeschlossen <-> Komplett Beschädigt <-> Defekt @Jason Carr can we get the Dropdown Menu in the Playlist Editor sort by alphabet in each version? it is hard to check this list.
  10. hier is an example, this playlist popped up after I added the Metal Gear Games to it I will send you the specific zip file in a few seconds. ---- addition: different topic: I moved some of the video folders to another driver on my PC. and now I am asking my self, even with changing the folder paths to the new section LaunchBox is generating a new folder in the former root area. example: I have the LaunchBox/videos/Nintendo 64 folder. I moved that folder to another HDD, so the old folder is no longer on its initial place. BUT later I will have an empty folder on the exact place again - I found out that the same will happen will all media folders. is this a new issue and why is this happen?
  11. Even with a game in it the playlist will sometimes not shown in LB under platform categories
  12. There are some strange translation in the German language file. The same Englisch word is translated differently. Example: complete is sometimes beendet, sometimes komplett. I saw this while I was checking the new nested folder feature and was unsure what the autofilter options really mean comparing to the game detail screen in LB
  13. Inhaber sometimes the issue that after making a playlist for one platform that LB is not showing it. In the Data folder I found the file,plus i am not able to build the same playlist again because it is there but not showing up. in lb the list on the left side is sorted after platform categories. If I set it up to show playlists i can see some of the playlist and everything looks correct configured but still nothing in the other view. also strange is that if I change something in the games, like set one game as a favourite, it will not autopopulate in the specific playlist. is this an issue or something already known?
  14. Hi Jason, this Playlist feature ist great. I am diving into this and I like it. Just from the workflow perspective: is it possible to copy and paste the playlist to different platforms? I will organise each platform with four Playlists (favourites, "not hide", completed, and hide). and to do this each and every time is a bit annoying and maybe there is a simpler trick but I overhead this in this thread. also very helpful would be if I choose a Plattform (as an example) there would be a dropdone choosing possibilities (like in the retroarch emulator settings is available). good work, I start to like this launchbox more and more. next big thing for me would be a overhaul of the GamesDB
  15. For games you can suggest to delete it through the database after three approvals (or 5) it will deleted
  16. I have nearly all my games now converted to chd. saves a lot of space. mostly I check the emulators from tetroarch but I assume demul is still best
  17. There is a menu (forgot name) for that where you can download metadata and artworks once for all selected games. This should make it easier for you
  18. do you probably have Vulkan as a Videodriver activated while Muppen is only working with GL?
  19. I am unsure how I would like the new MAME importer, because I don't want to test it with my 0.194 set. btw: is it possible to add and update the MAME Arcade System Playlist like cps1, model 1 and so on? there are a lot of not really implemented systems like Namco 21, Namco 12 etc etc AND systems Like CPS1 and 2 are not completed - I had to manually add games to these systems too.
  20. Sounds great. would it be possible to put the controller check into another thread so it would not impact anymore current used controller? (just thinking out loud)
  21. can you see these artworks in Launchbox?
  22. this is a known issue if more than one game with the same name is in the database. @Jason Carr have an idea how to solve this quick
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