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  1. I have nearly all my games now converted to chd. saves a lot of space. mostly I check the emulators from tetroarch but I assume demul is still best
  2. There is a menu (forgot name) for that where you can download metadata and artworks once for all selected games. This should make it easier for you
  3. do you probably have Vulkan as a Videodriver activated while Muppen is only working with GL?
  4. I am unsure how I would like the new MAME importer, because I don't want to test it with my 0.194 set. btw: is it possible to add and update the MAME Arcade System Playlist like cps1, model 1 and so on? there are a lot of not really implemented systems like Namco 21, Namco 12 etc etc AND systems Like CPS1 and 2 are not completed - I had to manually add games to these systems too.
  5. Sounds great. would it be possible to put the controller check into another thread so it would not impact anymore current used controller? (just thinking out loud)
  6. can you see these artworks in Launchbox?
  7. this is a known issue if more than one game with the same name is in the database. @Jason Carr have an idea how to solve this quick
  8. For pc games I often just rip some smaller videos or trailers from YouTube
  9. It also depends on the emulator you want to use. Most of the system i have are in retroarch, and there is also a per game setup possible.
  10. there should be some tutorials out there where you can see how to set up rocket launcher without any front end, and a tutorial how you can connect a already set up rocket launcher with Launchbox. more interesting would be why you want to go with rocketlauncher? maybe the pros are already in launchbox implemented.
  11. welcome to Launchbox. 01. do you mean details page in Launchbox or in Big Box? in Launchbox Detail Screen (the Sidebar) you can configure which of the given fields should be shown and which one not. there are also Fields for Series. in BigBox it depends on the Theme you would use. 02. I assume not. But you can use a sort field, so you can beside the name of the game use a sort Titel like the Game Resident Evil: Code Veronica will sort in my playlist as Resident Evil 2000, to fit the chronology 03. you can jump directly to a specific letter by pressing that letter on you keyboard. in BB you have a slider to jump directly to the wished letter 04. it is possible, depending on the artworks and the theme you want to use. some themes also have the wished information without going into the detail screen. 05. if you want to use it on a big screen only with your joypad, I recommend big box. emu movies is very helpful to get best quality artworks and movies for most of the games (not all). regards, Chris
  12. I would like to see more functionalities and an upgrade in the Database system. All the fields in Games DB should be aligned with Launchbox, some fields new a rework like Number of Players or Country, also would like to have controller type and some other things as an addition to this. Also setting the country to each artwork would be helpful. have a few more ideas for an overhaul there. it would also be very helpful to have a upload link from Launchbox to GamesDB with fields and artworks because the plugin is sometimes really unstable and I assume there is a better and more fluently working integrated solution possible, like the community ratings and so on. I am also missing a better Artwork audit functionality within Launchbox. something like the third party tools already can, but with a lot of hiccups. I am dreaming of choosing a system, than the game and style (Clear logos) and I can see all logos next to each other --> can easily add some or delete some, also reassign to another type of artwork or different country code (i.e. from North America to Japan). this would give LB/BB a better look and more potential in not having double or dribble time the same artwork in the system with slightly different MD5 hashes... saves space, makes all clearer, and more fancy. also rethinking about the audit system of Games DB things would be good. a lot of strange stuff are now in the system as well.
  13. Hey... if I remember it correctly Launchbox does not get Meta Datas from Steam, only a few Artworks and Videos will picked up there. Metadata comes only from Wikipedia or from Launchbox Games DB. If the game is not in the GamesDB you can add them there and after an approval it will be available for everyone.
  14. I am thinking and doubting it now for months. first I am a collector who wants to have all the games, but it is way too much. so I will try to handle it with the "hide" option. so I can hide the games which should not shown in BigBox... maybe this will help, but at this moment It is to complicated to hide the games. and in audit it is no flag who shows me if hide or not.
  15. Thank you, even frustrating with MAME... do you have some helpful hints for me, please
  16. really nice. I only have a small Subwoover but for the bass feeling I have two bass shakers in my sitting area 🤗 for the bassy feeling
  17. is there now a better and easier way to set up Neo Geo CD in LaunchBox with Retroarch? even with Arcade64 I am not able to bring NeoGeo CD alive. just with Raine.
  18. what a monster subwooooooooover nice one
  19. I can imagine that this is a really cool feature. but I don't like to try so many things anymore. if it is cool I will give it a shot else I will overlook that - and saying it is cool would be easier when I can see that in action. I am still fighting with my setup it is not as flawless as I hope after many years (like saving in Retroarch Mesen Core crash the emulator without any save and so one. is there a way to bypass the esc and use the xbox button? so if this is already in planning directly into BB / LB I will wait for it.
  20. Is it possible to get an preview video for this. I am a bit curious but will not try it yet
  21. Ok, clear. The old 5.0 release does not have the Bluetooth passthrough. the nightlys are evolved well, and with 901 the the dolphin bar will not work anymore as before because of that. But quality is so much better if the emulator. Thank you for the good and helpful imformation
  22. Does the wiimote worked great with the newest dolphin version an it’s Bluetooth passthrough?
  23. I also found out that in the options menu from bigbox there are no lags, doesn’t matter how fast i move up and down
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