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  1. Makes it not better 😉 and from the marketing perspective you shouldn’t call this release version 10 because of lacking new killer features for a new version. It is more a bug fixing version. Android cannot be your argument for this windows release/
  2. it is the way how you can upload or enter things into the Launchbox Database at this moment. I was happy with the plug in so I was able to upload it directly from launchbox, but even then game by game was so annoying that I canceled it after thousands of entries
  3. can you chance the title? from 9.11 to 10?
  4. 850 Disc images into the database is a lot of work based on The Workflow Design. Horrible work. @SomeGeezergreat work
  5. Sounds interesting but I assume we should focus on user friendly ways.
  6. this is generally the show off on launchbox. things getting more and more complicated and the easy way to do it is no longer feasible. I have the feeling of going the way of rocket launcher, which is no longer easy to handle as well. how many people are really able to build fade ins, bezels etc nowadays for launchbox. even themes are way easier to build in hyper spin at all. sure the themes in launchbox have tons of possibility but to achieve this .... takes to long.
  7. thank you. this was overlook by me. thank you
  8. Hey Guys, since the smaller changes in Launchbox 9.x I failed to add new Platform Categories now. I have Arcade, Consoles, Computers, Handheld. But I want to have something like Playlists and "ToDo" and Consoles Exotic as split. In the past I was able to write the platform categories under Details but now? thanks in advance for help
  9. I can confirm the same behaviour. It will always import disc that are already imported and under additional apps
  10. at least you said that you will now focus the next month or so on the Android App instead of the windows app, so my assumption is that in that time there will be no real steps forward on any other thing. and the other thing is simple mathematic will say, that one programmer cannot give three systems (LB/BB Windows, LB/BB Android / music box alpha) the same attention than on focusing on one product. fragmentation have some pros but also some cons. and we are not talking about the "golden age" we are now talking about slowering the speed. even the last "great" new features will not as good as the previous things. it is too complicated to configure it or some things are only possible in LB, even it is an BB feature or BB only features cannot configure in LB. I would understand if instead of Android a Raspberry Pi version will come out, because than you can build a really out of the box and take some market shares from RetroPie at all. but android... naaaaa
  11. I am with your meaning. so I will no longer expect anything great enhancement from the Windows Version any longer. LB/BB is indeed great (Jason did a very good job) but now with the Android Fragmentation there will be a Hugh amount of new users who will flooding the board with questions about android and questions about its emulators. I had so much hope that the Database thing would get a big push to make it easier and complete (there are so much opportunities on that). never mind. good job Jason and good luck.
  12. I am also one of them who dropped Rocketlauncher completely. this tool was a mess in combination with lack of updates in the past years.
  13. depend on the emulator and the game if Highscores are saveable or not.
  14. will these the potential features for Launchbox / BIgBox X aka 10?
  15. Would be cool to have such option per system. Would help to have a jap 9nlz system divided from rest of the world in launchbox, else will be a mess
  16. I hope it will not loose focus on it core idea being a emulator Frontend launcher and being the best of them all. i have some other horrible software in mind where the features blown that software up too much. iTunes is one example, or Plex (who wants to add many things now and loose focus on media player for movies and series). meaning things like Android or raspberry versions. Please be focused on the windows Plattform where all starts for LB/BB
  17. Clear, but if Jason update it every now and then, there maybe the old versions somewhere available?
  18. Can we get the xml from previous version files?
  19. Is there a chance to speed up LaunchBox? It takes seconds every time I edit a game and save it with Pressing ok.
  20. I assume emumovies has the most complete set some snaps are not downloading from emu movies because name isn’t matching
  21. this is also for me a very helpful new feature. more of such things to improve the overall "out of the box" feeling of past LB/BB versions
  22. I understand your point and position. my concern is that we will get more and more features that only covers the pro users and not the old "LB/BB for every one" audience. even the loading / exit screens is hard to maintain for me and I never will try to start the pause feature. don't get me wrong these are killer features but to maintain or at least activate it as it it currently I do not get the out of the box / it works feeling anymore like importing games with the Database behind it which was the reason why LB/BB was getting more and more popular. about the controller screens: this only means we can use pictures someone is doing sharing for all in hope it fits with the wish everyone might have. or you have photoshop (or similar apps) experiences and do it by yourself.
  23. would it be possible to place a picture and configure it with Button Pressings? so there is a NES Controller and you klick on the A Button on this Picture and press the Controller Button you will use or vice versa? so Photoshop Guys can build some nice pictures and with a logic in LB/BB we can assign the buttons and will get the same result? it would also be possible to use whatever picture from google if we do not find a nice pic within LB/BB Download Area.
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