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    CoinOps Redux

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    7 hours ago, Obsidian74 said:

    Sure. I'll use Steam and "PC Favorites", a custom playlist I made, as an example.

    Awesome! Keep up the good work!

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    PC Favorites

    PC Favorites.PNG


    yea playlists is a problem as we use alot of customviews throughout the theme. the Windows systems is a thing..we probably I should have masked the back of the monitor @CMOSS, on the other hand we could add a small blackborder around the the video and consider the fanart background as a dynamic bezel ;) 

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    CoinOps Redux

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    3 hours ago, Nyny77 said:

    Awesome, but sometimes it bugs, the theme freezes ... help would be appreciated

    Thanks, great work !

    I noticed this too. It could be bigbox it self as i didnt have this problem with 11.6.



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    1 hour ago, Scanno said:

    I'm also using Photoshop with faeran assets and giving each game the killer look it deserves, because IF you have time and don't have to do an ENTIRE romset, giving love to each artwork for your big tv is a great thing to do!

    Maybe we should make a forum thread where we could dump these banners.   WIP for American laser games

    American Laser Games.png

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    @Kondorito you guys are using Photoshop for these banners? 

    I would to but I find using the community theme creator works just as well. And it preserves the aspects that @faeran thought up. Apart from those awfull stock system images. Of all the images the ST has got to be the worst ?


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    MasterGuevara10  2

    18 minutes ago


    An Amazing Job!!

    I have  question..... could be possible that we no need to make custom banner´s for this?... i explain myself, you could make the theme recognize the front box and clear logos we have in our launchbox, instead of pre renderized images??. it would be awesome too.


    Response from the author:

    Thanks @MasterGuevara10.

    The answer to your question is, not really... The wheel in Big Box cannot call more than 1 image for a selected game, so there would be no way to have this banner effect without making custom images.

    Something similar could be created that only uses your boxart, but it would definitely provide less of a banner flow type of feel.

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    @Jason Carr is there a way to fix this ? 

  1. yes ? 

     I have figured out how to fade images out, but I have not found out how to use platform background image, or override background image to fade out. 

    So, If I select a platform, what I would like is for the system / platform background to show and then slowly fade out revealing the video for that platform. am I making sense to you?

    Custom NES Themes

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    up the irons \m/  

    I have a suggestion. if you look at the ninja in your example image ..it suffers from pixel bleed, you can see it clearly.. that irregular white outline around the image. if you want to quick fix it you could either giver it an internal one pixel stroke using the color of black outline (use the eye dropper tool to sample the precise colour. OR you could use the magic wand, select the space outside of the image and expand by one pixel and feather it by one pixel and delete your selection. 

    just a tip. 

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