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  1. Wow nice views ! My vote goes to V3 or V4.2
  2. Another thing I noticed is that when the player is VLC in "GameDetails" it does not show the video in the upper part of the coverBox
  3. Try to change the video player to WMP and see if the problem happens.
  4. I think I was able to identify how to reproduce the problem. If you leave the default player in "VLC" and enter and return to the "GameDetails" screen several times and return, it will cause the "lock" I tested with WindowsMediaPlayer and the problem didn't happen.
  5. I will activate the debug mode and if I can find something.
  6. Colleague, tell me something, here in my setup happened to crash a few times, I believe it is something related to the launchbox, did it happen to you?
  7. I have been waiting for theme like this for a long time !!! Thanks
  8. So, viking leaving only the playlist name without the arcade, here in my setup it worked. Example of how I left it. <add key = "Playlist.ATARI_CLASSICS" value = "Atari_Classics" /> <add key="Playlist.ATARI_CLASSICS" value="#f2cc47" /> The names of my classics systems are without the word "arcade", they look like this: Unique Name: Atari Classics Nested Name: Atari Classics I tried to put the word "arcade" but it didn't work.
  9. Hello, there would be a way to clear the extra phantom breaker logo.
  10. Very Nice !!! Thanks for working in this theme !!!
  11. @ALIE His work and excellent !!! I would like you to do the following systems: NEC PC Engine CD PSP Minis MAME Daphne Thank you !!!
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