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  1. So, viking leaving only the playlist name without the arcade, here in my setup it worked. Example of how I left it. <add key = "Playlist.ATARI_CLASSICS" value = "Atari_Classics" /> <add key="Playlist.ATARI_CLASSICS" value="#f2cc47" /> The names of my classics systems are without the word "arcade", they look like this: Unique Name: Atari Classics Nested Name: Atari Classics I tried to put the word "arcade" but it didn't work.
  2. Hello, there would be a way to clear the extra phantom breaker logo.
  3. Very Nice !!! Thanks for working in this theme !!!
  4. @ALIE His work and excellent !!! I would like you to do the following systems: NEC PC Engine CD PSP Minis MAME Daphne Thank you !!!
  5. Nice work !!! Thanks for sharing !!!
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