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  1. Damn it. I hadn’t got them saved anywhere 😔
  2. Have the originals been taken off the site, I can no longer find them ?
  3. @faeran thanks so much. Again, congrats on the wonderful theme.
  4. Hi Faeran, I installed the theme tonight and wanted to let you know that it’s one of the classiest themes released so far. I use the list view rather than the sliding covers. One thing I wanted to ask if you know the answer. Is there anything in the xml I can edit to make the font in the game list a bit bigger? Thanks in advance
  5. Certifiedhalo

    Origin Games

    Hey guys, Does anybody know of an argument or AHK script to close the Origin client on game closure? The client used to have an option builtin, but now only has the option to minimise on game close. The result is I can no longer launch any Origin games after I've closed the first. Thanks in advance
  6. Thanks for the reply. No doubt something on my end. I'll try figure it out and post the fix if I get it. Amazing theme BTW. Inspired me to adjust my fade screens so that they match and create bezels that looking like the theme backgrounds.
  7. Just to second this. I too get really bad screen tearing with this theme, even on full screen videos. Apart from this my build is now perfect. Anybody any suggestions for things to try?
  8. Had the same issue and was driving me nuts. I disabled use RDTSC under Experimental and now the games load. Could somebody else please try this and let me know if it works for them?
  9. @RetroHumanoid Truly beautiful work. I'musing them with the unified theme and they look great so thank you. Any chance you will be releasing a Wii U and 3DS video?
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