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  1. hi, how can I get the time to show in 24H format? Is it a theme, launchbox or windows setting? my windows 10 display time in 24H and I couldnt find any LB setting in the preferences so can I set this within this theme. thanks, love the theme!!!
  2. Wow super fast release. Thanks!!! appreciate it!
  3. Is there still a way to download the Cityhunter2 plugin version of this theme?
  4. On lastest BB 9.4/9.5 it still worked but When I updated to the lastest CityHunter it broke it. I might have been using the plugin version of CityHunter theme which now is no longer available. I don’t know the difference between the two but it worked fine for me.
  5. Just discovered that when I wait after initial boot-up and then browse to a platform games list or enter/exit BB setting the video isn't playing from the beginning, so it seems the video was actually playing all along but just doesn't show. Platform category background just stays black.
  6. I have checked. it's on VLC. Also in CriticalZone it doesnt work. But why would it work after i enter/exit bigbox settings menu? could the startup video still have an lock on VLC? but that more of an bigbox issue then a theme issue i guess.
  7. It's always been on VLC, but I'll double check... Thanks
  8. I am using the h265 verion right now and also tried another h264 video from your downloads which gives me the same result. Have not tried CriticalZone but I'll give it a try. It used to work just fine with the previous Cityhunter theme (I might have used the plug-in version not 100% sure). It's just odd it does play the background just fine after I enter/exit bigbox setting menu or when I browse all the way to a games list.
  9. When I boot up in Bigbox using this theme the background video does not play. When I enter and exit the Bigbox menu, only then, it starts playing or when I browse to the games list it also triggers the background video and after that it plays throughout the theme as normal. Has anyone had this problem or knows what could be wrong here. Thanks
  10. Thanks! Yes please share, love seeing others peoples work of art! Looked at a ton of builds before I made my own plans
  11. Well I did have some performance issues in the beginning, especially with MAME. But now I have overclocked my motherboard/processor and also the 750TI (gpu/memory frequency) it is running pretty smooth. The only issue I have now is when using overlays and stuff in MAME, then I get huge lag in video and sound. But maybe that's an MAME issue, I'm not sure. When I only use bezels in MAME it all runs fine! Cheers
  12. Hi, Finally uploaded some more images and the 3D schematics (made with SketchUp 2017). But beware although this is very close to the end result I did make changes along the way that I never updates in the 3D SketchUp. So if used, do not do so blindly, but double check everything! Cheers!
  13. Are you not allowed to rename the theme folders? Because all versions have the same theme folder name (CityHunter 2) I renamed (cityhunter 2 plugin, cityhunter 2 standard, and so on...) those folders to be able to switch between different version of this theme but I'm getting errors. Looks like \CityHunters 2\ folder is hardcoded into the theme.
  14. ok thanks will try plugins and also just having the platforms view
  15. just used lb8 default criticalzone theme and have the same issue also used your beta version which worked will try plugins now
  16. okay thanks will try it by the way before i used cityhunter 2 clean which worked fine
  17. against which one? CriticalZoneV2.zip CriticalZoneV2_BackgroundFanartOnly.zip CriticalZoneV2_BackgroundVideoOnly.zip CriticalZoneV2_-_BlueBox.zip CriticalZoneV2_-_BlueBox_BackgroundFanartOnly.zip CriticalZoneV2_-_BlueBox_BackgroundVideoOnly.zip CriticalZone 1.8.zip CriticalZone 1.8_BackgroundFanartOnly.zip
  18. I'm having a little issue with this theme, but I can't figure out why it is acting like it does. Anybody has any ideas? When booting up you get into BigBox on Platform Categories at this point it's just a black background no video playing. When entering a Category still no video, just black background. But when I enter the platform displaying the games the background video plays and then when I back out to platform and categories, it's all good and I have the background video like it is suppose to be. Thanks!
  19. downloading! checking it out tonight! Thanks for this amazing theme
  20. Thanks! I did a ton of research and looked at many many many other projects, I took the measurement of the ones I liked most and tweaked them to fit my needs. I wanted my cab to be as slim as possible. But in hindsight I would have changed a couple of things for sure. For one, I would have made my control panel a little wider in depth. Also had some challenges as I wanted no visible shrews and the ability to lake it apart. So I used magnets to hold my back panels and also for the L-profiles that hold the marquee plexiglas in place. My cab is located in the attic where my man-cave is ! Would I have glued and nailed everything, I would never be able to get it out of the attic without damaging it, in case we move to a new house in the future! These cabs are heavy! I made a 3D SketchUp drawing of my cab before I started. In the next couple of days I will look for those documents and I may have some more photos somewhere. I'll try and post them here later this week. I did make some little changes along the way though, which unfortunately I did not update in my sketch, but it's a very good basis. Greets, Kevin
  21. Thanks! The hardware I use is: Motherboard: ASUS H81M-K (Running H81M-C's Bios so I'm able to OC) Processor: Intel Pentium G3258 3.20 GHz (DualCore) (OC to 4.3 GHz) Memory: 16GB (2x8GB) HyperX Fury Blue DDR3-1866 Video: Palit GeForce GTX 750Ti StormX OC (PCI-e, 2GB GDDR5, mHDMI, Dual-Link DVI-D, CRT, 2x GPU) (OC to GPU +135 MHz / Memory +335 MHz) Harddisk 1: 120GB Kingston SSD Now V300 SATA 6Gb/s (Bootdisk OS Win10Pro) Harddisk 1: 256GB Samsung SSD 850 PRO SATA 6Gb/s (Win10Pro/BigBox/Emulators) Harddisk 2 : 2000GB Seagate Desktop HDD ST2000DN001 64MB 3.5" SATA 6Gb/s (BigBox/Emulators/Roms) Monitor: Iiyama ProLite XB2783HSU-B1 Speakers: Logitech Z333 2.1 Speaker System I would not go for this setup again though, I should've researched a bit better. With this motherboard-cpu combo it is not possible to Overclock, that said, it's not entirely true, after many days searching I found one hack that allowed me to overclock the CPU but it's NOT recommended (it could have easily killed my motherboard, luckily it didn't). I flashed my H81M-K motherboard with a H81M-C bios which then finally allowed me to adjust the cpu settings, but I am still not able to overclock my memory (XMP profile). The videocard was easy to overclock with Palit's Thundermaster software, just a little boost though, not to much. Everything runs smooth enough to a point I'm satisfied... but it could be better!
  22. Thanks man! Looking forward to the clean version after beta phase is over. Still have the old clean version installed. But will be using the Beta for now, so when something is up I can let you know about it! Cheers
  23. Hi, Great theme! This Beta feels snappier then the previous one, so love that. I did use the clean version so hopefully you'll be bringing out a clean version again. Only issue I'm seem to be having is after the first startup (launch straight into bigbox on the cab) the platform vid doesn't change, so for example when going from handhelds to arcade it keeps playing the handhelds vid and I have to go back and forth and when it's loaded once it's all good. When going into these platforms theirs no problem. I don't seem to have this with the previous clean version. Keep up the great work! Love this theme! Thanks Update: Vid eventually does change but there is just a huge delay I found out.
  24. Sorry guys, it turned out to be a very dumb thing on my part. Turned out the games were checked hide. But what I do find odd is... that even though the games were hidden the game count did not take that in account. Is this by design? Or something that can maybe be fixed in future releases? Thanks!
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