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  1. This theme is great! Thanks for making it. I love the "Wall View 2" view, but is there a way to use gameplay screenshots rather than title screen screenshots? Edit: I figured this out myself. Tools → Options → Media → Screenshot Priorities → move "screenshot - gameplay" to the top.
  2. When I imported a NES no-intro ROM set, for some reason Launchbox prioritised a bunch of beta ROMs over the retail ROMs, I guess because they're first alphabetically? I can manually modify each game individually in Metadata → Additional Apps to set a non-beta version as the default, but is there a way to do this in bulk across all games, other than moving the beta ROMs to a different folder and re-scanning the ROMs? I want to keep the betas, I just don't want them to be selected as the default.
  3. Thanks for the plugin! It works great I have a lot of old "GoodRoms" sets that contain a BUNCH of versions of the same game (USA, Europe, Japan versions as well as betas, weird ROM hacks, etc) and the "Select ROM in Archive" feature has been very useful to deal with these. Sorry if this has already been asked, but is there a way to make the regular "Play" option pop up the "Select ROM in Archive" dialog if a ROM has not previously been selected? Maybe it could also have logic to pre-select the "best" ROM in the archive, for example a verified good dump often has "[!]" or "(!)" in the fil
  4. I just tried the plugin mentioned by @Koroth and it works perfectly for this use case. Thanks! I think eventually I'll write a script that goes through all my .7z archives and extracts the "best" version, then just use those extracted ROMs instead. But for now, this works well for me. Thanks for the quick responses.
  5. Which one though? American, European or Japanese version? Original release or a later patched version? That's why having a full set is sometimes useful, since you have all versions. I downloaded some of these ROM sets (like NES) literally 15 years ago so it's possible everyone has switched to using these "no intro" sets since then, but back then the full good sets were very popular. Based on the description under "Selecting and Playing Individual ROMs From an Archive", this sounds like it'll be very useful for me! I'll try it out when I get some free time. Thanks for the link!
  6. I don't disagree with you, but this is very common for "full" ROM sets that include every known version / hack, as the compression works very well given most of the ROMs will largely be the same (so having every version of a ROM doesn't take up much more space than just having one version). eg my Super Mario 64.7z has a bunch of files in it but it's only 10 MB. I have quite a few complete ROM sets that are full of files like this. In any case, I think I'll just unzip the ROMs I care about. Thanks for the reply
  7. Hi! I have a Nintendo 64 where each game is archived as a .7z file, and all the alternate versions (eg. regions, updated revisions, ROM hacks, etc) are all bundled into a single .7z file. I added my N64 ROMs to LaunchBox and configured Project64, but when I select a game, it just starts playing some random file from the .7z (like a random ROM hack) rather than prompting for which file to use. Is it possible to display all the variants in LaunchBox itself, similar to what it does for MAME games? Or do I need to figure out how to do that with Project64? I could extract the 'main' game
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