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  1. For sure bro anytime, your "doing" is a downright game changer and I really just wanted to hammer that home, as it means the world to me and I'm sure many others, even if many do choose to remain silent. ☺️
  2. You're an absolute legend my dude! Thank you so much for doing all this. I know I haven't been saying much as of late, but believe me when I tell you that I've never missed a single overlay you put out and I'm always keen to see what rolls out of your (very active) forge. You already know how I feel about the theme you created and I'm still rocking out on it, heck I'm over here converting ppl to PC gaming thanks to how spiffy my collection looks, all thanks to you and your efforts. Please never stop creating with your very unique flavor of magic, if not for my sake... then for the entire gaming community as a whole. Cheers boet and thanks again for all your enthusiasm/effort through the years, as it really makes gaming fun to do! (See what I did there? lol) ^^
  3. Sadly, that's a negatory and at the risk of getting in trouble for necroing an old thread, I too would love to see this feature added into BigBox, as it's sorely missing. In fact I'd say it's the number one thing I'm always hoping to see listed in any new update and I'm honestly surprised there aren't more of my retro junky brethren pining for this as well, as there's just something truly neat, even journey like in being able to start at a console's launch lineup and move through the years to it's eventual "death" title. ^^
  4. That would be amazing, I actually really like the animation... just wish it would start a lot sooner. I'll certainly be keeping an eye out for that release.
  5. Absolutely amazing theme, a real stunner! However, there is one thing I'm having issue with atm and that's the time it takes to display game info. Is there anyway to speed it up?
  6. Sweet! The best LaunchBox theme just got even better, absolutely loving the new detail/arcade view, especially after changing flat box fronts to clear logos (which also sorts out arcades with missing marquess), now it just looks crazy awesome, well done boety, you've elevated the emulation experience/scene to a whole new level and I solute you and your beast like efforts... Thank you!
  7. Oh boy, looking super forward to that... and how!
  8. Yes! Welcome back boety! Super stoked to see yer back in action once again.
  9. Well crap... that sucks, really do hope that'll be the end of it once sorted, keep us posted bro!
  10. Figured from your earlier comment that was indeed the case, man, to have lost any of these projects you're working on would have been absolutely devastating! Would be cool/smart to setup an auto backup system in future, it's something I'd like to implement for myself actually, that way the backups would never be out of date, since you're not handling everything manually... in fact, your whole ordeal has reminded me to catch up on my own backups .
  11. Oh man, that's the best thing I've heard all week, ever since you mentioned you were having major PC trouble I've been chomping at the bit, not due to any kind of impatience for new stuff or anything, but due to my own experiences just like it, lost so much work/data over the years due to crap like this (thankfully I'm far more prepared now days). Anyways, I'm super stoked you'll be back up and running in no time... but please for the love of gawd, create backups my dude!!! XD
  12. Hey boet, thanks for all the hard work you've been putting into these. I did a bit of looking and came across this instruction card, it seems to have few matches, hope this'll help. πŸ‘
  13. Holly heck that's a whole lotta' overlays to get through 😫, but it's gonna be an incredible collection to have when all's said and done. I just wanna say, each day has been a total nostalgic trip for me... so big thanks for bringing back the memories, keep on rockin' yo! 🀘
  14. You're a freakin' machine my dude, these really do elevate the experience to a whole 'nother level... thanks stacks for all the hard work/effort you put into these beauties, it's much appreciated.😁
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