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Thanks for your previous help! I've been doing some tweaks and I almost have what I want.

I'm running into a really weird problem. I'm using Unified + Unified Refried themes. So I've replaced the default stars pngs with some of my own creation. They're working nicely, but the weird thing is that ratings with .5 are not showing. I get 4 instead of 4.5, 3 instead of 3.5, etc.

Also to be noted, I've replaced CommunityStarRating for StarRating on my screens, so I see my own user set scores on big box, instead of depending on community ratings (most games aren't even rated, so it's kinda boring)

My 4.5 stars graphic is in the proper folder, too. It's just loading the 4 stars graphic instead, for some reason. Example:



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