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Launchbox Showcase Ultimate Complete Edition (Nearly). Nearly 300 platforms (lost count) with nearly 100000 roms (no duplication and all working) 5 platforms not yet running roms though Using f

Complete set of tutorials here Over 100 systems so far  

Right here we go 1) There are approx. 210 systems and 190 playlists and yes I have in this build broken down systems into "sub-systems" such as arcade boards or region. Sega Mega Drive and Sega

On 9/7/2019 at 5:05 PM, jmargel said:

Where can I download this from?  Looked on arcadepunks but didn't see it..


3 minutes ago, Germanboy4u said:

If somebody will find the download, I am interested, too 🙂

There is no download, this is just him showing off his own personal build.

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Guys, i thought the number of arcade games were between 2500-3500 max. Could someone confirm please. I know mame is under 3000. Take out all crap and mahjong etc. 

Megadrive 900, PAL snes 550 etc. Youd struggle to pass the 20,000 games mark at this rate

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