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Version 8.4 - Released August 13, 2018

- New Premium Feature: Platform, playlist, and platform category-specific background music is now available in Big Box! Enable it in the Big Box Sound options and place your music in the LaunchBox\Music\Background\Platforms\[Platform Name], LaunchBox\Music\Background\Playlists\[Playlist Name], and LaunchBox\Music\Background\Platform Categories\[Platform Category Name] folders.

- Improvement: LaunchBox.Next now has a new Options window with a bunch of box configuration options for premium users: Background Opacity, Colorize Backgrounds to Match Images, Text Outline Opacity, Text Outline Thickness, and Align Text

- Improvement: LaunchBox.Next now has full controller support

- Improvement: LaunchBox.Next game hover icons have been implemented

- Improvement: LaunchBox.Next custom spacing options have been implemented

- Improvement: LaunchBox.Next box image and cache optimizations and performance improvements

- Improvement: LaunchBox.Next now has a small progress bar at the top to show when images are caching in the background

- Improvement: LaunchBox.Next now obeys the default background settings properly

- Improvement: LaunchBox.Next now resets to the default background when changing to a new platform/filter

- Improvement: LaunchBox.Next now works with clear logo backgrounds

- Improvement: Show Versions has been implemented in LaunchBox.Next

- Improvement: The LaunchBox.Next list view now retains its sorting on refresh and between filters

- Improvement: "Use Random Color Theme On Startup" has been implemented in LaunchBox.Next

- Improvement: LaunchBox.Next will now jump to the new game when a new game is added

- Improvement: A maximum width has been added to the LaunchBox.Next side bar in order to prevent issues with it being too large

- Improvement: Music playback has now been implemented in LaunchBox.Next

- Improvement: LaunchBox.Next now contains a volume control in the bottom right

- Improvement: LaunchBox.Next now obeys the "Colorize Game Dividers" option

- Improvement: LaunchBox.Next now obeys the "Colorize Scrollbars" option

- Improvement: LaunchBox.Next now obeys the "Colorize Background Fade" option

- Improvement: New option in LaunchBox.Next for centering the text

- Improvement: New option in LaunchBox.Next for showing or hiding the subline

- Improvement: Added automatic music and background music support for .sid, .ac3, .alac, .amr, .dts, .xm, .it, .mod, .ape, .opus, .qcp, .nsf, and .spc file formats. These formats were previously playable by LaunchBox and Big Box but not automatically picked up when searching for music files.

- Improvement: LaunchBox.Next now has an option to return to the OG interface, and the OG interface now prompts the user to try LaunchBox.Next, with options to always use .Next or stop prompting as well

- Improvement: The "Minimize on Game Launch" and "Restore on Game Exit" options have been implemented in LaunchBox.Next

- Fixed: LaunchBox.Next was not resetting to the default image group when switching to All Games or any filter that does not have a specific image group specified

- Fixed: LaunchBox.Next "Search" field is now translated

- Fixed: LaunchBox.Next exiting issues while switching to Big Box

- Fixed: LaunchBox.Next disappearing boxes bug

- Fixed: LaunchBox.Next possible Options freeze

- Fixed: LaunchBox.Next stability issues, most prominently when launching games

- Fixed: LaunchBox.Next side bar combo box and search box not sizing properly for custom fonts

- Fixed: Playlists are now sorted properly via the playlist's sort settings in LaunchBox.Next

- Fixed: Occasional multi-select issues with games not being unselected in LaunchBox.Next

- Fixed: Rare Big Box threading null reference errors

- Fixed: Rare splash screen threading error

- Fixed: Rare image format error in Big Box Coverflow

- Fixed: French translation error on deleting games from a playlist

- Fixed: Greek translation error in Add/Edit dialog

- Fixed: LaunchBox.Next videos playing in the background while playing games

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30 minutes ago, JamesBond@ge said:

@Jason Carr @Lordmonkus Where can I donate some money? And can it be done by PayPal? I still have a number of months to go until I renew my yearly License and I've MORE than got my moneys worth up until now.

Wow, well thank you very much James. I would honestly discourage you from donating money to us at this point, because we are definitely a money-making business. There's always our Patreon page though if you still feel the need: https://www.patreon.com/launchbox

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2 hours ago, JamesBond@ge said:

It's cool Jason honestly. I've joined as a Patron. I've more than got my money's worth this year. LaunchBox Next is incredible and I've got a feeling you were really put through the wringer with development over the last couple of months.

Thank you James; very much appreciated. :)

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Version 8.5 - Released August 15, 2018

- Improvement: The minimum box size and maximum aspect ratio options in LaunchBox.Next have been expanded to allow for Steam Banners with minimal borders

- Fixed: The Play Count and Last Played fields were not updating when launching games via a double-click in LaunchBox.Next

- Fixed: Applying a License.xml file was showing an irrelevant error in LaunchBox.Next

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1 minute ago, Lordmonkus said:

This 8.5 was a quick bug fix release and not the bigger one it was intended to be before.

I understand however ETAPrime said 8.5 would retire the old UI.  Anyway I love the new UI, first version was horrible but it is much faster and easier to use now.

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