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Flash collection (Flashpoint) import guide


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  • 3 months later...

I Cant get IT!!


pushd %~dp0
@echo off

cd D:\(Emuladores)\(Flash Games)\Flashpoint\Server

echo Setting up web server...
php.exe -f "update_httpdconf_main_dir.php"

echo Starting web server...don't close this window! Close Launchbox when it opens and this'll go with it!
start "Apache Server" /b httpd.exe

cd D:\(Emuladores)\(Flash Games)\Flashpoint\FPSoftware\Redirector

echo Starting games redirector...don't close this window! Close Launchbox when it opens and this'll go with it!
start "Apache Server" /b Redirect.exe

If i try to run a flash game inside LB the redirector gives me the next message

(404 Not Found) GET http://localflash/522607_replayingthegame202c.swf

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  • 6 months later...

Latest version 7.0 has 36k games!  , asking Blue Maxima himself stated most likely the new build won't work in Launchbox.

Just bringing up the subject of another front end got people a little defensive although I explained my goal is to get flashpoint working in LB not to replace it.

Anyone want to tackle this and share some xml's? I'd settle for an old one if anyone has it and wouldn't mind sharing.

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1 minute ago, Retrofrogg said:

I would plan to look at the latest version (Flashpoint 7.0). I think it's probably possible to port it into an existing install of Launchbox. I'll let you know my findings. 

downloading the newest 221gb version now. Hopefully we should be able to sort it out :)

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That'd be great to get going? , I was confusing the version number I think with another project ,

getting the newer version as well and wow even more games added ! 200k here we come?

two other Blue Maxima projects to I'd like to see working in LB -


after some manipulation and help from Monk

I got all this imported into LB maybe youtubers and

arty types might find some value in this (I just did to see if I could)

of note the pack although 260gbs, from the author's site does contain art

This could also be used as a funny prank considering there's over 100k of stuff

Flash Animations.xml


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  • 1 month later...

I also just recently downloaded 7.1. I may take a look at the XMLs myself to see what is unique about them compared to the XMLs for my other platforms in LB since the flashpoint ones are still clearly based on LB. If I can find a clear and simple difference I'll see if a script can be made to make them work again, but otherwise I'd love if someone figured out how to get this to work.

It wouldn't be the worst thing in the world to just have the Flashpoint launcher as a LB entry but full integration is obviously much more ideal.

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  • 2 weeks later...


After a lot of searches, someone gave me this software to help my search
Search that is the game " spaced penguin", that I couldn't make work on my computer ( I've got a .dcr but I couldn't make it work).
Great, the game is on the Super list of flashpoint :)

But, bad luck, when I launch the program, it can't find it in the inside list.
Can someone gove me an explanation?

( on the wiki list :
Spaced Penguin! / Artillery / Big Idea

Thnaks :)


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  • 3 weeks later...


yesterday I downloaded Flashoint7.1 (240GB!) but wasn't able to start LB after copying flash.xml to data/platforms. LB crashes during start. Error Message was not really helpful. I tried twice and after deleting Flash.xml LB started correctly.

At the end I decided NOT to try to fix it as for me the whole pack it way too much. I thought maybe I can just import .swf files and metadata for them but in Flash.xml there are only http-Links instead of local files (.swf). I guess this pack is not the right thing for me.

What I am looking for is just a simple .SWF Pack including at least 1 Picture per game to show in LB. I already have some Flash games in LB starting with flashplayer32sa.exe. Works excellent! So I just want to extend this Collection with a simple .SWF pack. Does anyone know where to get this?

edit: I tried to grab gamesbox.com Website to create a pack on my own but failed as my python knowledge is not that far. This site holds 304 pages 60 games each with titles and pictures on main page plus .SWF link on every single game's page if you click on a game's link. Maybe someone is able to grab all this or at least show us an working example for one of these pages.

Of course I already googled for a simple SWF packs but only found packs w/o pictures/metadata (i.e. the-eye.eu)

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  • 3 weeks later...

I just updated my Flashpoint to the latest version - the game count went from around 9000 to 35,000, which is great. This time I've not added Flashpoint to Launchbox however - at least not yet. I took a quick look at the folder structure and it looked like the import to Launchbox procedure might have to be changed - I'm not sure. Plus, I don't know if 35,000 extra games will slow LB down a bit. For the time being, I've just got the Flashpoint shortcut next to the Launchbox one and am doing it that way :D 

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2 minutes ago, Newlander said:

Flashpoint in LB would be great! is 7.1 the latest?, how bigs the new set?

Yes, however as you can see above the LB based XMLs of Flashpoint no longer work with LB as they've changed too much, and in the next version (or possibly a few) that should be out anytime now, they're ditching them entirely.

Flashpoint works by using URLs with their redirector.

In theory a batch file or custom command that passes the correct url to the the redirector and pulls the correct images from the Flashpoint structure could work as a plugin. Flashpoint is in a rapid state of change at the moment though so I dont know if it's worth trying to make one now.

Keeping it separate for now may be the best bet. Not a giant deal for controller focused setups anyway since you need to bust out your mouse and keyboard to play Flashpoint games anyway, so having to revert out to the desktop is what is expected for those games.

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