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  1. In LaunchBox using Platform Category view, right click somewhere on the listings to the left such as All, then select Add > New Category. Name your Category for playlists, and select where you want to place it on the Parents tab. Once added right click and Edit on each of the playlists you want to add to your new Category on the Parents tab.
  2. Hey so I wanted to clarify some things with you about grabbing metadata for the itch.io bundle. First off it will still take me a while longer to get to doing it as I'm still in my initial setup for LB/BB but I will be helping out! First, I don't know what scrapes for PC games in general, let alone this bundle. Have you added the games to LaunchBox? I assume PC games scrape fairly well but again I don't have experience with that. I should also note that I personally will not be adding these games to my LB build any time soon since I do not have the storage yet to do so. If I did, I'd prob
  3. Probably not what you guys are asking for, but if you switch the view to Platform Category, you can right click the platform, go to Edit, then on the Parents tab uncheck everything. It will essentially hide the whole platform in Platform Category. You can still see the platform in Platforms view, but since you can organize Platform Category however you want I don't see why you'd use Platform view over it.
  4. How would I go upon replacing the black background in GameDetailsView with an image (and not overriding game image)? Thank you.
  5. Launch a game and configure your controls. After configuring your controller in Retroarch in Quick Menu > Controls, hit 'Save core remap file' in Controls.
  6. I'll get any metadata and edit video snaps for all game programs on page 11. I don't know how long it'll take me since work just started up for me, but I can commit to that much at least. And holy crap they added more games! Up to 48 pages from the 25 when I bought in. 😮
  7. Importing to Retroarch, these don't seem to set the screen size correctly. Got the main config to set resolution (iirc) to custom. Based on an old reply, not all of them will resize correctly via the cfg, and the ones that don't I will have to set up myself? Also I'm wondering if anybody has created a playlist of all the games that currently have OrionAngel's overlays. Would be a seriously awesome playlist to have set up to browse and know you're gonna get that authentic arcade feel, not to mention it would make manual configuration a bit easier having everything on one list. If nobody de
  8. If you're mounting the drive via SMB/CIFS, SSHFS or whatnot to act as a regular folder, i think it should work fine. Folder name and ROM location do not seem to matter in my setup. Edit: I should specify that I'm using MESS standalone.
  9. Also interested in this. I love the video snaps, and wish we could set them to play for playlists, platform categories, and whatever else.
  10. What about updating after a license expiration to a later version that released during the license's active period? Will it update to that version automatically, and if not would there be issue doing it manually?
  11. I'm using MESS for Supervision. The games are in LaunchBox's default directory, as well as the emulator in the default directory. This is the command I'm using: svision -skip_gameinfo -nowindow -cart
  12. I can chime in about the default emulator. In LaunchBox, if you right click a game the third option from the top is "Launch with...". This should give you a view of all associated emulators. To change default, go to Tools > Manage Emulators > select your emulator and hit Edit > Associated Platforms tab. List your platform there and check the box for the Default column. Without the Default box checked the emulator will still be listed in LaunchBox and BigBox's 'Launch with...', but will not be used by default.
  13. @CadetStimpy that looks like an artist redesign of the dev units. AFAIK there isn't any reveal or leak of the consumer unit, but considering the controller design, I'd bet it won't be as reserved as the PS2 or PS4. Between Series X and this I think hardware is a less important deciding factor this next gen. Microsoft has been doing a lot of good stuff these past couple years to stay competitive, with Game Pass and getting Xbox Live on other platforms. Their PR , reveals, promoting, cross play support, and security infrastructure are all far, FAR better than Sony's, especially as of late.
  14. Shinji's Weed


    Even though they are out of stock til' the end of June, the Odroid-H2 certainly looks like the best SBC for emulation. It's x86 and can run Windows 10. They have a video showing off Mario Kart Wii on Dolphin with four players running at perfect speed (probably on Ubuntu).
  15. Above happened after working fine just a few days ago. Strange since no update was applied to LaunchBox... and very disappointing since I was in the middle of scraping for a large amount of non-db files. I really hope an update or replacement comes along. Edit: And after three days of trying to get it to work with no success, it works again randomly. Huh. Only thing I did was try out Ize's GetSnaps plugin, have that make LB not launch, then remove that and try again. Yea doesn't sound reproducible does it? But if it stops working on you it may be worth giving it a shot some time later.
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