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  1. I just love how much control Linux gives the user. And thanks to things like Gnome, KDE Plasma and Cinnamon, Linux now extremely user friendly.
  2. They are talking about it on the latest Poll. ☺️
  3. Yeah, I reported the same issue and have yet to get help. However, The Android version is apparently being ported to Linux. So for now, we wait. ☺️
  4. I am willing to pay an additional Lifetime License if that helps with Android development. ?
  5. I'm so happy to hear that a Native Linux port is still on the cards. ?? As a BigBox License Holder who uses Linux I am truly elated.
  6. If this needed to be a Patreon thing. I would sponsor it. I'm a Linux user who bought a lifetime BigBox license. ?
  7. I paid for BigBox, so I can confirm that the Linux community is onboard with paying for this.
  8. I am a Linux user, but I also have paid products. BigBox would still be a paid feature, no one would demand otherwise.
  9. Linux is blowing up in the IT world nowadays. RHEL is killing Microsoft so much in the Enterprise space that Microsoft now have a Linux Distro. SteamDeck will be Linux out of the Box and Proton has gone a long way to close the gap between Windows and Linux gaming. I understand that you don't see the demand. But if you were to pop this up on GitHub the community would deliver this for you.
  10. Is anyone else getting a timeout issue at the segment where it installs mf-installcab.zip? Side note: I am so sad that more Linux users are not helping. I truly want this to take off.
  11. I have a really frustrating issue where my Xbox Wireless Controllers. They are being picked up by MAME as multiple different controllers and buttons. Every single input is picked up as multiple and random inputs. Is anyone else having this issue? It's driving me crazy. Thank you to anyone that can and tries to help.
  12. This 100000% works. Thank you so much Bearman.
  13. Thank you so much for this.
  14. I know this is old. But I wanted to say that I tried all of the above and nothing worked. To fix it I had to disable "Full Screen Prefer Windowed Mode". It was night and day.
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