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  1. Yep, my license purchase was definetly worth it. Great beta, as always!
  2. i know i'm superlate for this but WOAH! finally! great addition, good job!
  3. oh my god, yes i just love the idea
  4. Version 1.0.0


    OH MY GOD, I DID IT THIS PROJECT IS FROM A YEAR AGO Launchbox VHS Arcade startup video, original music based on @SentaiBrad's original intro for the Launchbox YT channel.
    You sir are a legend, did you know that?
  5. Sweet improvements so far for 7.10, jason! I hope we can expect more of these in future betas/versions.
  6. holy shoot!!!! this is glorious, i love it!
  7. rini


    Quick Suggestion (it's the best one i could find):
  8. That's not something you would do for a april fools joke, not funny.
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