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  1. I had a thought, i had not been using my triple screen setup for quite sometime, but i didn't play about much in Next until Beta 8, and as it happens i got hold of a triple tree for my monitors so went back to using triple screen and i transitioned over to x3 screens at the same time using LB Next. Maybe there could be a correlation there some where. When i get a chance tomorrow i will go down to two screens again and try that. Beta10 still does the same with the images, this time i deleted an image i didn't want, and Next was set to show that image type, and once i hit ok nothing happene
  2. Sorry for the lateness getting back here, i wanted to check things out more fully. Im noticing in Beta 9 the unresponsiveness of LB Next at times, where it doesn't crash, but just fails to do anything which results in ending the task, tried to do the same things i did in Next on the original LB and had no issues. With the what felt like caching/refresh problems i referenced, its still affecting me, but i will say it doesn't see quite so bad, but that maybe a placebo effect. I tried a bunch more stuff, i closed all non needed tasks. programs, did a fresh install of LB all was fin
  3. https://www.zeldix.net/t1745-e-v-o-msu1-patch Seems to be getting the msu treatment. 3DBox and Disc in other MSU-1 threads.
  4. Updated.
  5. nope, WIndows 10. But it does seem to be intermittent for some reason. Doing a reinstall tonight, so will get back to you see if it was something my end. Just found it weird that in the old LB was fine, yet next it acted different;y. Will post back and let you know the outcome.
  6. Strange behavior in LB-Next If i add a game to an already populated system, once the games added and refreshed i have to scroll the window past the actual newly added game then scroll back for it to appear. I checked the exact same file in the original LB and was instantly find-able without having to scroll past the file i know i added. Edit images for a rom seems to work the same way, if i add any images and set them to the correct section and then click ok, the image doesn't auto update to the newly added one (i have the correct selection set), i have to scroll the game off screen
  7. https://www.zeldix.net/t1741-beavis-and-butthead Being worked on no release as of yet. Disc and image in the other threads.
  8. https://www.zeldix.net/t1744-maui-mallard-in-cold-shadow Disc and Box in my threads, i'm sure Mr Monkus won't be too long with a Front cover.
  9. Corrected my inability to spell correctly on the back cover.
  10. Love it, ty @Jason Carr Finally made the swap to next full time now.
  11. After watching ETA Primes DeReam video, it got me interested to finally visit this emu, and its pretty damn good. But it lacks a working module for us here that use RocketLauncher, so here's one that does work and allows bezels to be shown, its a bit rough n' ready, there are no module settings at this time, i may revisit this at a later date, to add more stuff. Any problems just leave me a message. Redream.zip
  12. As some of you may know Dolphin is now like RA using the QT based frontend, and this doesn't currently work with RocketLauncher untill now. And with the QT Frontend very nearly feature complete they will stop work on the WX based exe (DolphinWX.exe). Unpack this module to your RocketLauncher Modules folder. You have 2 options with this module, 1. Use the QT Based Frontend all the time, with a method to use the old WX based Dolphin or Ishiiruka's, 2. Use WX solely until such time you wish to swap to the QT branch (if you use this method then you emulator must be the Dolphin
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