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  1. Additional Box/Disc for a new PCM set.
  2. Ys III, Extra 2 Disc/Box's for those that have the 2 extra PCM sets, or to use as alternatives ofc.
  3. Unreleased
  4. Unreleased as of yet.
  5. Not sure if you asking for it, or questioning it? Asking for it, then its already been done, scroll up a bit, and the Disc is in the other thread.
  6. .https://www.zeldix.net/t1693-battletoads-in-the-battlemaniacs
  7. An alternative, or if you have both MSU1's for Secret of Mana 2 Check the Box thread for another alternative.
  8. This a small remake forgot the MSU1 Logo
  9. Remade the box, forgot the MSU1 logo.
  10. And hers the Disc & Box, I was a bit limited in what i could find, for the box. English Text Japanese
  11. tbh it was all a blur to get it out, and im not a fan of them games, so i woudn't know one from the other, so i grabbed whatever came up first, i will put out an alt sometime this week.
  12. New addition.
  13. Street Fighter II - The World Warrior https://www.zeldix.net/t1686-street-fighter-2-the-world-warrior
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