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  1. Juan-K

    LaunchBox's Names

    Hi! I was wondering where can I find a complete list of LaunchBox Systems and Playlist names, for example: I know the right name for a Playlist of batman games is "Batman"... if i named a Playlist "Batman Collection" LaunchBox cant find the Playlist video theme to download it... and I want to know all right names for systems. and another question is: Can I have two cinematic themes for a system? How? Thanks!
  2. Can you make Game Boy Advance Video coverbox theme?
  3. AWESOME!!!! but is there a way to change to full screen video if the game has a video theme? any way I love it!!
  4. Its nice but until the sec 44 can i see the game preview?? any way, keep going!
  5. Can you do Nintendo Super Gameboy CoverBox Theme?
  6. Cuphead Cinematic Video Theme View File I made a video with a lot of love for you guys, enjoy it. Submitter Juan-K Submitted 02/08/2018 Category Game Theme Videos  
  7. Version 1.0.0


    I made a video with a lot of love for you guys, enjoy it.
  8. Hi I'm trying to use this plugin with firefox and i have an error... it says something related with parent.lock is being used by other process.
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