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11 hours ago, Jason Carr said:

@Opak To me, that looks like the typical video corruption stuff that we've seen many times in the past, either related to bad video drivers, or that horrible Nahimic service that destroys .NET apps. But that wouldn't make any sense unless you're also seeing it with the official release. Do you have the same issue with the official release?

You are right. It was the Nahimic service. I uninstalled the Sonic Radar App now and it seems to be fixed. I had issues with it a while back and deleted the SonicSuite. It must've installed itself again or something.
I totally forgot about it, thank you.

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It's finally that time again guys; we're looking to put out the official 12.15 release on Monday, so it's time to get the translations in for the 12.15 release. Thanks y'all as always. :)

@Offone @Kondorito @Cauptain @Nyny77 @Opak @dukeemu @cyanjiang @Just001Kim @MajKSA @gamehacker @alexposad @k_kutsugi @Bardock @Soomin papa

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