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About This File

Here you can download alternative versions of the CriticalZoneV2 theme that comes bundled with every LaunchBox installation.

CriticalZone is a BigBox theme designed for the usage of widescreen platform videos and utilizes videos as backgrounds.

This theme was designed for widescreen displays with 16:9 aspect ratios and optimized for a display resolution of 1920x1080. It will also work with other widescreen resolutions and 16:10 aspect ratios but it may not look as polished.


Available Versions:

- CritcalZoneV2 - BlueBox: A blue color variant of CriticalZoneV2. It features blue texts instead of green and has a different Default background created by @SentaiBrad

- BackgroundVideoOnly: All Views, except the TextList Views, will only use video loops as backgrounds. Also available as BlueBox version.

- BackgroundFanartOnly: All Views will only use Fanart images as backgrounds. Also available as BlueBox version. -> Use this version if you have performance problems!

- 1.8: The original and now old version of CriticalZone. It's officially EOL and won't get supported by me in any way. It's just still here for archiving reasons.

There’s also a red 80’s/Cyberpunk themed version of CriticalZone called “CityHunter”. It’s maintained by @keltoigael and can be found here:


How to install:

Just download the version of choice and extract the archive into:


Open the Options menu in BigBox -> go to “Views” and change the Theme to the version you just have installed.


IMPORTANT: CriticalZone V2 requires LaunchBox v7.11 or higher!


Known issues:

- The description texts in all Platform Views and CoverFlowWithDetails Games View won’t fill the whole space of the descriptions box when you use CriticalZone with a higher DPI setting than 100% or a lower display resolution than 1902x1080. It gets progressively worse the higher the DPI settings and/or lower the resolution is.


Thanks & Credits:


Thanks to @SentaiBrad for creating the new Default background video for the BlueBox variant.


Background video of the standard version: In The Deep - FREE Video Background Loop HD 1080p by NIZ.co (http://niz.co/wp/)

What's New in Version 1.7   See changelog


v1.7 - LB v7.6 (01/26/2017)

- Added: Two new “Horizontal Wheel” views for games were added.
- Fixed: Various performance improvements.
    - Removed the DropShadow effects for all details and description texts
    - Replaced almost all "SelectedGame" properties with the newly added "ActiveGame" properties
    - Changed the RenderBias of all elements from "Quality" to "Performance"
    - Optimized the "VisibleCount" value of the CoverFlow element in all Wheel Views
- Updated: The margin between all metadata logos (ESRB, Favorite, etc.) is now unified across all Views.
- Updated: The glass bar in the “Vertical Wheel Games View 2” was made slightly bigger; it now takes roughly a third of the whole screen width.

v1.6 - LB v7.4 (12/26/2016)
- Fixed: Background videos weren't stretched properly with the new VideoControl method.

v1.5 - LB v7.1 (12/21/2016)
- Updated: The background videos are now using the newly added VideoControl element. It should boost up the performance when you are using VLC as video playback engine quite a bit.

v1.4 - LB v7.0 (12/14/2016)
- CriticalZone is now included with every LaunchBox v7.0+ installation.
- Removed: The version number in the CriticalZone Theme folder was removed.
- Removed: The ReadMe file was removed because it was quite outdated and isn't necessary anymore.
- Fixed: Background videos for games are now forced disabled in the theme settings. It caused to not show the game videos in the 2 new recently added views when it was activated.

v1.3 (12/02/2016):
- Added: Two new Game Views. Both were designed to take full advantage of the newly added Game Theme Videos. You have to use LB v7.0 Beta-16 or higher in order to use them!
- Updated: The ReadMe file now contains information’s for downloading and using Game Theme Videos.

v1.2 (11/07/2016):
- Fixed: The alphanumeric navigation was invisible in the Games Wheel view.
- Updated: Changed the word "Overview" in to "Description" as this term sounds more fitting to me.

v1.1 (11/06/2016):
- Fixed: New version of the background video as the old one caused to not loop properly on some machines
- Fixed: Custom Clear Logos for platforms weren't shown properly
- Updated: The ReadMe file was updated once again. Now with more information's on how to improve the performance of Big Box for this theme.
- Added: changelog.txt file in the theme folder

v1.0.1 (11/04/2016):
- Updated: Restructered and updated the ReadMe file. No changes on the theme itself.

v1.0 (11/03/2016):
- Initial release

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Jason Carr

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Currently my favorite theme...

Thanks Cid!!! :)

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King Cid :D

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My only Theme for both the living room desktop and GPD Win10 !!



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This is by far my favorite theme for use with BigBox! Thanks for making this one Cid!

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Cid is the man

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