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  1. Edit your mame.ini file. Scroll down to "OSD VIDEO OPTIONS" and change video to bgfx. Some may say use 'hlsl' or even 'glsl', but this will at least show you the added options. # # OSD VIDEO OPTIONS # video bgfx numscreens 1 window 0 maximize 1 waitvsync 0 syncrefresh 0 monitorprovider auto Close and save. There are quite a few posts here about setting up the different video options. Some older, some newer, some several thread pages deep.
  2. Go to your "...LaunchBox\Data\Platforms\" directory. Delete "Steam.xml". Or (as it sounds) in your case, "Windows.xml". If that doesn't work, also delete the files "Steam*.xml" (Windows*.xml) located in your "...LaunchBox\Backups\" directory.
  3. To "click on the gamepad window" (set focus), are you able to press Alt+Tab (vs having to move the mouse cursor and click) ...and then press Alt+Enter...?
  4. Thought the window becomes active, it may need a second to accept input. Try it with a slight pause. #NoEnv WinWaitActive , Cxbx-Reloaded Sleep, 1000 ;1000 = 1 second SetKeyDelay, -1, 110 Send {Alt Down}{Enter}{Alt Up} Return
  5. Try: #NoEnv Sleep, 3000 ;wait 3 seconds Send #+{Left} ;Send Win+Shift+Left Return ; This section closes PCSX2 when pressing Escape $Esc:: { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} } Edit the pcsx2 emulator AutoHotKey Script tab. Notes: 1) In the code above I took out the SetKeyDelay. Don't think it's needed. 2) If your tv is your 'Right' monitor, change Left to Right. 3) The Escape sequence should already be in there.
  6. I've been trying to learn AutoHotKey and wanted to see if I could make a ‘copy updates’ script. It started out “just because”, then became kinda fun, then ‘what have I gotten myself into’, and finally ‘oh SNAP! It works.’ My initial intent was to update the working roms folder (where only the games actually played are stored) after doing a monthly update using ClrMamePro and an Update Pack to the complete MAME romset. Here’s how it goes (or at least is supposed to). After pointing to the respective folders, “Update” will compare the files in both folders. Files will then be copied
  7. How? Dunno. lol. I've used it for several other types of converting (one video codec to another, change fps, change Mbps... and some others I'm sure) but haven't tried changing 'aspect'. I'd say take a couple 16:9's and put into a temp folder and see what happens. If it does merely scrunch, look at the cropdetect and crop parameters (also new to me). https://superuser.com/questions/810471/remove-mp4-video-top-and-bottom-black-bars-using-ffmpeg Once the 1st video is figured out, either through -aspect or crop, ffmpeg will fly through the conversions so you won't hav
  8. Does the built in recorder have options to save as 4:3 instead of 16:9? If not, You can convert them easily with ffmpeg. You can create a batch file to convert all the files at one time. For example I've used this to trim videos down to 40 seconds. for %%a in ("*.*") do ffmpeg -t 40 -i "%%a" -vcodec copy -acodec copy "done\%%~na.mp4 Save this as a batch file. Place it and ffmpeg.exe in the folder that has all the video files (in this case mp4 files) and run the batch file. It saves a converted copy to a sub directory "done" using the same file name. To just set t
  9. Is it safe to also say your "User 1 A Button" is mapped to something like "1 (N/A)", vs "+1 (N/A)"?
  10. The only good way (for me) I've found for binding to a specific core is to actually load a game for that platform/core then press F1 and scroll down to configure input. When you do that, does A button look similar to:? This is for my xbox360 controller (and cab which uses the 'crtl' key for A).
  11. Just shooting from the hip.. do you have a "no-nag" compiled version of MAME?
  12. In my oh-so-Joe way, I just had to figure out how to do this. 😊 @Echo Off & SetLocal EnableExtensions pushd D:\temp\roms For /F "tokens=*" %%I IN ('dir /a-d /b *.cpc') DO ( copy "D:\temp\generic_tape.jpg" "d:\temp\new\%%~nI.jpg" ) Line 2: Change D:\temp\roms to your roms folder location. Line 3: Change .cpc to your roms actual file extension. If you have .cpc and .dsk, you'll have to run it twice changing the extension (or copy & paste line 3, 4, 5 and changing the extension respectively). Line 4: Change the locations of the image you want to use and where you wa
  13. I'm sure you could make a batch file that can copy your "Generic_Tape.jpg" to each "rom_name.jpg" 'automatically'.
  14. 1st, did you try editing the game and point to the old directory that has the special characters then try launching it? For the ROMs, yes, there is an easy way. Emulators, not sure. Move the ROMs to the new directory. Then in LB, select all the games [Ctrl + A] in the particular platform (one platform at a time). Click Tools and then select "Change ROMs Folder...."
  15. Glad that worked. Kinda Let me get this straight... 1) LB will launch (i.e.) a Nintendo 64 game that is in/under folders that have special characters. 2) LB will not launch a Nintendo GC/Wii game that is in/under folders that have special characters, saying it can't find the file. 3) LB will launch a Nintendo GC/Wii game that is in/under folders that do not have special characters. Hmmm.... Go back and edit you GC game and manually Browse to you ROM File (original) location and try again.
  16. It sounds like it's maybe the way the Dolphin emulator is configured in LB. ...assuming all the other platform emulators are working and they look for their games/roms under Turkish-character folder names as well. Try copying one of your iso files to a directory that doesn't have Turkish characters, edit that game to LB, pointing to the new folder/file location and see if it works or if you get the same error.
  17. Just a couple months ago I was looking at different "backup" software, means and methods and found what I really wanted to do was "sync" my arcade drive. I tried several and landed on FreeFileSync. I think it'll do what you're looking for and is (of course) free. (Big fan of the GNU License )
  18. There're some in here. ...or we can cheat... https://forums.launchbox-app.com/search/?q="Future Pinball Video Snaps"&sortby=relevancy
  19. I really like the idea of having a startup video showing the controller information which is perfect for consoles. Before startup videos were available, what I did was modified the theme I use to add a custom image I made on the main menu. (Personal preference, I like seeing the details/description of the console, the console itself [nostalgia], the original controller and my cabs corresponding buttons) Obviously for Arcade (MAME) this doesn't really work. I tried to integrate CPWizard, but due to operator (me) error couldn't really get it to work. Similar to the Main Menu, I like
  20. Tools. Audit Arcade. Click on the "region" header (to sort). Scroll till you see the ones you want changed.To change the default version, click the game title. In the edit screen for that game, got to the Additional Apps tab, click (once) on the the version you want to use and click "Make Default". This assumes you imported duplicates and they are combined. (Obviously I didn't import duplicates, hence no 'additional apps' shown.) If you have a lot to change, it'd probably be easier to re-import your MAME set making sure you select preferred region.
  21. I've had problems with 'scan for new ROMS' not finding any as well. But I'm sure it's just something on my end. To do a remove & replace in LB, Exit LB, got to the LaunchBox\Data\Platforms folder and rename your GBA's xml file to some other file extension (keeping it for just in case or whatever reason) or just delete it. Restart LB and then do your import. If your GBA platform is relatively clean and you just want to now add the newly renamed ROMS, you can do a [bulk] drag and drop from Windows Explorer right into LB.
  22. https://wiki.dolphin-emu.org/index.php?title=Help:Contents#Command_Line_Options
  23. 1st off, no worries. 2nd, I will always claim I only know enough to be dangerous. (my disclaimer) The 1st error is showing [capital] SMC where the script is in lowercase. Just making sure you don't have command line parameters lurking anywhere else. (in the emulator setup or in the game Emulator [tab] CCL) The script file looks good. It looks like geepee32 may be getting thrown off by the spaces in the path\file name.smc. ideally it probably should look like /smc="M:\ROMS\......", with the quotes around the path and file name to encompass the spaces too. I'm just taking a shot h
  24. I've only kind of looked around for how to change where LB puts the "FULL\PATH\TO\ROM\FILE", but appears it only will put it at the end of the string. Which for most emu's that works. I think this will work... For your emulator settings, delete all your "Standard Command-Line Parameters" you have shown. Click OK. Edit one of your games. Click the Emulation tab. Check 'Use an Emulator' and select the GP32 emulator (if not already). Check the box "Use Custom Command-Line Parameters" and enter in: /smc=%file% /run I'm pretty sure it'll pass the rom filename into %file%. If th
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