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  1. Una pregunta ¿los logos de las plataformas como los de las imágenes 2 a 5 están incluidas en el tema? Instalé el tema pero las imágenes de las plataformas y sus logos no aparecen como en las capturas 2 a 5.
  2. Alternate version for Genesis 6-Pack v3 Added ® in GENESIS and 6-PACK logo without cutting. Only need that grey/withe line above the "K" in 6-PACK logo. I don't know what that line is called.
  3. My edition for Genesis 6-Pack . Added text on the left side down the SEGA game secrets, numbers "1717" down the Seal of Quality, "®" on the SEGA logo and ESRB complete logo.
  4. Hi Robin. -Check the Fatal Fury 2 (Europe). The cart ang logo are missing. -Check the Global Gladiators (Europe).png. This current image belongs the North America version and not to Europe version.
  5. Hi Robin. Check the cart 6-Pak (USA).png. The ESRB logo is cut and the text on the left, lower corner, below the 'SEGA game secrets' is covered.
  6. Hi Robin. You can released a version "without gloss" in the folder "EXTRAS"? The boxes DOOM 64; DOOM JAGUAR; WOLFENSTEIN 3D and WOLFENSTEIN SPEAR OF DESTINY only have "gloos".
  7. Hi Robin I have a doubt. This pack of images, weighing all 2.95MB and its resolution is 698 x 1102 when the rest of the 3D boxes that you uploaded for Sega Genesis / Mega Drive weigh, they all have a variable size in MB and their resolution is 729 x 1134 Does this weigh all the same and have lower resolution is intentional or is it due to an error? The same goes for the Sega Megra Drive Japan 3D Box pack. In the "ASIA, KOREA AND TRANSLATIONS" folder, they all again weigh 2.95MB and the resolution is 698 x 1102. I am using the google translator, I hope to make myself understand correctly :)
  8. Hi Robin. Please check "Pitfall - The Mayan Adventure (Europe).png". This are missing. Here two scans:
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