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  1. 😂 Denmark has been on Corona lock down since marts 12.. Some awesome LB update would definitely give me something to do 😉 I hear America is doing similar steps now. How are things @Jason Carr
  2. This is amazing so you are running updates on one of the best themes.
  3. Those Badges are nice, do they show in BigBox as well? . 1+ for one for Achievement supported games if request are taken.
  4. Ok with you waiting. No reason to do, anything that will make it less usable for free users..
  5. Yes they where apart of a classic theme one of the first great ones in my book 😁 unfortunately I don't think @niglurion is around anymore. https://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/file/10-cleanbg-theme/
  6. Most rumors i have seen have points to it being a USB Dongle type device with Stadia as the main seller. if true it probaby wont be better for emulation
  7. Well good luck @Jason Carr This is both shocking and exciting. Exciting considering what you have done solo at the speed you have done it
  8. Cool Kodi has a similar feature with animated covers. Not sure who makes them or where Kodi pulls them from 🤔... Curious does steam provide them in this case
  9. @Jason Carr could it be possible to long press and select multiple games for deletion?
  10. Retroachievements brining out the big guns with Playstation 1 support today... Now im looking forward to this poll item eventually coming even more then before..
  11. @Jason Carr latest Beta finds added a lot of apps that isn't games. I see no way off removing them?
    Its Beautiful.. Thank you for making this
  12. ALIE

    Big Fade

    Its Beautiful.. Thank you for making this
  13. Bought and installed. I like the fact it found my installed android games automatically.
  14. Question. Will LB Android easily be able to import games downloaded from the App store.. Sorry if it's a dumbass question 🤣🙏
  15. Not like it's the first Frontend on Android. Don't see what they dont understand 😝 but yah we will all need some patience.
  16. I keep checking the Playstore like a fool 🤣...
  17. i7-7700K CPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 16GB Ram 😮 So what you playing at the moment ? A Link to the Past 😆
  18. Personally I will love being able to fire up Launchbox on my Shield for emulating 16bit consoles and such. Using my gaming PC for playing Snes really feels like a unnecessary electric eater at times.
  19. Ok cool I'm just going from what the internet told me. Damn internet lying to me (Shakes Fist In Anger)
  20. He He.. I am curious how long it takes for Google to approve. I mean with Windows you can push Betas out as you please, Playstore has the atautorisation time which I understand is usually 24 hours but can be days... Maybe the APK can be downloaded on the forums for quick beta testing?... Speaking of Forum will a complete Android section be made
  21. Amazing 😍 didn't think you'd move along this quickly on Android development as well 👍.. Question/idea if the windows platform XML and more off ones setup can be backed up and imported over. Maybe on import it could show the platforms color cooded for Android compatibility if there's a usable Example green the same as used on windows is available. Yellow another Emulator is available for Android. Red nothing available.
  22. Very cool question is this part Playlist images?
  23. Cool nice knowing they are still looked at.
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