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  1. Curious why the name change 😀
  2. All sounds great. But curious Multiple video support. just too give an idea in practice what does mean. like where does it come up ?
  3. Not hating it but it's a router 😅 Curious to see if this super fast SSD will be such a game changer as Sony wants us to believe.. I think it's a lot of boasting
  4. They definitely look high quality compared to what's out there. Good job
    Very clean and stylish. One of the best yet.
  5. me and another guy had the same issue when first released. looks to be the same issue. page 2 and going you can see @viking coming with many solutions dont remember what did the trick. but he fixed it on my end .
    WOW 🤩 making the work of a certain name that rimes with maker look like amateur hour.
  6. @Jason Carr Amazing work getting all these storefront launchers in. GOG 2.0 is loosing its one allure curious not sure how they pull it but they just added a subscription. could be neat to have that in LB as well...
  7. This is looking very interesting. Clean and simple
  8. if its not re-opening after that. Did you check Task Manger to see if its not still running and then shut down from there. i have had that happen once
  9. Well this looks amazing... wasn't there an old theme or concept theme shown at some point doing this.. not that it matters just feels oddly familiar.. by doing this i mean the banner style art.
  10. That is understandable.. Here's looking forward to LaunchBox for Windows continuing to become better as always
  11. Sucks but understandable. curious if the headache of development could be overcome. couldn't you just distribute it outside off google play. other then a guaranteed safety from virus and such for users. play store dont seem necessary. and i think most here trust you 😉...
  12. If i am not mistaken RetroArch has the screenshot option for savestats. could be pretty slick if LB could pull those for a savestate menu.
  13. oh no doubt about that. Cant blame @Jason Carr he gives people what they want and understandable that is the highest voted items. someday multiple save states hopefully will be voted high enough 🙏..
  14. unfortunately it has yet to be a high voted item which i dont understand 🥴.. but if multiple save states Retroarch for pause screen could be on the voting list again.. eatkinola amazing plug in did some cool stuff with that..
  15. Epic importer works great. Also having never used the GOG importer I can at least now say it does.
  16. 😂 Denmark has been on Corona lock down since marts 12.. Some awesome LB update would definitely give me something to do 😉 I hear America is doing similar steps now. How are things @Jason Carr
  17. This is amazing so you are running updates on one of the best themes.
  18. Those Badges are nice, do they show in BigBox as well? . 1+ for one for Achievement supported games if request are taken.
  19. Ok with you waiting. No reason to do, anything that will make it less usable for free users..
  20. Yes they where apart of a classic theme one of the first great ones in my book 😁 unfortunately I don't think @niglurion is around anymore. https://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/file/10-cleanbg-theme/
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