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  1. Theoretically could I save game overrides/configs for each game (or copy and paste, changing rom name) so it will launch with my preferred format/region when I get round to splitting these out of MAME I would like to have both AES and MVS setup separate (bear in mind I don't use LB/BB just RA)
  2. Hi all, Im taking a punt on this post and hope a few of you have a Hyperspin membership BUT even if you dont Retro games is what this competition is about so I think its good for anyone. Boohiss has been doing a great job running community highscore competitions over at Hyperspin. I thought it would be fun to get a little cross community competion going. This is a bonus comp to end 2016 and we twisted boohiss's arm into picking one for himself. He choose a cracker.... The 1990 NES Nintendo World Championship game. You dont need a frontend to enter just a screenshot of your highscore. His original post is below and I can pass on screenshots if it comes to it. http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forums/topic/29741-hyperscore-challenge-47-nintendo-world-championships-1990-nintendo-nes/ DETAILS from boohiss HyperScore Challenge #47's game is.... Nintendo World Championships 1990 (Nintendo NES) Deadline for this competition: December 29th, 2016 at 10 PM CST http://www.timeanddate.com/time/zones/cst Note: To begin, press player 2 start! Then play using player 1 controls. Nintendo World Championships 1990 is an exceedingly rare American game for the NES, with only 116 cartridges in existence. The cartridges were used for the Nintendo World Championships held during 1990 in 30 cities across the U.S. and Canada. 90 gray cartridges were given to the ninety finalists, and 26 gold cartridges were given away in a Nintendo Power contest. Both versions usually sell for several thousand dollars on eBay. It was not released outside America. This cartridge was indeed used in the World Championships, and it features the three games: Super Mario Bros., Rad Racer, and Tetris. The player had a total of 6 minutes 21 seconds to play all three games, but this can be changed by DIP switches on the cartridge. The player starts out in Super Mario Bros. They are given 99 lives, and are required to collect 50 coins in the shortest time possible. After completing this, the game moves on to Rad Racer where the player has to complete the first track, again in the shortest time possible. Finally, they move on to Tetris and have to get the highest score possible with the remaining time they have left. Rules: 1) How you place in the top 10 will net you points towards being the 2016 HyperScore Gamer of the Year! http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/13809-2016-hyperscore-gamer-of-the-year/ 2) The winner, and two others from the top 10 chosen at random, will get to pick games for a future poll for the competition! I will message all three people informing them they get to choose a potential game! Also, every other competition, one lucky person of the three will get to pick the category of the poll! This means a specific genre, manufacturer, year, etc. This also means that every other competition will not have any category for the poll. The polls will alternate with a theme and a free for all. If I do not get a response within a few days, I will pick a game in your place to get the poll up, so please respond in a timely manner. The poll will be for the competition directly after the one that has just started. All polls have the competition number in them to avoid any confusion. 3) Please use the correct rom for the competition. It is listed on the top of this post after the game name. Parent roms will usually be selected for convenience. For console games, you are free to use any official rom dump (no hacks, homebrew, etc.) 4) Use only 1 credit. There are no continues, and once you get a game over you must start over from scratch. Console games will consist of one "set of lives" or playing until you get your first "game over". Please make sure to read the thread for each individual competition in case there are any special rules needed! 5) You must submit a screen shot or photo of your high score in a post here. MAME's default screenshot key is F12, which can be changed to any other key you like in its settings. Photos from a camera/phone are fine too. You may submit a high score as many times as you wish. Your highest personal score will be the final score submitted. Only scores you achieved during the competition count (no high scores from last year, etc.!). 6) No save states, autofire, hacks, or cheating of ANY kind (on your honor). 7) No special dip switch settings. Please use all default settings for these. If you've never touched them or have no idea what they are, you are good to go! To make sure you are on default if you are unsure, delete the rom's INI, NVRAM, and CFG files inside MAME folders to be certain. For console games, please leave everything on default settings unless otherwise noted in the challenge's thread. 8) Highest score wins. 9) Deadline is TWO WEEKS from the start of the competion! This should give people more time to participate and rack up their scores! Please post your score before the end date and time! This will be enforced, so please, no late entries. Please note the timezone I am using is CST http://www.timeanddate.com/time/zones/cst . This time zone will be used the entire year! 10) Have fun!
  3. I will keep an eye out on replies for this as I'm missing a ton of videos. I have not dug deep on this but think I grabbed some from emumovies and guy called @slipsystem made a little scraper for gamesdb or one of those that picked up a few more.
  4. On the EM FTP they show as .mp4 unless there's more to it than that!? I will give it a go sometime
  5. am I right in thinking these can be used in the same way as Backermand themes were in Hyperspin? so they are 16x9 1080p videos and I just need a simple theme.xml zipped up?
  6. Good job and ? For taking retroarch on its a pain to figure out the best way to write it up. To many options!
  7. I hear ya. I have so much stuff and hardly any clue what the original source was! Just nice to try
  8. Always best to give a nod to the creators if you didn't make the stuff.
  9. No rush, they are not for me. The OP was after them and I spotted the post.
  10. The guys doing the upload are prob asleep. at least you know the DB entries should be solid. A good amount of time and effort goes on to that stuff.
  11. Wiiware set is complete now. Awaiting upload http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forums/topic/13937-nintendo-wiiware/?page=33
  12. I have a love hate relationship with traffic. Today I like the traffic because it gives me time to do a little blog post! So Sunday I had no idea that's not ready to share just yet but I have been working on it and hope it will be a handy thing for the WHOLE newbie emulation community. I dropped in here to add a Blog entry on Monday and found the entry from @Temp. You will never know how much that entry resonated with me and my family and I thank you for sharing. I thought I would give it a few days to allow people to see that before doing anymore myself. Traffic is moving!!! Gotta go
  13. Similar question, anyone tried the glupe64 or glupen core. It's surposed to be good. Not tried it Coz got N64 working and it's a key one to keep the wife happy!
  14. Sorry guys for chipping in here as if you don't know I use Android (Hyperspin). I have been battling with the same issue of how to split MAME up but can't decide on a way forward so this conversation is of interest to me. Because Hyperspin and MAME are both based on database's and MAME Arcade roms are of fixed names is there a way to use databases with LB to split stuff up. Maybe higher level users could create filtered lists to cover the majority of options users would like. Genres, manufactures, emulators etc. I guess this is very Hyperspin like and have no clue how LB deals with platforms and scrapping artwork. Think I'm going to have to get LB installed so I can understand more here
  15. I try to nail it where I can but sometimes I screw it up!!! (FYI that is the best crap pun I have ever done) lol
  16. Thatman84


    LOL I have only been here 5mins Cid I REALLY like this feature and will be hoping to bring something to the community, If I dont get bogged down in other stuff
  17. Thanks for this was a lot more helpful for me to understand. It seems as always, what some want will be different to what others want and really what we all want is almost been done already! But "we" always want more!!
  18. I have done that so many times since I joined a few forums. I hope you are entertained. EDIT Quoted wrong person (while updating I read your reply lordmonkus, still think you are missing the point mate) Retroarch works on text files for settings. LaunchBox could have the ability to edit those text based files from within LaunchBox without opening RetroArch UI. I think easily but maybe not) *Deleted reference to wrong post
  19. Sorry guys if my complete lack of programming knowledge is shining through. I'm here to learn and thank you for your efforts If you wouldn't mind just confirming we are on the same page for my suggestions. Is it easy or hard for LaunchBox programming wise to automate the setup of things like RetroArch control inputs, turning on overlays, shaders and downloading the cores? Maybe this is best left to RocketLauncher or the standalone emulators. That is all I'm suggesting. Not coming packaged with built in ports of emulators just automating some of the emulator setup to give a more global feel to the experience and removing some of the need for a user to understand every program aswell as a frontend on top.
  20. @lordmonkus & @Zombeaver I think you guys are not quite reading these posts correctly. I looked at openemu, it does look like a Retroarch frontend. If in the future Launchbox runs out of Frontend features to add it may be worth incorporating stuff similar to OpenEmu even if only for the big multi platform emulators like retroarch and MAME. Maybe Jason could do it better than they do
  21. @ckp thats t's was a great post mate. I feel like I have used OpenEmu for years now i I guess it's still the same problem here of the unlimited hardware and software combinations in Windows based systems that make it hard to achieve that OpenEmu feel
  22. Thatman84


    So I was having a little browse around the community while killing time at work. This community seems very positive and young. Much like I am in the emulation scene. i could only see Jason's blog so not sure if there are more (browsing on my phone as usual) but anyway thought I would keep him company in here and get a little involved in what's on offer over here!!! love this blog idea very swish. back soon Toby
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