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  1. Well looks like i have the same intro music issue on Street Flighter Alpha. I expect testing my pbp's may become a disapointment. Oh well live and learn
  2. I have just converted over 1000...tested a few but im going to and test street fighter now lol... Although i didnt convert the multi bins to single myself. It was done with the 7zip and a payed version of isobuster method i believe. To allow for batch automation. I will get back to you
  3. Yep here and other places all over the scene.
  4. I made a similar post to the OP's, over at another community because of the same reasons. What some people create is just outstanding and in real life i would do something to show appreciation but thats hard to do online. Anyway I think all the technicalities have been covered and I would not be able to understand someone being angered by Brads answers, the transparency of this community is one of the biggest assets imo. Also I never considered that example SNAK3ATER gave could happen, not in my nature I suppose...I would have suggested something similar as i have seen that "beer me" function and loved that...some people deserve a beer. I think it would probably be alright here but theres always the risk of it going south. The issue is far to complicated for me but it does leave the question of how do we show our appreciation... Idk maybe a raffle or poll....community pitch in then someone wins a voucher or something...get yourself a new hardrive for all those videos and artwork Obviously everything would be open to abuse but would be nice to see something come of this topic. I will always champion media creators from any community....I cant make that stuff so without them our setups would look like MAME (no offence mame)
  5. I have had 2 big projects for my own setup going on for months and had a great week for those Finally had the time to get a big chunck of PS1 bin/cue games renamed to a solid curated database og 1807 games. Some 823 done and about 70 more to collect and convert....Final push wont be so bad before getting to test some and add in that set config files made by someone here (@criticalcid iirc-little search needed) Bigger than that a dude (BippyM) popped up with the connections and knowledge to get Uae4Arm updated to allow for external launching on Android....this means the huge task of fixing up a database specifically for Commodore Amiga to utilise the Ultimate Amiga WHDLoad pack for Raspberry Pi...VERY exciting to have something that will be far auperior to the PUAE core in RetroArch (fyi love Libretro) All in all lots of time consumed by this stuff. The icing on the cake is that with a few additions from @slipsystem i can now have a LaunchBox/Bigbox setup on Android....well that is awesome for me. TaTa
  6. Cool.. i will give it a go tonight So am i understanding that file is the list of supported systems for your plugin? And is that the only place thatbi would need to add things to get other emus to work?
  7. So I'm getting somwhere with this now and I must say it's looking like an awesome plugin. Using Shield TV I can see my media and the list of games but every game is just giving an error message at launch. Any game any platform (I only have 3). Lynx and 32x are unzipped roms in the launchbox Games folder Emulators.xm Platforms.xm kodi.log
  8. While I wait on hold to my bank..... I feel stupid for not doing my usual reasearch before buying a product online. The above site is a scam as far as im concerned. 2Tb external drive payed for and no confirmation email and no drive and no response from the site. AVOID bad purchases and do your checks befor buying....which is hard because out of 4 purchases last week with 2 being from legit UK sites all three have caused problems. Wrong item delivered for one and the other hasnt shown up yet but at least I have been able to tslk to them to try ad sort it out. FYI I'm thinking about setting up an online shop and if/when that happens I am going to do it right with customer services lol
  9. Were you using the non-merged roms? I heard that retrosrch doesnt support non-merged. Cant remeber if i tried mine as i read that just before i got the .184 set of both split and non-merged.
  10. Recently setup RocketLauncher and for I wanted a system name as Electronic Handheld Games instead of Game & Watch. It was a very easy fix with RocketLauncher. PM me if you can't do it as I'm new to RL so don't want to post the wrong info. basically copy the retroarch module, edit the name & maybe 3 words in the module. Then add it as a new emulator. FYI, @lordmonkus Libretro said they were going to be more regular on MAME core updates now since Patreon and so far they have been keeping up after a stint between .174 and .180 something iirc......see how long they can keep it going
  11. Evening all, If anyone has a Shield Tv I would love to hear about your setup choice and general experiences. I love it... Anyway there is the posibility that RetroArch will be getting multiple mice support soon, hopefully it makes its way to Android. https://www.bountysource.com/issues/43321776-multiple-mice-support Duel light guns baby, I'm working on my Commodore Amiga setup which is a crazy task. 2000+ WHDLoad packs converted to hdf (not by me, well maybe 100 by me) to start testing and making configs for Unless I find a better solution. I still have to get @slipsystem Kodi addon setup for some Android love, tried to get Jason on it during the Dev Live Stream. Someone get that guy a Kodi setup going.. Anyway I'm having fun in here. I look forward to reading more from Temp.....She is having one hell of a journey.
  12. Sorry i thought i would share my pee dance. Driving for long periods and drinking is a stupid mistake i make once a month (at least) Just stopped at the side of the road and sprinted to the relief!!! At least i dont do it on YouTube like Jason does hehe Im the first one. BOUCING up and down in the works van, trying to focus on the roadWhich one are you? If i get time im gonna write up some useful stuff for here over the weekend....
  13. @Tomkun do i recognise that name from RL module notes? Just checking. Man i need a PC for lightgun games. Droid just dont cut it. Next year roll on
  14. Today was almost a peak day So i hope you have heard the phrase "hangry" for hunger shouting and those grumbles we make when somethings not going right. Well I am now using "tangry" for angry through lack of sleep. Maybe its a used word but its my new one. Should have chilled out on Monday! Need sleep 😴😴😴😴...... (insert funny gif i dont have tbe energy to find right now) Oh dear that was a legit FB post i hate to read.....what am i doing......maybe no more dailyrambles
  15. Sorry to derail but do you guys here have a list of "preferred" emulator that covers the whole list of DB platforms? I have seen a few and wondered if one was floating about here? With a short explaination. I know lord done similar with the cores in his tutorial
  16. @lordmonkus noted. I editted my post straight after if you missed it.
  17. Edit:- @wolfhound89 do what lordmunkus said about starting with a simple emulator Then if you want to step up a gear give rocketlaucher a shot before you get fully setup as you need to follow their format. This is very outaded but gives you an idea of RL's power I always read these conversations and think its just people do or dont "get" a program or read the right setup guide for their use case. RetroArch is hard....imo but also the best multi emulator package next to mame...not tried mednafen but alot of people rate that higher than retroarch. Worst thing about retroarch is the controls setup. Maybe because it tries to do it for you but mainly because of the infinate combinations of operating system quirks and sheer number of controllers people use. Im trying to work on their documentation but nobody really reads that stuff "aparently" and even less people take the time to improve it. To be fair if i have an emukator problem i look at the emulators documentation 1st...then move onto hunting down forum posts which are usually buried. I dont get why people dont read or write documentation. Must be a man thing
  18. Yep as i thought. I just have to live in hope with android stuff. I never thought LB would be on Android but now it sort of is with a plugin. Just got to test it. Thanks for the reply to my stupid question lol
  19. Whata busy day.... This blog is so much better than facebook.....knowbody knows me and knowone i know in real life sees this....I can speak freely as myself. Thank you Jason for having blogs on your forum... Anyway Revival post done, I wanted to see if a daily or near daily entry could keep me a bit more sain. Writing a diary seems pointless and i just mentioned FB urrgh, its full of crap. Today has been a long day full of hard work......Hardwork is good for my mental state but bad for the physical state So took a little pride in my real life work (13yrs installing premesis security systems). This little amount of work took far to long and kept me away from home. 12hrs door to door. 24 Cat6 Cables terminated and a 28TB recorder (Yes 28TB weighs a fair bit in one hand) Working on our new flowerbed in the garden, digging is harder than my real job. Specially in the dark by phone light but hey ho its good fun....So I should get a rest tomorrow lol Any gardeners out ther hit me up......no.......didnt think so Then blogging and discord before late bedtime early wakeup. Dont worry this hyper won't carry on for to much longer and sorry for writing like I like the sound of my own voice....I just gotta let it out. Still a peak day as won £5 on a £1 scratch card.....thats rarer than one of woodhawks top 5's rarest games. Thank You for reading and I hope you like my brain rambles Excuse the spelling, i'm rubbish without spellcheck and don't have time to correct everything
  20. My Blog revival, Background:- I found the blog section one day and thought this is cool, I like writing. (just come off the back of writing down all I knew about emulation, Shield TV and RetroArch) But I was busy learning emulators and finding games to play so didnt have time or want to write my thoughts in blog format. Anyway I have been unhappy in general life for a fair while.....plodding along collecting my romsets, working on my setup till early hours and learning a whole bunch of stuff. Then the sun came out and I got some focus.. I got back to being positive and happy....(maybe a little hyper but who cares) Work/Home life is crazy right now so PC and Shield TV time is limited. I have many of the games I wanted setup now (A WHOLE lot more to do) I have got some really enjoyable emulation projects on the go which is keeping me happy and I am focused on them instead of finding other things. Next I have decided to category my blog posts by way of tag and title. I write about alot of things, emulation, daily venting, personal projects, personal life and uncomfortable topics/opinions. The categories will help people steer clear of things they dont want to read and into the stuff they do.........You know there are many people that think this place is just for games and talking about that enjoyable stuff. Well my personal view is that this is a positive community with a common passion. This blog has inspired me and is improving my happyness with every entry, so leave me to it haters ..... I have learnt more than just how to use LaunchBox here and read some posts with very heart felt messages. I dont have an agenda, angle or any other reason for being here than enjoyment and maintaining my happyness. (This new online life really has improved me as a person) Here is the breakdown..... My Blog Tags & Headings (so far) DailyTalk = general random stuff from the day. Maybe not every day but whenever I feel like it RealTalk = About my state of mind and personal opinions, feelings and Straight UP Honesty on all subjects (Money, emulation, life events etc) EmuTalk = Talk about emulation stuff, news stuff I like and think are cool. Anything emu really DroidTalk = Android related stuff......The Shield TV is the best gadget I ever purchased ProjectTalk = Projects in emulation or home life most likly PromoTalk = Self promotion and promoting others. (This really needs to be seperate from my other posts....Im not here to promote anything specifically but if I want to it will be tagged) Thank You for reading and I hope you like my brain rambles
  21. Stuff I do at work
  22. Little evening project, break from the screen
  23. Someone will jump on it before me I'm sure......I'm a way off being able to do something. I will check in when the time is right. Be a nice prof of concept for myself before taking on the world outside my hobby
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