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  1. Thankyou for that. Very informative. I guessed the mame stuff was handy for something.... now i know one use Serious offer if you ever want to write this stuff down in a static environment my site is always availiable. Not for personal gain just for getting that sort of info out to the public. To avoid the curse of forum archives and repetion. Then again i dont really have any timeframe for keeping that hobby alive
  2. Cool topic. Whats the other areas that g-sync can help my computing experience? Google is not my friend... i like 1st hand experience feedback.
  3. Added these to GitHub for use with retroarch Here https://github.com/thatman84/overlay-borders/tree/master/16x9 Collections/NyNy77 1080 Bezel and Here when merged https://github.com/libretro/overlay-borders
  4. @JamesBaker im not sure if there is a shader without scanlines but you may be able to turn them off. There should be shader parameters menu in the shader menu that may give you the option to remove them.
  5. @Jason Carr following on from discussion at HS. The issue I had was with adding additional roms to mame platform using a non-merged set. .184 Adding a few roms at import and launching worked fine. Added a few more roms to mame/roms folder. Lb scanned and found new roms but once added when launched it would only open up a file explorer window inside the Rom zip file. I did try this setup without any command-line parameters and use file name unlocked to no avail. Lb7.8 Windows 8.1 I can test again if needed and if anyone else wanted to test feel free
  6. Hell of a job dude... starting on a full(ish) PS1 set soon maybe I will contribute to this in a couple of months.
  7. Lon.tv bit more general the just retro gaming. I love it.
  8. Oh I think the shader reference in the download description is a suggestion of what shader to use possibly. I may be wrong
  9. You can put these files anywhere. For neatness I suggest you make a folder in retroarch/overlays/borders & call it "Custom Bezels" you will need to make .cfg files to go along with them. This tells retroarch how and where to display the .png image. I don't have the pack linked yet but will get it soon. look in the retroarch/overlays/borders folder and you will find a gb.cfg. (So long as you have done an "online update" of overlays within retroarch. copy gb.cfg file and rename it to match the Nyny77 .png files. Also match the name reference inside the cfg to the png's. repeat so all the bezels have a cfg file named the same. open retroarch load a game, say for NES. Go to retroarch menu Onscreen Display -> Onscreen Overlay enable it and browse to the cfg file for you Nyny77 NES bezel. now "save core override" in the quick menu You may need to adjust your game viewport so the screen fits the artwork user the video settings. repeat for all bezels you want
  10. This was the info I got off the guy I know who converted his gdi's recently "Hello, sorry for the tardy reply. So v5 was introduced into mame at version 0.146 (march 2012). Any Mame version prior to that one comes with chdman v4. The main difference between the two is that v4 uses zip compression while v5 uses LZMA , Huffman and Flac compression. The syntax was also slightly changed from v4 to v5. You can still make v4 chd files with the latest chdman if you specify the compression to be zlib (Deflate) I didn't use a specific script/program. I just took the chdman.exe from the mame build I had at the time (0.180) and looked at how the syntax needed to be. Then created a batch file from scratch which unzipped my roms to a temp dir and have chdman convert the extracted gdi to chd and moving that to a 'finished' dir. Delete the temp files and have the batch move onto the next file. Also it's possible to go back to the gdi file if you use the command "chdman extractcd" Side note Demul is the only emulator I know of compatible with V5 and reicast is only compatible with v4. just drop a chdman.exe in with your .bat and roms, from MAME version 0.145 or below for v4 or latest version for v5 may help someone in the future if they come across this topic. chdman can do a few things and there is a gui for it at progettosnaps somewhere although I have not used that and don't know anything about its compatibility
  11. Just came across this thread and for people in the future.... I believe chdv5 does give you a bigger reduction in file size over chdv4 MAME standards. I know a guy that done this recently after I did and got much bigger savings than myself. i will try and get back to this post with some more information.
  12. The bios needs to be pcfx.rom afaik it changed recently from .bios just rename the one from MAME set
  13. Yeah the Hyperspin update thing is well documented! That's not really a concern or turn off for me like so many others here. The lack of communication is frustrating and that's the appeal to LB for me. It's just nice to make use of people's (yours) hard work to benefit other people in the emulation quest. Everything has its limitations (hell I use Android & Hyperspin so I'm mega limited) and I can work with that. imo I like something to be released as close to finished as possible with bigger gaps in updates. Anything that gives me constant updates just makes me think constant maintenance and fear of things breaking. Probably unfounded it's just the way my brain reacts to updates. anyway look forward to more videos
  14. Thanks for the reply, the couple I tested didn't look to bad stretched but my screen is only 37". Probably looks bad on bigger TV's i can probably fit them into a bezel or something easily but I won't get round to that for a long time! I doubt they will get the 16x9 conversion there's not much of that happening now.
  15. Is there any reason why the mismatch in rom import and time taken to get setup is so hard for Chris? im probably going to set LB up soonish and don't really want hit similar issues?
  16. Well the test worked out fairly well in full screen, These are def a contender for my Android setup could work better than using Hyperspin themes because of swf issues in Android. The purists I guess wont like the 4x3 being used as 16x9 unless im still confused, they look good to me. the game text may look a bit odd for some and I have to forego the box/cart art unless I convert them to being in a large box allowing for that heres an example
  17. Are these all 4x3? (Edit: stupid ? Maybe as the thread is titled 1080p!) i may see how they look in Hyperspin. Adjusting the normal themes for android is time consuming and from using bakermans cinematic themes it could be really easy with less issue to get these running on android. Fingers crossed & thanks Riffman for the hard work
  18. You get about abit like us all! Shout if you need help prolly best at HS or @me if your on discord. I have not played with the settings much. Just leaving things stick until I hit problems. sound is not great in many games afaik but I don't have a PC setup to compare. i got stuck into Carmen San Diego and some of Agressive Inline and frames were good. I moved on to NeoGeo now though lol
  19. Same fromlostdays of HS? I'm not sure on specs so wouldn't like to comment. N64 is inherently bad and to be fair I have not played much but I believe the best emulators out there are the FZ port of Mupen64 and Glupen core in RA. DS I'm missing about 300roms right now for a decent set so am waiting until I'm complete before even trying. I have plenty to playb as it is. droid is never gonna be as great but I like the package more than a PC
  20. Well I was watching the latest news and android got a mention which peaked my interest. As a Nvidia Shield TV user it would be amazing see an Android power of LaunchBox. Maybe one day 😄 I setup GameCube recently and I have tested some games with great results it's impressive what the Shield TV combined with Dolphin can get you. I also updated my Shield firmware last night and it's brought some great additions that hampered the emulation user experience BUT I have not tested all my emulators yet to see what problems it's caused. We all know updates cause problems!! Other than that I have started and not finished so many projects since last here SO MANY. I will get something done one day. blogs are strange, it's like talking to yourself idk if what I have to say is worth your time but thank you for reading it all. Good day to you (go play some games)
  21. As this is pro's and con's, there are some serious pro's to LB. So many tick box features you don't find anywhere else, constant development, easy setup. Themeing and artwork will come, (so much has come in the last few months) I expect code is Jason's artistic side so like most people he will take cues from the community and if people want he he will oblige as proven. HS and LB are just different beasts with different looks. Community artist's push the look's and dev's enable it.
  22. Thanks I'll try and find this thread to report back when I'm setup.
  23. Sorry for not trying this before asking questions but wanted to get the info for when I do which will be a while yet. im reading it as the unibios decides the region etc (does this save on a per rom basis?) and RA sets what bios to use. Depending on answer above should I set the roms I want as AES to use an AES bios and opposite for the MVS in retroarch.
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