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  1. Yeah, not to consistant is it. My only real issue was it not catching LB Database names. All the roms loaded, so no strange issues like you two had, it found Wiki meta, just would not find LB Database meta. I had to edit each game and delete the wiki ID then rerun search for metatdata again. On a couple I had to delete the name down to just like House or Dead in order for it to pull any LB data.
  2. Strange. Added DOA games on the second machine as well and they imported clean. When you imported where you on Launchbox v 7.11? There were improvements made related to LB DB searches in 7.11. The machine I tested on is on 7.11. Maybe I will test on an older version.
  3. Prior to your post I only had House of the Dead imported. So I went ahead an tested importing HOD again along with 2, 3, and 4. In both instances Launchbox imported them all. The only issue I had was for HOD 3 and 4 it found only the Wikipedia meta. So I deleted the Wikipedia ID on them and searched for metadata and it found the Launchbox Database title as "House of the Dead 3 (Arcade)" and "House of the Dead 4 (Arcade)". So LB did import them but only found the WIki info on the initial import. Are your roms from a full Mame rom set? How is the rom named for your House of the Dead?
  4. No worries. You got it sorted and that's all that counts.
  5. In BigBox settings you have to make sure you have either a key or controller button mapped to "switch view" option. This will allow you to switch views in the theme you are using. Each of the platforms can then have a different style view.
  6. I have seen a few posts in the past with people having issues with multiple PS4 controllers. The issue seemed to be how Windows randomly sets internal IDs for the controllers and that causing bindings to get mixed up. In those posts solutions were not given so I know it is not much. Just wanted to share I remember seeing others have a similar issue. I can not find the post (it was from another forum I think), but someone had mentioned when opening and closing an emulator is when the ID would change, so one time something like Retroarch would see a controller as Joy 1 then when closed and opened again it would be Joy 2. Similar Issue here and here.
  7. Double check in the MameUI where you have it pointed to for roms and then compare it to a game in Launchbox. Right click and choose edit on a game in Launchbox and if the path where that rom is differs from where Mame is pointed than there is your issue. Strange though that you say it used to work. When you imported your roms did you have LB leave it where it was or choose the option to move them into the LB folder structure?
  8. Not possible on a Raspberry Pi, Launchbox/Bigbox is Windows only.
  9. Also double check make sure your roms location is still what is in your ini. When I imported mine I had changed the rom locations and forgot to update it in the emulator. Once I corrected the path it launches fine.
  10. So do any games at all in BigBox show any game play videos? If you go into LaunchBox and click on a game will its video play there? If in Launchbox the videos do play when you click on games (you may need to click on the video to play if you do not have it set to autoplay) then we at least know for sure the videos are in the right folder.
  11. I know, I know. But no matter how hard I press him my 5 year old would rather play games like Bugs Bunny instead of God of War. The nerve.
  12. Hey when you got keiki (little ones) in the house it helps. They do not always want to play Shoot 'em ups, Fighters, and RPGs.
  13. Thanks @CTRL-ALT-DEFEAT I now have Looney Tunes Collection on my machine. It is interesting seeing how many games there are. I must say I would have never thought to add this playlist, but I am happy to see it on the machine. Thanks again and thanks @BlueArrowUK for making the request.
  14. I have controller companion and x-input downloaded. I just started messing with them a couple weeks ago as I am working on installing some steam games and a few of the fighters I want to use my Tankstick so I am going to need to figure out how to set up the software to convert my keys to joystick commands.
  15. Thanks @neil9000 Not sure if it is the most efficient way to do it, but it has worked for me on the couples cores I needed. Odd that you can set both key and controller buttons for mappings in the general settings, but the core overrides will only let you choose controller buttons. I do use a controller for console cores, but for CPS arcade I use the Tankstick which those buttons are only mapped to keyboard keys. So had to use custom configs and it works. @KevinP Doing a custom config is a pretty easy process. I learned from the mods here. So when you are ready to tackle it just let us know and I know this forum with its great mods and members, plus myself would be happy to let you know what to do.
  16. I can recreate the issue also with my Xarcade Tankstick. Retroarch does not like to let you do core overrides in the quick menu for keyboards keys mapped to a control. So any cores I need specific button mappings I have to save a separate config file for the core and have Launchbox load that in the default command line.
  17. Nice. Well, looks like I may just have to make a Looney Tunes playlist.
  18. CHD only come merged and will work fine with the split set. Don't know what the hapyfsh2.zip is but a google search turned up it is some kind of 32-in-1 rom that was recently dropped into .182 and.189 cannot really tell as the searches did not bring up to much more. The clean up question some of the more expert members might be able to help. I do know the launchbox import has a bunch of checks you can use to keep out fruit, mahjong, clones, and such. It does not delete them, it just does not import them into the frontend. I like to keep the full set as many times I come across new games I want to add.
  19. The helpfulness of the mods and members on this forum never ceases to amaze me.
  20. I would say first thing do not worry about controls in LB/BB. Get your controls in RetroArch set up first. I would recommend anytime you add a new emulator and games set the emulator up first outside of Launchbox/BigBox before you add it. Make sure your controls there work, your games play, and the emulator is set up right. If you get stuck let the forum know. We have a great bunch of members that are willing to help out when they can.
  21. @lordmonkus Pretty much summed it all up. Launchbox/BigBox are simply the front ends to organize and assist you in launching your games. You have to set up game play controls in each of the unique emulators you use. Retroarch control set-up is pretty easy. Since you said you have both directional arrows and a 10-key pad on your laptop then launch a game and use 8,4,6,2 to move in a game and it should work since in your screen cap those are the keys you have up, down, left, and right mapped to. Like Lordmonkus advised if you want to change them open Retroarch and go to inputs. Move down to player 1 input binds and start setting your custom options. To change a control move down to it, hit enter, then click the key you want to map it to. It will then save the input to the key you chose. In the screen cap you posted here I can also see it looks like RA is recognizing a controller (User 1 Device Type: RetroPad w/Analog). So it looks like RA can see a controller connected. After you mapped your keyboard keys you can go back and hit enter on a User 1 button and then hit the button on your joystick you want to map it to. RA will then have a button mapped to both a keyboard key and a controller button.
  22. Keep in mind the controls you set in BigBox (that goes for any controls in Launchbox as well) have no affect on the controls used to play games in each emulator. BigBox controls do not control game play. It is only meant for moving around in BigBox. You need to set you controls how you want them in RetroArch directly in order to have you controls how you want them in a game. Retroarch will allow you to bind both a keyboard key and a controller button to each input. In the image you attached you have keyboard keys mapped in RetroArch already. It looks like your directional inputs are linked to numeric pad keys 8,2,4,6. If your keyboard has up, down, left, right arrow keys this may be why when you press them in a game nothing happens. The commands are mapped to the numeric pad keys and not the arrow keys. You need to rebind them to the keys you want.
  23. @lordmonkus Is likely correct on the biggest issue. Something else to consider is if you are downloading from several different sites you may have some severely outdated or just plain old bad roms. I would wager though that lordmonkus advice is your likely culprit.
  24. @HotMommasCowboy In BigBox settings under the keyboard mappings you can set the "switch view" option to whatever key you want. I cannot remember if it is set by default or not. But just head to that setting and set a key of your choice.
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