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  1. This is great! Many thanks! Could you maybe also post some kind of templates (e.g. where only videos/images/music have to be inserted) so others can easily make their own too? I'm not in the need for custom ones now, but I could see myself wanting to make those in the future
  2. Cool! Thanks! Nice to hear it's useful nnasos does not really compress I believe. It decrypts the iso and removes the garbage data. So the space savings really depend on the game and how much data they use. nnasos can remove e.g. 50 MB from game 1 but 3GB of game 2. Though, even for the games where the space savings from nnasos itself might be small it's still beneficial as they can be compressed much better (by e.g. zip or 7z) because they are decrypted.
  3. It is kinda possible now (for a while now actually). I didn't knew it either until someone notified me on my feature request on BitBucket. In the ThemeSettings.xml you can add (or set to True if the setting is already there) the following line: <Force16X9AspectRatio>true</Force16X9AspectRatio>
  4. I personally store my isos matching the hashes from Redump.org (thus, encrypted), but lots of people store their games decrypted (cause they need to be decrypted anyway to work in RPCS3). So, it depends if your priorities are 'preservation' of the true disc or usability/playability. Other than that there aren't really any other pros/cons for either format.
  5. Well, at the moment nowhere. If I were to share it here I'd have to finetune it a bit and remove some rough edges. I can do that, but don't have much time at the moment. If you don't use Redump ISOs or just have all your isos stored unencrypted, my script won't work anyway and you'd be better of with the one from @phunky1
  6. I'm not phunky1, but what do you mean with 'best'? It either works or it doesn't, not much that can be improved upon such a script 😉 Though, I recently made my own script. Because, I use PS3 isos matching Redump.org hashes and those isos are encrypted. So they have to be decrypted before mounting. My script decrypts the ISO, then mounts it and fires up RPCS3. And unmounts and deletes the decrypted iso after closing RPCS3. But, if you only need mounting, I'm sure @phunky1's script works just fine.
  7. Well, I experience the bug which I reported here: https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/4423/merging-consolidating-games-does-not-work Though, I don't think it's Launchbox.next or 8,4 specific issue (though I think this issue only started appearing around 8.2 or 8.3 but I might be wrong, could've also been 8.4 or earlier than 8.2). So, nothing high-priority as far as .next goes
  8. Thanks! Though, note that most of the USA stuff was already added before I started working on the fullset (thus all regions) so I can't take too much credit for that part.
  9. This is a 'problem' with the LaunchboxDB. It's very incomplete as far as alternate (foreign) titles goes. Merging region duplicates that have the same name is of course not a problem. But if a game has been released in the US, EU and JP with three different names, and the DB does not have those names entered, you end up with three listings of which only one was recognized. A lot of consoles are pretty complete in the DB now, but there are also some (especially newer consoles and consoles with huge sets like the DS) which are very incomplete. Plus, launchboxDB is oftentimes missing Japan-only games too. I've been fixing up the 3DS set on the LaunchboxDB for a while now. Don't have a lot of time so I only work on it every now and then. If you were to load a fullset of 3ds roms (all regions) into launchbox and were to 'consolidate' the roms. You will see most roms up until the letter G are now perfectly recognized, merged and with cover. And I'm planning to do the rest of the 3ds set too of course. I also want to the DS set, but that one is of a whole other level. That fullset is huge I currently have more than 2000 submitted changes on the DB and the bulk of those was for the 3ds set...
  10. Cool! I already expected it to be something like that.
  11. The plugin doesn't seem to work with the new Launchbox.Next. When I try to start Launchbox.Next, I get the following message: And after pressing OK nothing happens. After uninstalling Archive Cache Manager, Launchbox.next does run. Now, I don't mind it; Launchbox.next is beta and still very new, but figured I'd report it here anyway
  12. You shouldn't have to edit or even need the .ps1 file. You should use the .exe version en pass the parameters from within Launchbox. This is my configuration (note that my roms are compressed in an archive, thus I have selected 'Extract ROM archives before running'. If your roms aren't archived you don't need to select that option): EDIT: if it still doesn't work; maybe the script has some problems with characters in your path, like the small a and stuff. You can try another (simpler) path as a test to see if that's the problem.
  13. Oh, I see... Well, in that case mounting the iso seems like a much better way than extracting it. When I'll get to RPCS3 I'm pretty sure your script will come in handy
  14. Haha, nice I was able to indirectly help Maybe a slightly unrelated question, but what are the benefits of mounting an iso as opposed to just opening it in RPCS3? Or is that not possible at all? I pretty much never used RPCS3 yet (but have been following the progress with great interest), so just wondering
  15. Is there any way to remove/alter a pending submission that hasn't any moderations yet? I'm, very slowly (939 pending changes so far and I haven't even finished the letter A...), working my way through the 3DS catalog, adding a whole lot of (mostly Japanese) games that are missing from the database and other missing information (mainly alternate titles). However, I was just working on a game "Hello Kitty's Magic Apron" when I accidently hit submit instead of the button to add an alternate title. So, now the submission is empty aside from the title and an alternate title. I still wanted to add a third alternate title (Japanese title), the developer and publisher and of course a cover. But I guess I now have to wait until someone accepts it to further modify it?
  16. Oh wow! Why did nobody told me this before!? How long has it been in there? It doesn't work with the default theme btw, when I set force16x9 to true it automatically reverts back to false without actually forcing anything to 16x9. But that might be on purpose, to keep the default theme... well... default. In any case, that's one thing of the wanted list.
  17. There are 2 things I hope to see in the new version. A bug fix: All information in the following link. This bug is annoying as hell, especially in BigBox where the additional apps are more pronounced than in Launchbox. https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/3457/when-merging-two-titles-which-both-have And a new feature: Being able to set a custom aspect ratio for BigBox. And I don't want it to stretch, it want it to add black bars. I would absolutely love being able to do that. You see, I have an ultrawide (21:9) monitor at my desktop and although Bigbox works fine, 99% of the media (themes, images, videos etc.) are created for 16:9 screens and thus looks super weird on my screen. I'd like to spice up my BigBox setup a bit, but at the moment I sadly can't https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/3310/being-able-to-force-bigbox-in-a-certain
  18. Kind of the same thing: Super Mario World on the SNES has a rating of... 1.09879286363637E+15
  19. Well, I just did a quick test and it seems to work perfectly fine. That's some great work mate! Many, many thanks! It's a shame your plugin isn't more popular, it's pretty darn cool.
  20. Thanks for your reply I don't know exactly how your plugin works underwater and how it (can) interact with Launchbox, but I was wondering: isn't it just possible to fire up the emulator with the rompath pointing directly to the cache instead of doing file-system 'tricks'? Or don't you have any control over that (which I think is very likely the case)?
  21. Ok, so I just tried this extension and it's almost what I want it to be. I thought it would extract the compressed file to a certain location and then run it from there, but it does not quite do that. It does extract the rom to a certain cache location, but when running (again) it copies the file from the cache back to where Launchbox would originally extract the rom. Well, I just want to run it from the cache, no copying around If I understand it correctly, it is possible by setting FileCopy to false, but then it's using NTFS features which isn't possible in my case because apparently (I never really bothered to check it) my external drive containing the games is exFAT. Is there any way to run the roms directly from the cache and skip the copy and NTFS links and such? Other than that, nice work on the plugin. I like the loading screen; feels a bit more 'complete' than Launchbox' own 'is-it-crashing-or-is-it-loading-screen?'
  22. I don't quite get where the problem is? When a user merges selected games, he/she has to choose what the main application will be. All other applications need to become additional applications under the selected game, there's not a whole lot to determine there right? Or do I understand it incorrectly? I don't quite understand where the duplicate comes from anyway? At firs there is not duplicate, after merging there's suddenly an exact duplicate? Last week I've added all alternate titles to Launchboxdb for all 1700+ Gamecube roms in the full Redump set. And while I was doing that I was manually merging all games (because the submissions weren't approved yet, Launchbox wasn't able to do it automatically). Only after about 50% done I noticed the duplicate games. If I'd remove all the roms froms Launchbox, then re-import them and let Launchbox automatically merge them using Launchboxdb, will it still create duplicate apps?
  23. This hasn't been fixed though, and it's annoying the hell out of me.
  24. I came across this issue yesterday. Can anyone confirm this behavior/problem?
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