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The Image Thread (Platform Images, Clearlogos, Box Templates and More)


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G'day everyone, hope you all had a wonderful holiday seasoning break over Christmas. I have already sent Jason a message,  he knew these were coming, Please be patient with me as these do take a fair bit of time to make and i am family man of 2 little children aswell. one boy 4 one girl 4months. I

 am still on the go but feel i have enough clear logos to produce to begin uploading, Atleast for now. I have zoned in on making steam games as i have over 3000+ I had noticed there was a mass amount of missing clear logos "and possibly others" but i focus on clears. this is no way completed but so far have done all of # and half way to 3 quarters done doing A.





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one pic was outside the hidden spoiler
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1 hour ago, MrDiggle said:

You can find one in my old post, have a look and see if you can use them

Thanks a ton--this is great. I was able to create a smart object based version of the template that should make it easier for anyone with Photoshop to make covers more quickly for PS2 if there're any gaps in the already available covers (and for custom discs like the 16-in-1 Shmups collections etc.)


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On ‎3‎/‎29‎/‎2018 at 2:50 PM, Soulace said:

Hi how do we change or add platform images to the ones that haven't come down in BigBox? They rotate in about the centre top of the screen when scrolling the wheel in the default theme. Where in LB are they located?

you right click on platform and goto properties and add images? 

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I have well over 200 + game covers with disk  For the PC at high res and would love to share them with everyone . hopefully they can be useful to create something with.  Wanted to Know do I just Upload to Google Drive Or Do i Upload here 



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On 12/15/2016 at 11:40 AM, Clads92 said:



  Reveal hidden contents


I´ve uploaded some custom boxes for prototypes, nintendo power and satellaview boxless games that still don´t have 3d boxes. Can i ask you for your magic? I don´t know how to do it. 

List of the games that lack of 3d boxes



Mick & Mack as the Global Gladiators

Mr. Tuff Better Art available taken from and advert.

Muhammad Ali Heavyweight  Boxing

Network Q RAC Rally


Road Runner II: Wile E's Revenge


Sound Factory

Spellcraft: Aspects of Valor Better reconstruction of the intented release box available

Steven Seagal is The Final Option 

Super Shadow of the Beast Matching logo and covers available in the database

Sylvester and Tweety

Tarzan: Lord of the Jungle

Jerry Boy 2 i found the only real art available in the net and created a better covers that the previous ones.


Metal Slader Glory Director´s Cut. The original illustrator and director of the game created a custom box that i uploaded before and we could consider it as the official box

Treasure Conflix

Ring Ni Kakero

Famicom Bunko: Hajimari No Mori

Famicom Tantei Club Part II New box available using official art from an advert

Power Lode Runner

Super Family Gelaende

Fire Emblem Archaneia Recently english translated I created a custom box also because now is totall playable and good to add.

New Super Mario Land

Super Boss Gaiden

Super Road Blaster

Teenage Queen


Rick Dangerous 1 & 2

As you there are games without real boxes but added to the database and i created custom boxes with my best effords to find official art and to match tipical snes super famicom designs, Check it if you want to creat 3d boxes for completionists.






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