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Launches LaunchBox in Big Box mode from within Kodi - It will close or minimize Kodi, launch LaunchBox in Big Box mode and when Big Box is exited Kodi will restart or maximize, with the option to run programs pre/post LaunchBox. It works with Windows only.

BigBox Startup video and splash screen support
BigBox Updater support
Pre/Post scripts
Minimize or close Kodi option
Launcher Helper script version check
Supports Kodi 16, Kodi 17, Kodi 18, Kodi 19 and Kodi Windows Store versions.

Windows PC
LaunchBox Premium
Kodi 16, 17, 18, 19 or Kodi Windows Store for Windows

Known Issues:
Due to Windows Store's UWA security restrictions, user must set a save directory under the plugin's Advanced Settings to a directory of the user choice where the plugin's ahk helper script and icon file can be saved.
Taskbar will flash on Kodi Windows Store version (UWA) using 1.5.4+. Current workaround is to switch to Kodi non-UWA or to minimize effects, enable hide taskbar in advance options, remove Cortana search bar and change taskbar to black.
Starting with version 1.5.6, due to windows security restriction on SMB shares over IP  (eg. \\\shared-folder\), the addon will produce an error saying it is not supported. Current workaround is to enable SMB fix in Advance settings to replace IP with supplied server name or enable SMBv1 on server and computer to allow NetBIOS name resolutions in Kodi.
Kodi-six package is now required with 1.5.6+, addon will fail if after first installation of Kodi-six package dependency, Kodi was not restarted.

Install instructions:
Use 'Install from Zip' in Kodi and browse to the directory the plugin's zip was downloaded to and select it.

This plugin requires the user to set the location of their LaunchBox directory in the addon settings before first use. eg. C:\Users\<username>\LaunchBox\




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10 hours ago, tdancetv2 said:

ok once purchased how will kodi know that I have it? is their like a code to redeem like with retroboxtv?

Hi tdancetv2, I see you referencing what appears to be an android app so make sure you can complete everything on this installation checklist below before you purchase BigBox to make sure the Kodi addon for LaunchBox applies to your setup.

Installation Checklist:
1. You are running Kodi for Windows (version 16, 17 or Windows Store).
2. You have Launchbox installed on the same Windows box you have Kodi installed on.
3. You have purchased LaunchBox Premium and placed the License.xml in the LaunchBox application folder.
4. You have added roms, etc to LaunchBox for use in BigBox.
5. You have downloaded the Kodi addon for LaunchBox zip from above file link in the first post to the Windows computer running both Kodi and LaunchBox.
6. You have installed the addon using the 'Install from zip' option in Kodi's Addons.
7. You have configured the addon settings and set the BigBox executable location, BigBox.exe file ls located in the folder where you installed LaunchBox.
8. You have configured any other addon settings that apply to your setup.
9. You can now launch BigBox from Kodi.

If step 1 and 2 are not possible then this addon isn't what you are looking for.

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thanks for this great plugin!

I've some problems with executing pre/post-scripts.

I'd like to run a little batch-file, that transfers some save-states before running BigBox an after closing BigBox.

The scripts (some simple bat-files) are locatet in the user-folder and configurated in the plugin-settings.

If I start BigBox with the Kodi-Addon I get the following error: "C:\Users\Kodi\Script1.bat failed to run. Check plugin configuration and verify correct location". After closing BigBox I get the same error for the second script.

The same scripts work with des Steam-Launcher-Plugin!

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@psychofaktory Looks like it might be your batch script is not exiting cleanly and triggers the the ErrorLevel check in the pre/post script runs but to make sure can you create a simple batch file with the following:


echo test file

exit 0

If that works then I will update the ahk script to log errors like that to a log file instead, remove the pop up and also change the error message as at the time I wasn't thinking about programs exit codes changing batch files exit codes but if it ran the batch file or not. my bad on that.

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Kodi addon for LaunchBox version 1.5 released!

BIG CHANGES in 1.5.0:
- THIS KODI ADDON NO LONGER INCLUDES A COMPILED AUTOHOTKEY SCRIPT (LaunchBoxLauncher-AHK.exe). Why you ask, since this Kodi addon requires Launchbox to be useful and LaunchBox itself is required to include the AutoHotkey.exe separately to comply with the GPL license. There is no need for a compiled script. Instead, once you set your LaunchBox directory ( eg. C:\Users\<username>\LaunchBox\) in the addon settings, it will use LaunchBox's included AutoHotkey.exe to run the needed ahk helper script. This also allow better compliance with Kodi submission rules in the future for their repository, which is something that will be considered once LaunchBox run on other operating systems.

Bugfixes in 1.5.0:
- fixed idle shutdown timer issue shutting down users using the minimize option with the idle shutdown timer in kodi set in power savings system settings.


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4 hours ago, FoxyMonty said:


Would it be possible to add the setting to specify where Kodi is located in the settings?

Having trouble with relaunching Kodi after exiting Big Box.

The setting is found in the Steam launcher addon for kodi if you want to rip it out of there.

No problem, I will add an override option to the advance tap shortly for you. The setting you speak of was originally there like steam launcher but was removed to allow UWA support (Windows Store version) as the Autohotkey script was written to detect the Kodi path on launch. Also, if you get a chance, please PM or reply here with your Kodi version, I am curious if something has changed in Kodi that I should address in the path detection. Thanks.

Edited by CoinTos
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Kodi addon for LaunchBox version 1.5.1 released!

CHANGES in 1.5.1:
- Added override option for Kodi detection

- The upgrade support in this addon's Autohotkey script will not work properly with the auto download background option for LaunchBox enabled. Current workaround is to remove the check mark from the "Automatically Download Updates in the Background" box in LaunchBox's Options under the Updates section.


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No problem, if it is still happening to you then it might be something I need to check in the relaunching portion with the portable option enabled. Haven't done too much testing with portable version as I really don't use it so might be something I need setup and dig deeper into.

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