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Pinball FX2 setup (media included)


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Over the last few days i decided to setup Pinball FX2 in Launchbox which was the easy part.
Getting it to look Beautiful in launchBox was an absolute nightmare because everything had to be done and added manually, because theres nothing to scrape for this platform in the database.

Heres the final result:






So i have decided i would upload everything here to save people time in getting Pinball FX2 setup in LaunchBox.

How to setup Pinball FX2:

To setup Pinball FX2 in LaunchBox is just a matter of importing the .pxp table files as the roms and then adding the pinballfx.exe as the emulator.
It's best to NOT scrape any data at all because you'll end up with all the wrong information from the scraper anyway, so just uncheck ALL the boxes in the scraper and import.


Heres a few screens to show how to setup:



Import the .pxp table files as the roms:


 Add the pinballfx.exe as the emulator:02.thumb.jpg.dbece0b0490be659fed572b0af793be4.jpg

 Uncheck ALL the boxes in the scraper and import :03.thumb.jpg.edb328184b858119a0b983db129a39dc.jpg



Now that you have Pinball FX2 up and running in LaunchBox its time to add everything to make it look good.

Table Clear Logos:

Backgrounds and Box Art:

Gameplay Screenshots:

Table Videos:


Download whatever you need from above and insert them to the appropriate folders in the Pinball FX2 image/video folder.

All the files in the downloads above are named the same as the Pinball FX2 .pxp table files so they should work when placed in the appropriate folder.


I have also filled in the metadata for all 77 tables including developer, release dates etc and have uploaded the file for people to use.

Updated .xml file from LaunchBox 11.17.

Pinball FX2.xml

Copy/paste the Pinball FX2.xml file into your ...\ LaunchBox \ Data \ Platforms.

It expects you to have Pinball FX2 installed to LaunchBox games folder, but you can always use Notepad++ to change the location to your roms  folder.


If any of the creators above dont want their work to be posted here please let me know and i will remove it.


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No problem rexryan i know some people might have all of these, but i see quite a few people on here without pinball systems setup including myself. I thought uploading all of this might help alot of people, as i spent more time searching for all the platform media than setting up Pinball FX2 itself in launchBox.

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4 hours ago, RetroNi said:

I have also filled in all the metadata for the platform and table information including release dates etc is there anyway i can upload that as well via an .xml file for people to use?

You should be able to just attach the .xml to your post when you reply. You'll see this this below when replying. 58f563c2f0ac4_attachpost.thumb.PNG.8d9635781356d4feb63e80012c8c7102.PNGbtw.. Good job with this, I'm sure it will help a lot of people !

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2 minutes ago, Retro808 said:

You could place this AHK script in the AutoHotKey tab of the edit emulator screen for Pinball FX in Launchbox. 

Universal close emulator with the Escape key:

    Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}}



Actually, the problem may have been that I am using PinballFX3.

In order to launch into a specific game directly you have to have a 'unlock pincab features' code

I had to email them a request... answer a question or two. Then they replied and I had to send them a picture of my cabinet before they sent the code.
They said they want to be sure it is not being used for public use which sounds logical.

I just got this code an hour ago... I did open a specific table with a command line in dos but didn't get a chance to try with LB yet to try the quick exit.
So far so good though. Since the first part worked I'm assuming this will as well... I'll try it out after work.

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Yes it will work. I have cabinet support and am using PBFX3 as well as cabinet support in PBFX2. Once you have you code in PBFX3 if you follow these steps Launchbox will run the table directly. The steps say to point to the steam.exe and not the pinballfx3.exe but I have been able to get it to work with either. 

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