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On 7/2/2017 at 2:38 PM, syntax_X said:

1. Allow Bigbox search keyboard to have unrestricted movement

2. Make Launchbox search reset to the top of the page on each new search

3. Give the audit system a media selection menu before auditing.

4. Stop the audit system from consolidating images into the wrong column (background images, clear logos and box - back currently count as box front.
5. Add all image folders to audit (currently box -back and a few others are missing/consolidated.)
    (if the above issue with audit are due to view priority settings then I suggest separating the two as its confusing to have image priorities control  which column(s) an image will be in the audit window.

6. Fully editable controller and keyboard functionality in BigBox.

7. Platform/LB/BB/null emulators level ahk tab

8. This is a really good idea >
"my biggest wish: i want to drag and drop pc game exe or shortcuts and roms to the platform pane that is displayed and have those imported to that platform with default emulator (for non PC games) and my preset import settings (from Lordmonkus #3) without asking or prompting me with anything. just do it. "

9. Change Launchbox scraper to allow European titles to have Le, La,Die at the start or end of a rom name

10. Add a user defined timed control lockout during the loading game screen in Bigbox to help avoid multiple selection of games.

11. Bulk Edit additional apps

12. Allow platform level additional apps

13. Allow additional apps to be executed on emulator exit/shutdown
14. Fix consolidated roms stacking their additional apps into the primary rom.

15. Fix Bigbox losing focus when exiting emulators from time to time(requires left mouse click to fix)

16. I know we are not supposed to talk about things we would like added but a crc32/sha1 based rom checker that renames roms to the Launchbox Database format would be sweet.

17. Right click on a game and have the option to play same named games from other systems


#6 is a massive one for me aka Keyboard Automation , really the only thing that i need to complete my setup as AHK scripts can be hard 

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