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  1. Sweet! Glad it's working. As for NES, Sega and SNES, I use Retroarch for simplicity. But look around. You may find something for the emulators you're using.
  2. I'm using LaunchBox 9.3 as well. Let me try again with better pictures. This will be for setting up Visual Pinball X (VPX). 1st you'll need to set up the emulator for VPX. Go to Tools, Manage Emulators. Click Add (1) Enter the name you want to give it. (2) Browse to where your vpinballx.exe file is located and select it. (3) Enter the Default Command-Line parameters: -minimized -exit -play Go to the Associated Platforms tab and select your Visual Pinball platform. Click OK. Click Close. Now when you edit a Visual Pinball X table, in the Launcher tab, Browse to your VPX table. You will need to change it to All files (*.*) to see your vpx tables. Select your table and "Open". Switch to the Emulation tab. Check "Use an emulator to play this game...". Choose the emulator you just created. Click OK. All assuming Visual Pinball X works outside of LaunchBox, you should be good to go. And when in-game, hitting Esc should close VPX and return you to LaunchBox.
  3. [***Edit*** The following method will only work for the main games and NOT clones if using a non-merged set. If using a merged set OR don't care about clones, go for it.***] [***Edit #2*** Please see "Take 2. A bit less convoluted AND will handle clones." on page 2 of this thread for a better solution.***] Using a couple 3rd party apps so kindly created by others on this site and a little computer work/knowledge, yes! You'll need @Lordmonkus Mame No Filler Version 2 and @nicknamex ReadLaunchBox and of course, your non-merged set. Open ReadLaunchBox Select LB location Select Arcade (or Mame. However you have it listed) Select Box-Front (doesn’t matter which) Media Exist: All Click Analyze Click Export to Excel Close Open the exported spreadsheet In column E, edit a cell with the rom path\game Highlight and copy everything before the rom name Ctrl-F (Find/Replace) – click the Replace tab In Find what: paste the path you copied above Replace All Close (Column E should now show ONLY the roms’ file name [except row 1]) Copy all the cells with rom names starting at cell E2 Open Lordmunks’ Mame NoFiller spreadsheet. Paste the copied cells into cell B1 Your column B will now probably have more rows filled than column C, so you’ll need to copy the formula in C down to the last row B is filled in to. Copy all the [filled in] cells in column C Create a new txt document (call it whatever you want) Edit it and in the 1st line type “md NoFiller” (without quotes) and hit Enter. (this will make a directory called NoFiller. You can change the name to whatever you want) Now paste the cells (which will simply become different lines) you copied. File, Save as.. filename.bat. Change Save as Type: to All files. Save From Lordmunks’ README file: Then simply copy the batch file [you just created] into the folder with all of the roms and double click the bat file, it will make a new folder [“NoFiller”] within that folder and acopy all of the roms into that newly created folder. From there you can copy that new folder of roms to anywhere you like and import them into Launchbox, be sure to update your rom path in your mame.ini to point this rom set location. You can now do whatever you like with your full set you downloaded, it is no longer needed for the NoFiller set to function, though you may want to keep a backup just in case.?
  4. In the games Launcher tab, browse/select the table (i.e d:\Visual Pinball\Tables\Eight Ball Deluxe.vpt) like you said you've done. In the Emulation tab, select your VP emulator you've set up. Make sure in your VP emulators you set up, that in your Default Command-Line Parameters, you use - [dash] and not / [slash] as shown above and it should work. The "-exit" will exit the table with the ESC key back to LB/BB. It's possible that VP 992 (902?? 991??) didn't have the -exit option available. Don't remember. I do know VPinball994.exe (for .vpt files [tables]) and vpinballx.exe (for .vpx) do for sure.
  5. For Visual Pinball X, just point the ROM file to the actual vpx table. My VPX emulator settings look like: I don't know if the "Attempt to hide..." box needs to be checked, but it works as it sits. I only have 1 VP9 table as most have been converted to VPX. It's CL is the same. Just point the emu to your VP9 executable.
  6. Were you doing Apply Changes or Save Core Preset? Try the Save Core Preset.
  7. In the back of my mind, I think I had that issue (frickin frustration) too. lol RA takes the input of the joystick as keypad 8 (up) and not arrow-up (like where the I-Pack has it assigned). I think I ended up manually configuring RA using the arrow keys. But that was back when I was just starting with RA and figuring out how to configure the input. Although I still don't dare delete the config file thinking "I got it figured out now" and try redoing it. Glad it's working.
  8. Hmmm.... well it's either my old 'copy' of FX2 or the difference between FX2 and FX3. Thanks @Retro808 Regardless, KnightCrawler has several ways to go now.
  9. ...just re-read that you tried "every possible combination". I have an I-Pac 2 (which should be the same, just less players) and that's how it's setup. My Left Joystick uses actual Up, Down, Left, Right (and Right uses R, F, D, G). They're mapped to the D-pad (like you're showing) and I have nothing mapped to Analog)
  10. I'm personally not familiar with GameStream, but if there's a command line to start/stop GS you could make a batch file to start it, run BigBox (and wait until BB closes), then stop GS.
  11. All was done per your [awesome] directions except that the bat file I used was one I already had created... "BigBox on TV.bat". Even with the quotes in the vbs script, it didn't like the spaces. No spaces. No problems. So you were correct... "... (in this example was startup.vbs)." works.
  12. First off, very awesome @Kondorito! after about 4 or 5 tries though, 6th time was a charm when I changed vbs to bat. "...in the text field Run after extraction (in this example was startup.bat). Works GREAT!! Thank you so much!
  13. Thinking out loud (as I really don't know for sure..), I think the Games directory under Launchbox is (can be) for the actual games roms/files. If there was a directory... say... "Emus" where you install your emulators in, that would (could? should?) make it portable with LB. My thinking being LB uses ..\..\ (relative) location syntax. Though I suppose the bust in my bubble may be the emus themselves use direct/actual path locations. i.e. d:\Launchbox\Emus\Project64\Project64.exe (.ini, .xml...) references.
  14. It would actually easiest to have it all on the 2TB drive. That being said, you should be able to simply move your complete Launchbox directory to the 2nd drive without having to do anything else. Performance-wise, most likely will not be an issue. The harder way (I know of) is to edit each platform and change the media path for each individual one (about 31 of them for just images -times- the number of platforms you have). There's also a way to edit an xml file with find and replace that should be a little faster, but I don't know which one (ones'?) and has potential to create other problems. One other method is in Windows do a folder redirect. But this is more of a band-aid.
  15. I ran into that and ended up just using an ahk script as the 'emulator'. It was something like: #SingleInstance force SetWorkingDir, F:\Emulators\MAME 0.201 no nag MAMERun = Mame64.exe RomDir = F:\Emulators\MAME 0.201 no nag\roms Run, %MAMERun% "%RomDir%\%1%", , Hide Exitapp LB will pass the roms' name to %1%.
  16. JoeViking245

    Backing up

    Update on Sync software/program: The file 'limitation' of Allway Sync kind got me nervous about whether my backup drive was actually a complete replica of my main arcade drive. So did some more looking. I came across FreeFileSync. Current release is 12/12/2018. It's Open Source and under the GNU License. In other words it's free to use without restrictions and is current (updated). Configuring it seemed a little more straight forward. The only apparent difference (other the the 40k restriction) is that Allway keeps a running database file of changes made so it will do it's compare step a bit faster. Whereas FreeFileSync needs to scan/compare both drives every time. I would think the actual final step of syncing would be the same.
  17. ReadLaunchBox (though a couple years old) will get you close to what you want to do. You can chose the platform but then have to select 'each kind of image' (Box - Front, Clear Logo...etc.) separately to see what's missing. https://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/file/123-readlaunchbox/
  18. JoeViking245

    Backing up

    I was wanting the exact same thing. Basically have a complete, current backup of my arcade drive (LB, emu's, roms etc..) without having to copy everything again or have a buildup of 'backups'. After a bit of looking around I learned what I was wanting to do was have a synched 'copy'. I'm using Allway Sync. Basically after the initial 'copy' [to the backup drive] it keeps track of all changes made [on the original source]. When subsequently ran, it will 'copy' only the changes. Added, deleted and changed (updated) files. It's free for non-commercial use "with certain limitations". I've ran it only twice [after initial copy] so far and a thing popped up (non intrusively) saying 'you might want to get Pro'. Ran its' sync and everything appears to just fine.
  19. I see one that says MFME 9.4. Is that something different?
  20. Not sure if there's a setting, but there is a volume knob.
  21. I was toying with this just the other week. If everything other than Mame works on the monitors they way you want, be it Monitor "1" or "2", "Primary" or otherwise, leave it be. To fix Mame, edit the mame.ini file. The following is paraphrased from https://www.reddit.com/r/MAME/comments/66abdw/mame64_automatically_keeps_outputting_to_second/: Start with the opening the command prompt (or PowerShell) in your Mame directory. In Windows explorer, navigate to you Mame directory. Press Shift+right-mouse-click, select "Open PowerShell window here". Type "mame64.exe -v". (You may need to add ".\" in front of it. ".\mame64.exe -v". [it's a PowerShell thing]) At the top of the output, you should see something like: Video: Monitor 262893 = "\\.\DISPLAY1" (primary) Video: Monitor 131073 = "\\.\DISPLAY2" Make note of what Mame is calling your monitors. Now edit your mame.ini file. Near the bottom is a heading "OSD PER-WINDOW VIDEO OPTIONS": # # OSD PER-WINDOW VIDEO OPTIONS # screen \\.\DISPLAY2 aspect auto resolution auto view auto screen0 \\.\DISPLAY2 aspect0 auto resolution0 auto view0 auto screen1 \\.\DISPLAY2 aspect1 auto resolution1 auto view1 auto screen2 \\.\DISPLAY2 aspect2 auto resolution2 auto view2 auto screen3 \\.\DISPLAY2 aspect3 auto resolution3 auto view3 auto
  22. JoeViking245

    Best Performance

    Just looked at what an ROG-GR6 is. So yes, a complete, new, fresh build is your only option. For CPU, I prefer Intel over AMD (that's just me). The more cores a CPU has, the less GHz required to outperform lesser CPUs, and decreases power consumption and heat. With that, more is better. Too much is.... well, call it future proofing. Is your current GPU standalone? That is, can you take it out to use it in a new box? Note: re the 960, yesterday I was playing Lego Jurassic World (via Steam) through HDMI to my 60" 1080p and it (GTX 960 4GB, not MSI overclocked) was running at mostly 100%. Not sure if that's the nature of GPU's. Just sayin'. The GTX 1060 is good. Maybe also look at the RX 580. And yes, anything beyond that is "just a waste of money". If doing a diy build, PCPartPicker is a good resource.
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