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  1. On 7/3/2021 at 5:45 AM, theelf said:

    HI! i have a question,  how many entries is possible to add to launchbox?

    I made a custom launchbx.txt  with 998 games, and when i tried to enter launchbox i get


    • Out of string space in module MAIN     at address 1279:01F6
    • Press any key to return to system


    Sorry my english, and thanks

    I'm honestly not sure at this point. I think it should be fairly high (close to that number), but I've never fully figured that out with the 2.0 version.


    11 hours ago, breech said:

    Is 2.0 still the latest?


  2. 7 hours ago, arthur071169 said:

    Jason, will there be a Ver 3.0 option for pointing to .doc, .txt etc files ?  (handy for reading hints or password codes if provided), this would be an option similar to 'configure commands' which already exists.

    you could Open & read / you can take a screenshot on your mobile phone for example if needed when the game is running.

    Perhaps left click once on the game selected and be presented with a choice of 'Run' (pre selected, so a speedy double click would be useful there)', 'Configure', 'Info' ?

    Configure / Info only appears if they are set up. 

    Probably not, but I will be open sourcing the code here soon, so someone could certainly add that.

    Also, FYI all, I have everything rewritten in 8088 x86 assembly and working fine, sans for the editing capabilities. That's quite a bit of work yet, but once it's all ready to go I'll release and open source it.

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  3. Well this thread has become an embarrassment. Seems @Pixelpiper has been out to throw us under the bus lately and @Lordmonkus can't correct something without spewing hate himself.


    Y'all just straight up need to grow up. You act like hateful little children, and I'm done with it.

    @PlayingKarrde I wasn't aware how similar this theme was to yours, but I appreciate the design and your positive outlook here. We'll update this post to clarify where the original design came from.

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  4. On 11/26/2020 at 3:20 AM, arthur071169 said:

    Many thanks for this.  It will save me having to constantly edit my own multiple batch files (1 per page that lists the games with a number ref  eg 01 = doom, 02 = quake etc.), and 1 per game that is launched by a 'number'.bat file  as listed on the menu page.  Hopefully the new version comes along sometime 2021, and as far as easter eggs goes... no one seems to have mentioned them.  perhaps time to share?

    You should be able to find at least one of them by using cheat codes from old DOS shooters. ;)

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  5. @liquidoblivion @Freddo @digital observer @theelf FYI guys, I'm currently working on version 3.0, which I'm writing entirely in 8086 assembly language instead of using VB for DOS 1.0 (which the previous versions were built with). Once I have the release ready, I do plan to release the source code for it in assembly language. The new version will work even on the original IBM 5150 PC (the very first PC), with CGA graphics.

    Naturally, though, it is taking quite a while to develop, partially because I'm only developing it in my free time, and also because I'm writing it in assembly language, which is as low level and as close to the hardware as you can get. It's currently usable if you take your LAUNCHBX.TXT file from the previous version, but the editing features are not built yet. It'll probably be at least 6 months before it's ready for a release (or longer).

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  6. All of the Options pages and screens are indeed themeable in recent versions of Big Box, so there shouldn't be anything holding theme developers back, from that perspective. Changing font sizes is very easy to do, even by hand.

    I understand though if the Community Theme Creator doesn't support this yet; @y2guru's been busting his butt on it to meet the demands of the community (and they are very demanding lol).

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    Unified Redux

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    8 hours ago, hulkk01 said:

    Sure! Would you like me to upload the whole thing or just XML file? All I did is edit XML file to:


    With the same edit, I also did on some other theme as well.

    Running with my CRT (Support 640X480 or 800x600) on my "A-33 Showcase Hanaho game" cabinet. 

    ThemeSettings.xml 1.75 kB · 1 download

    Oic; that does force it work on 4x3, but it's not really ideal. I thought you had tweaked more of the theme.

    Unified Redux

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    17 hours ago, hulkk01 said:

    I really like this style of theme. Can you please make 4:3 version for my (CRT) arcade cabinet?  Not many theme support 4:3 version. I really don't want to use hyperspin again.  Thanks.

    I would like to see a 4x3 version of this theme myself as well, but unfortunately I can't tackle it for the moment. Any other theme developer could though.

    Unified Redux

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    21 hours ago, Moleburt said:

    Is it possible when you select a game and are in the menu where "Play, View Images Fullscreen, etc..." are for the game, that the marquee with the video playing changes to the marquee of the actual game?

    The theme isn't built that way currently. Someone could certainly tweak this theme to do it, but unfortunately I can't because I'm busy with regular development.

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  7. 9 minutes ago, CDBlue said:

    @Jason Carr PM sent with attached log

    Interesting. We added a million and one logs to the shutdown process, and it's pretty obvious that the Chromium Embedded Framework is refusing to shut down, based on that log. So I'm just going to force kill it if that happens in the future. Should be solved for the next beta.

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  8. 7 minutes ago, CDBlue said:

    No problem.  I'll turn on debugging and reproduce the issue.  Do I need to wait for BB to finally close before sending you the log.... it might take a while looking as how it's going so far?

    I'd say give it five minutes, and then it should be safe to send the file.

  9. 2 minutes ago, neil9000 said:

    When this happened to me yesterday when i posted here (it wasnt the first time it had happened in the last few days) Bigbox had been closed for several hours. This isnt the cleanup and zipping of data, it simply doesnt close, period. It has started happening for me with either 10.14 or specific themes, or a combination of both. 

    I will note that it doesnt happen every time, and that i only notice it when i go to open Launchbox or Bigbox and i get the warning that Bigbox is already running.


    1 minute ago, CDBlue said:

    Hi Jason, as mentioned above I can report that something is still happening as of 10.14 (which I'm running)... but only with certain themes like this one, which is why I thought it might be theme (or more likely theme creator related perhaps).  I closed BigBox (running this theme) and about 5 minutes later it's still running in the background.  It's not frozen, as it does use up CPU/Mem every once in a while, but mostly it remains unchanged from this screenshot.  If I switch to another theme, such as CoverBox (as an example), when I close BB, it closes and ends the process in the background within a minute.  Let me know if you need me to turn on any logging or provide you with anything.



    The log files would be helpful in this case. Hopefully that will clue us in to what's going on.

  10. @CDBlue @CMOSS @neil9000 @Mr. RetroLust @Mute64

    Some important notes:

    • If LaunchBox or Big Box isn't closing properly, that isn't a theme issue; it's an issue with LaunchBox or Big Box.
    • The LaunchBox and Big Box processes do not immediately close after the windows disappear. This is because they still save data in the background after closing. It's important to give the processes a minute or two after closing before assuming that they're locked up and killing them, or you may end up with corrupted data.
    • That said, we fixed a number of minor issues in the closing processes for 10.14. Previous versions did have some issues there, but they should be fixed.

    Please let me know if anyone is still seeing any issues with LaunchBox or Big Box closing in the 10.14 release. Remember to wait a few minutes before reporting it as an issue though.

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  11. 3 hours ago, Ed Kazee said:

    hey im just checking in to see if anything has been added to the special ms-dos version of launchbox? i have 1 suggestion that i think would make a valid addition to the program, long filename support in the browser when adding games, most of my games are in directories with names much longer then 8 characters, i have some games with very similar names and its difficult to locate the games im wanting to add to my list, also i noticed when removing a few games, if you remove a game the white highlighted bar will be on another game you want to remove, if you press the delete option it will not delete the game you have highlighted but will delete the game at the top of the list, im not sure this is a bug or just the way the program is meant to be used ? anyways thanks again for this awesome program, i use it pretty much every day, funny i use this more then the main launchbox version lol 

    Long file name support in DOS would be rather difficult, I can imagine, so unfortunately that probably won't be happening. I haven't seen that delete bug, but I'll take a look. :)

  12. 9 hours ago, fandenivoldsk said:

    Any LaunchBox for MS-DOS 3.0 news? How about custom colors?

    Development is in progress, but it's currently a hobby app for me to develop, so it may still be a very long time before it comes out. I can't devote significant time to it, and since it's being developed in x86 assembly, it's also a learning experience for me. It will come out eventually, but it may be a year out yet.

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  13. 8 hours ago, breech said:

    Sorry, I meant 50 line mode. Apps can apparently use it natively - xtree gold viewer shown below.

    Gotcha. I'll see if I can't get that in there at some point. :)

    1 hour ago, ABF said:

    Hello. I'm a huge fan of this program. I think it's awesome that people are developing new DOS apps in 2020! Recently, I was inspired to try and get the program running on a PlayStation Portable after seeing this video of Android-based emulation device using the program as a launcher for DOS games: https://youtu.be/ErBAszD3NBo?t=432.

    I'm able to get the program to run with PSP DosBox. However, every time I try and add a game, I get an error message: "File access error in module MAIN at address 01DO:15F1."

    If I enter the game path directly into launchbx.txt, then launch the game from the app, I get the same error message, but for address 01D8:4874.

    Does anyone know what might be causing this? I wonder if perhaps it's because the latest version of DosBox available on PSP is 0.71?

    Hoping this new version under development will work on PSP! Or that I simply need to adjust some setting in dosbox.conf...

    Sorry to hear about those errors; I'm honestly lost on why they would be happening, but the errors appear to be errors with Visual Basic for DOS itself, which the old version was developed with. For that reason it seems like it's an issue with that version of DOSBox, though I can't for sure.

    Unified Redux

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    19 hours ago, vgbox said:

    Awesome theme. How do we add a platform video to the platform wheel screen like presented in the beginning on the UR youtube presentation video? Currently my platform wheel fades to a black screen with a line of info in the bottom.

    The videos are available in LaunchBox under Tools > Download Platform/Playlist Theme Videos.

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