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  1. If the new drive still has the same drive letter and path, then yes you would be ale to use it. If not, then you would have to create a new shortcut, or edit the current shortcut by right clicking it, click properties and edit the target.
  2. DS4Windows is the program that you need to install for a DS4 controller. https://ryochan7.github.io/ds4windows-site/
  3. Do you have the correct bios file? You should have a file called "syscard3.pce". I'm not sure where it goes in a standalone emulator (likely the bios older) but in retroarch it goes in the "system" folder.
  4. Sounds like a video card driver issue to me. Have you installed the latest driver version for the video card? An RX 580 should have no issues running Launchbox/Bigbox.
  5. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/uwp/design/style/segoe-ui-symbol-font#how-do-i-get-this-font "On Windows 10: There's nothing you need to do, the font comes with Windows." Looks like you are good
  6. i'm on the latest version of retroarch. What version are you using?
  7. If you go to "settings > user interface > menu widgets OFF" it will disable those popups.
  8. The clear logo should be in "LaunchBox\Images\Platforms\Sega Genesis(or Megadrive)\Clear Logo" Then open up BigBox and go to settings and refresh your cache.
  9. scooter1974


    If you go to "LaunchBox\Images\Platforms\Sony Playstation\Clear Logo" or "LaunchBox\Images\Platforms\Sony Playstation 2\Clear Logo" Do you see any images in those folders? If you do, they must be named the same as your PS1 and PS2 platforms in Launchbox.
  10. @GodElite So happy you like it! I like the little tweaks you have done as well. Happy gaming my friend Time to start thinking about a new theme I guess
  11. @GodElite So happy that you like the theme and no worries about the suggestions, it helps me learn more about theme making and I enjoy the challenge. I made the updates you have requested above. My coding skills are lacking, so I just made a new view for the Nintendo DS platform and it will change automatically when that platform is selected. Unfortunately I don't have the Nintendo 3DS installed but you should be able to go into "Views\Wheel3GamesView\" and make a copy of the Nintendo DS.xaml file, and rename it to Nintendo 3DS.xaml. Hopefully that works, as i'm assuming the video snaps are ro
  12. @misterlamide I was looking around the forum for a weather plugin and the one that is available is currently not working. If something else does come up. I will add it in for you @GodElite I will have a look into this on the weekend for you. I'm pretty sure I can make a separate view for that.
  13. Name: Scott Age: 45 Username story: My dad called me Scooter when I was a kid and I was born in 74 (Super creative, right?) Favorite system: Atari 2600, NES, SNES Favorite game: Probably the Resident Evil, Silent Hill series and Mario Bros. Favorite genre: Platformer and Survival horror FE scene recap: I started with Hyperspin about 10 years ago, Moved on to Attract Mode and finally ended up here
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