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  1. Big Box Cinematix

    Aw, I see what you mean. Yeah, I post links to my content (obviously) but you are referring to when I come in here and make announcements about my channel... I get what you mean. I wish more of you would befriend me on facebook. But facebook carries such a stigma... it's either people are involved with it or refuse to have any involvement at all. For anyone that doesn't want to use facebook overall, you can always adjust it to where you only see the things you are interested in. And I had made a banner for it... lol Really dumb and am really embarassed by it, so yeah, should prob eventually change this...
  2. Big Box Cinematix

    I do, I have posted everything I've made... Do you feel I should go about it another way? Any suggestions? I'm all ears. (eyes)
  3. Big Box Cinematix

    Hey, that's a really great idea and "YES of course" I plan on making as many as possible. That's a part of what my channel is all about.
  4. CriticalZone

    That link takes me back to the hyperspaz days when the whole cinematic thingy started.
  5. Big Box Cinematix

    Sounds like a good idea. ...... In the meantime I'm in the middle of creating some awesome startup vids. Just about to get to the one you provided. Just finished remastering the commercial version...