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  1. JamesBaker


    The "Silent Assassin" of Launchbox themes.. @faeran (Kills it every time)
  2. JamesBaker


    Masterpieces are your forte, plain and simple.
  3. JamesBaker

    Big Box Cinematix

    Would be nice if I finished those wouldn't it? Then I could maybe create some type of "fancy" montage.....??
  4. JamesBaker

    Big Box Cinematix

    They're currently not available anywhere unless if someone who has them would be willing to chime in and help you out.
  5. JamesBaker

    Big Box Cinematix

    Probably shouldn't be admitting this, but just found out I can start uploading better quality videos to the LB youtube channel. Unfortunate, though, because the types of formats I am referring to are not compatible with big box. Well, they're compatible, but the bitrates are SO HIGH that it causes severe glitching. My favorite video format to export as, is actually, DNxHD (.mxf) .. It results in a HUGE file size, but the quality is (in my opinion) far superior to any other video format. Too bad they can't be used for Big Box, but at the same time... being able to upload .mxf to youtube will create for a better demonstration and if we're lucky... Will just hopefully be a premonition for the future as codecs and high-res video formats are progressed forward for everyday usage.... Here's a screenshot... So, the part I shouldn't have been admitting was the fact that the big box cinematix vids I will be uploading to youtube will actually be WAY better quality than the ones on the FTP.
  6. JamesBaker


    SOOOOOO Wonderful