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  1. Big Box Cinematix

    Oh my, looks like I'm gonna have to get right on that. Thanks for the heads-up. And sorry for being a noob-dumbanus. To be honest I didn't know anything about it, but I do remember working on it... Think I chose the jumpman dude to feature on it... Hmm, if I gotta make a fix,,, perhaps I'll be able to rework it as well. Thanks again @Ranthalion75
  2. Big Box Cinematix

    lol! Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it. The smoke was created from the ground up. It actually looks like real smoke in it's original composition.. However, I used after effects cartoon filter to make it a little more cartoony.. ...................... ......................... The artwork in your theme is absolutely spectacular! I think it's a very daring theme. (If that makes sense) ...................... Thanks for paying back the sentiment my friend. Much love to ya brotherman. Seriously, keep it real with your creativity.
  3. LaunchBox GTA San Andreas Startup Video View File LaunchBox GTA San Andreas Startup Video Submitter JamesBaker Submitted 12/02/2017 Category Big Box Startup Videos  
  4. Version 1.0.0


    LaunchBox GTA San Andreas Startup Video
  5. Phill's Doodles - Retrorama

    THAT, is by far the most creative thing... I was gonna say, "theme," but it is actually the most creative thing I have ever seen overall - When it comes to any emulation community. Perfect @PhillsDoodles ... Perfect.