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  1. You mean the Super Famicom gif? "I am" currently making a video. Or do you mean an entire neon theme like that?
  2. Edit your platform and rename it SNK Neo Geo MVS Set scrape as to the same.
  3. lol, Not quite sure if we're on the same page here. My fault though if we're not. Normally I release stuff in conjunction with what I'm currently working on for launchbox. I'm in the process of reinventing my channel. Overtime, I'm gonna I'll have hordes of free stuff for people to download. That's what posting the bios's was all about. I do have snk neo geo mvs videos for big box. Don't knwo if you like them too much, but here they are..
  4. Yeah, I knew the games were exactly the same. Not sure if they crossed-over the bios screen for aes......??