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  1. Big Box Cinematix

    Yeah, that has to be on by default, because I know I never set it that way. Just, don't worry - It's not on the actual video.
  2. Big Box Cinematix

    RIght on, thanks. I have tweeked it some (not much... just 1 frame quicker for some and 1 frame slower for others) but have progressed quite a bit. Should be finished soon. There will also be a remastered widescreen version of the boot/startup screen.
  3. Big Box Cinematix

    Also, I made this. I used the meg fart thumbnail to be funny, but that snot what this is... Just watch and you'll see...
  4. Big Box Cinematix

    Ok, perhaps I'm thinking about it too much... Then I'll just wait for th efinished product to see what you guys really think
  5. Big Box Cinematix

    Alright buttheads I need your advice on something really quick.... As you guys know I just redrew PIT. I dont have the scene fully layed out, but heres the idea... While the main scene is being layed out -- He'll fly in and go off screen to the lower right... And then the magic starts..... I accidentally rendered the whole timeline, so only pay attention the first 18 seconds... If it sucks balls then say so... If it's good then say so.... If timing is off say so.....
  6. Big Box Cinematix

    Dude, for the past year I've been reading this book entitled, "How to be peculiar and annoying" In it, it lists the 3 stages of illusion for video... 1: Colorful 2d image on a black background... 2: Something hypnotic... Which I made a spiral background, simple enough... 3: And 3 will blow your f'n mind... I couldn't believe it myself and will be incorporating it from here on out. So f'n awesome...
  7. Big Box Cinematix

    Thanks @dragon57 ... I am attempting to put something very special into this one. I can't give any hints, because I can;t think of any that wouldnt essentially give the "special thing" away... lol Basically, what I want to achieve is something so awesome it results in 1000+ comments from all of you saying the same thing.. "That is so f'n balls." That would be my crowning achievement.