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    Wow. I just realized that it existed and tried it out and it's so easy. I love that I can add my own configs as well. I was a little skeptical at first but once I realized how this worked I was excited. This works so well I wish it was built in to the emulator. Now I don't need five copies of pcsx2 anymore! Thanks so much for this.
  1. I still would like to have MPC as an option! It's so lightweight that it could really help performance.
    Very authentic to the source material. Well designed. High quality and one of the very best themes!
    This thing is literally incredible! I love the addition of the sounds. The font is dead on and so beautiful. I never used big box mode until i saw this theme on a youtube video from Beatemups. I love this thing. I know this may be difficult but i'd love to see a version that scales well to 4k. The text honestly looks fine but like you mentioned, the wheel acts funny and its off. 1080p does look great though! I am a huge fan of this theme and it's the one to finally make me take my setup to the next level! Thanks for all the effort
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