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9 hours ago, erebus44 said:

I just tried your new version and the release date didn't work. I saw the website say it was an invalid date and when I went to look at my submission it said the release date was 2018, not 1996 like it should be. 

I often had this problem, too. but I thought it was something I did wrong.

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I've had this problem with previous versions - it has cause a bunch of my entries to be denied.  I haven't tried this new version yet - thanks for updating!!!

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Posted (edited)

Like erebus44 and Chris Kant, I have a similar issue with mystery release dates being input when the script runs.  I have recently had the issue with two submissions (Dark Castle, Beyond the Dark Castle, for Apple Mac OS) where the release date was not input with what was in LB but instead inserted "2018".  Both games were already in the system so just doing updates (mostly images).  I saw it momentarily pop up when it was running the script but thought it was just my imagination.  I then went back and looked at the moderation list and it had sent a change to update what was the correct date of 1986 to 2018.  At first I thought I had a typo on my part but I went back and looked in LB it was correct year of 1986. It also did it on another game I submitted the the next night and I made sure the date was correct before starting the script.  The only date I have in LB for those two games that is "2018" was the "last played" date so not sure if it is getting mixed up.   The moderation's got approved so it wound up changing a correct release date with an incorrect one.  I manually submitted a change to fix.  I would test more but don't want to pollute the DB with bogus dates.  I wish there was a way to stop/reject own submissions in the DB (not just for the plugin but for manual as well). 

Note: I have the most recent plugin version installed.

Edited by sundogak
added note on version of plugin

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