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Is there any way to remove/alter a pending submission that hasn't any moderations yet?

I'm, very slowly (939 pending changes so far and I haven't even finished the letter A...), working my way through the 3DS catalog, adding a whole lot of (mostly Japanese) games that are missing from the database and other missing information (mainly alternate titles). However, I was just working on a game "Hello Kitty's Magic Apron" when I accidently hit submit instead of the button to add an alternate title. So, now the submission is empty aside from the title and an alternate title. I still wanted to add a third alternate title (Japanese title), the developer and publisher and of course a cover.

But I guess I now have to wait until someone accepts it to further modify it?

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Most of the time spent moderating is in:

-waiting that server loads

- looking for the source of the proposed changes on the internet


I ask "is it possible to oblige in some way to insert a link or a text for the requested change?"

It is terrible to have to spend 10 minutes to understand if the logo that the peson wants to label only as "north america" is also valid for europe. And also the person himself would be forced to carry out research before requesting avoidable changes.

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would be nice to get a one page per game info instead of choosing between details and artwork.


something like a grid view would also helpful. example: you have one game for multiply regions then you can see way easier everything for Europe, than for Germany, than for US and then for Japan. the grid view would also nice in launchbox to check what do we have there and not especially per region to make sure you have everything for the US one and not mix it up with the Japan box art and so on.

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What do you think about adding a field to the pictures section for complete Cover inlays? (front, side and middle together)  ...or 2, for scans of the original and fan-art/reconstructed.  

While i'm searching for covers to add i keep stumbling over pictures of the complete thing that i could easily add while i'm at it, but there is no correct "field" for them, and i keep finding the occasional picture like that in the DB that somebody else added -> example: https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/images/20272 somebody uploaded one here as "3D Box", which is obviously wrong, i would prefer to put the picture in the correct category instead of requesting deletion.  

I'm thinking, those 3D Boxes that people make (love them btw. keep up the good work, whoever you are!), i think it would be more convenient for the people with the Photoshop Skillz (i don't have any :-/ ) to have complete covers to work with, including the sides and not just the front.  
Most 3D Box art i see is simply a template of a Box and people just add the Cover into the Template but leave the side blank in most cases,
i wouldn't go out of my way to look for complete covers either if i had hundreds of games for a System to go through and the cover pictures from for LaunchBox already on my Disk, together in one convenient folder.  

But if there was a convenient way to have the full cover art at hand by just selecting the download button in LaunchBox... i don't know.


I would like to hear the opinion from some 3D Box artists on this, would this be helpful or is the process more convoluted than i think?  


I know having a complete cover probably doesn't add anything obvious to LaunchBox as a Frontend instantly, but i think it would add indirect value to the DB as a one-stop-for-everything-gamebox-art/cover related.  

Even if its just about printing covers for your physical Games. For example, i heard people use VHS Boxes (or similar "universal retro game boxes") for their old cartridge games like SNES and print out custom Covers for them, when they either have no original Boxes anymore or so the original boxes stay in pristine condition in storage...  i mean that isn't me either way, but if we all are building a Database that is all about game covers here, we might as well add some full covers (and maybe fan art?) to actually print out while we are at it. (not that i would go out of my way to search that stuff, but i just keep stumbling over those pictures and am a bit annoyed that i can't add them while i'm adding stuff anyway).   

And if the answer is No, if we don't do complete covers here, what is the point of having the backside as an option?  
Is anything in BigBox maybe showing the back? I only have the free LaunchBox (no Credit Card = no BigBox ...and they don't want my PayPal money ...hmpf)...  


...not that i want do add more pointless  busy work.

I'm not sure, what do you think?


//edit: I did a collaboration with the Artist that makes the Nintendo 3DS 3D Box art a few days ago (you may have noticed that there are 99 additional 3DS and eShop covers available on Emu Movies now and i'm adding them as good as i can to the LauchBox DB) and he said that he needs the "Spine" so he can include it in the 3D Box art. ...so well, there you go.

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Sometimes when i submit something, the moderation queue will tell me later that 3 moderators approved and one rejected.  

It would be nice if i could read the reason that was given by that one guy.  

Is he full of donkey poop? Did he spot an error and i should fix something? i'll never know.

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LB's original DB is built off ot the GamesDB which is what the program used to use but due to unreliability and ever increasing downtime it was decided that the LBGDB was a necessity really the majority of the info on there is the backbone of the DB we already use going back to using it would just create conflicting data since some of the info from there has been edited and changed to what we have in the DB now so adding it back in as a source would accomplish very little IMO.

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On 5/20/2018 at 9:42 AM, ChateauVersailles said:

I would like to know which kind of images are missing from a certain platform

ReadLaunchBox (though a couple years old) will get you close to what you want to do.  You can chose the platform but then have to select 'each kind of image' (Box - Front, Clear Logo...etc.) separately to see what's missing.


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