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Machtendo - 1080p Bezels Set ( v1.0 = 175 Bezels) - LaunchBox Community Appreciation


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Machtendo - 1080p Bezels Set ( v1.0 = 175 Bezels) - LaunchBox Community Appreciation

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Machtendo - Bezels Set ( v1.0 = 175 Bezels) - LaunchBox Community Appreciation

Hello, all!

I was inspired by the work of a few users here in the community to teach myself how to use Photoshop and I wanted to create my own unique set of bezels. I taught myself just enough Photoshop to accomplish what I'd hoped to accomplish.

I made these for myself because I loved so many of the different styles and sets I'd seen on here, which varied widely - but I wanted a more uniformed set that I felt would work well with Viking's Colorful (Dark) Theme. I decided that I'd go ahead and post them here, to express my gratitude for all the hard work everyone has put in to make LaunchBox what it is.

Since I am interested to learn more Photoshop, I think I'm going to continue experimenting with these. If the community seems to like them, I'll post an update every so often. If anyone has any feedback or tips, I'm always willing to learn!

1920 x 1080

Generic or Abstract = 6
Platforms = 129
Games\Series = 10
Games\Individual = 30
Total = 175

Credit for the original artwork: 
@Orionsangel - @JRPGod - @nadonate - @Kondorito - @ci2own - @harryoke

Also, super appreciative of @Jason Carr for creating and maintaining LaunchBox in the first place


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Hey bro, great work on these they look excellent!

I've personally started using mine with the HSM Mega Bezel reflection shader available on libretro forums, which allows for shoe-horning them into the television-style display with the awesome work of the reflection shader there, have been very happy with that result. Definitely recommend checking it out if you haven't seen already: HSM Reflection Shader

So you can apply that shader, modify the base television graphic to one you more prefer (optional), scale it up to fit the screen vertically and fit the 1920x1080 border bezels as an overlay on top. With what you've learned and leveraging that shader I bet you could come up with something even more amazing! If you so desired anyway.

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