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  2. So how many retroarch emulators are you using bigbox for? You have an iPac and your able to assign your buttons on a per core basis? I'm at a loss getting this to work, any chance you can give it a try again and give a little more detailed how to? I've done what you suggested but it's not worked, there must be something I'm missing. It'd sure help me out having someone else with a similar system.
  3. Well. Another 4 hours of trying, nothing works I've tried it multiple ways, it's setting the controls globally. The config override isn't working. Why won't retroarch allow me to set my buttons, frustrating.
  4. Hi, I am answering several people on this thread. @Juzzotec was moving away from RL. I am happy to have gameloader run directly or via RL. I am asking the question of how to get AHK to exit emulator using my acade control panel. @Jason Carr has suggested using a dummy emulator in LB which is why I mentioned a txt file. How do you exit gameloader? Do you use escape key on your keyboard? cheers b
  5. Well so far no change in behavior, whatever I do in the nes core changes the genesis core, or if I configure the genesis core it changes the nes core. I tried changing the nes in retroarch, then exit/save. I then went into bigbox and while in game I hit f1 and in the quick menu I was able to save the core override. i thought well cool, it saved the core override. So next I went into retroarch and bound my controls for the genesis exited/saved on exit. Went into bigbox, loaded a game, pressed f1 and saved the core override. so I went back to the nes and same as before now all my controls are bound to my button mappings for the genesis. Ive read a ton of tutorials, spent more hours on this then I care to admit, and I'm still stuck. What can I possibly be missing?
  6. DuMY

    Setup ??

    how to correct: there is already an emulator with the name you specified ?
  7. a txt file is only for rocketlauncher setup... arent you moving away from it? check my video in the above post to setup in LaunchBox directly
  8. No, The gameloader.exe file is for each game.exe rom. Gameloader sets Display and other options for each game prior to loading. It works with individual settings for each game.exe file. Both the Gameloader.exe and game.exe need to be set for each game with all the files in the root of the game directory. Gameloader runs and sets the display and controls options, then loads the game.exe file. I have the games all working as normal. I am trying to exit out of the emulator using my control panel and ahk script to hold my start button for 2 seconds $joy10:: ; my start button { keywait, joy10, t2 if errorlevel <> 0 { Send {esc down}{esc up} } } I will try setting the default emulator as a .txt file tonight and get back to you. Thanks for your time and effort cheers B
  9. Playlists Category Theme Video View File Submitter CTRL-ALT-DEFEAT Submitted 04/23/2019 Category Playlist Theme Videos  
  10. Tried a couple emulators. My results were as follows: MAME -> tried both controller automation and keyboard automation. The Pause screen comes up instantly when pressed. However, when exiting the Pause screen, there is an audio loop and stutter for around 5-7 seconds, and then MAME reloads. Also, when exiting MAME back to BB sometime after using the Pause feature, MAME will just exit to a black screen. It seems like it doesn't load something properly after the Pause screen is used. RA --> works well. Able to go in and out of Pause screen without issue, and also able to exit with automation without any issues. Dolphin --> loads Pause screen appropriately, however I have the same issue as I did with MAME when exiting the emulator back to BB. It just exits to a black screen, and I need to alt-tab over to the Launchbox Startup Screen for it to properly exit. Cemu --> works well, no issues. Mupen64plus --> works well, no issues. PCSX2 --> works well, no issues. Xenia --> works well, no issues. Yuzu --> did not load the Pause screen properly, just hung. Had to restart my PC because I couldn't close out the Pause Screen process and everything hung. RPCS3 --> same issue as Yuzu. Cxbx-Reloaded --> the Pause screen does load; however, you can hear the emulator audio in the background, and the controls still seem to be controlling the emulator. I did not try Citra, but as it's very similar to Yuzu in many ways, I anticipate it will have the same problem. Definitely a big step. Thanks for a huge addition, can't wait to see it fleshed out.
  11. Added a tutorial on how to set it up in the following thread.
  12. Pause feature not working with launcher Game Loader not sure if In need to do anything else for it to pause Notes: - In LaunchBox have an option to not select an Emulator for these types of games as not required - In LaunchBox have an option for a empty Value: in the Bulk Edit Wizard for the Emulator drop-down list - In LaunchBox after using the Bulk Edit Wizard all games were stuck on selecting all and I had to go out of the platform then back in - In BigBox pressing my 'pause' button F4 nothing happens - In BigBox when ESC the game you can see briefly it screws with the theme then it reverts (probably because it rotated the orientation of the display) - In BigBox when entering the game you can see the theme briefly hiding behind the fade - In BigBox the startup screen fills half the screen then expands fully - In BigBox the startup screen rotates its orientation if the game automatically rotated Minimum Startup/Shutdown Screen Display Time: 1 Second Minimum Startup/Shutdown Screen Display Time: 5 Seconds
  13. You can actually use the copy paste method move the roms import them into LB then delete the copied roms and change your path in Demul to your MAME folder and edit the path in LB so it all points to your MAME ROMs
  14. Does it work to use GameLoader.exe as the emulator and Game.exe as the "ROM"?
  15. Yesterday
  16. When I use launchbox, everything seems to be working fine. I can load roms, play them fine, exit out of them using a mouse, select another game from the different platforms and everything works fine. When I try to use Big Box, everything is fine when I load a game and play it. I have a hotkey setup that when I press Select and Start together, it will exit a game and return to Bigbox. When it returns, no sound will play on Bigbox or any of the roms that I try to play. Also, when I load Genesis roms on Fusion using Launchbox, everything works fine, but when I try on Bigbox, I get a black screen with a window to open roms manually using a mouse. Even if I use the mouse to load a rom manually it won't work. Any help would be appreciated.
  17. Lordmonkus


    Do not do this, this will undoubtedly break it, arcade system emulators always want their roms in a zipped format.
  18. RA and Mame working well. Super Model 2 and Dolphin seem to have issues every so many times you go in an out of pause. For both I get returned to either a black screen or frozen image screen but can hear audio in the back. Super Model 3 so far has worked fine. I have not seen the issue like in Model 2 and Dolphin.
  19. The scraper works for batchs as well, but only if you import it from Launchbox and/or use steam to launch game e.g. steam://rungameid/730 , but i really want to see the python code since I really like the language.
  20. Good Morning all, Gameloader.exe is a shell that points to "Game.exe" So gameloader.exe runs then "game.exe" takes over. So the AHK scripts need to work in that situation @Jason Carr When you say "dummy emulator" do you mean just point to a .txt file? thanks in advance. cheers b
  21. @Jason CarrSo far so good. Have tested with Mame, Retroarch (stella core), Dolphin, and Demul. Can confirm pause screens do not play nicely with rocket launcher. I figured they wouldn't since the startup/shutdown screens did not, but tested anyway. Observations, all using Big Box: MAME with arcade rom-pause loads fine but when unpaused, there is a 2-5 second time where you can see the MAME window trying to reload. Game loads fine after this delay but takes away from the "immersion" MAME with intellivision rom-delay that is there with an arcade rom is almost unnoticeable. maybe half second delay of seeing the MAME window in the background. game returns to normal Demul-running Atomiswave-launched game in full screen mode, pause works but when unpaused, game goes to windowed mode instead of back to full screen Dolphin-no issues Retroarch-no issues I did run into issues that after using the pause menu a few times, it would require me to shut BB down to get the pause key to work again. once i had to reboot the whole pc.
  22. Sorry 'bout that, that I did. Can you move it?
  23. I had 486 as well. I remember playing Tetris on it. Good times.
  24. Post issues about this in the beta thread, that is what it is there for.
  25. Is this a bug in the importing/scraping?
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