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  2. ok so I'm trying to emulate ps1 games in retroatch via mednafen but no matter what i do nothing works.. i downloaded the mednafen beetle core i googled the ps1 bios mednafen needs and put that into system told retroatch where the bios is. Tried to boot a game and it just doesn't boot up at all.... Did i miss something? How many files are meant to be with the ps1 emulator? It said i needed the USA sch....i forget the exact number - but i know i got it seriously what am idoing wrong
  3. A preview of things to come! The ability to write out bezels for Retroarch installations on Android and Playstation Vita!
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  5. Just did a search in the forums, and there was a thread with a similar error reported like this a while back, that Lordmonkus also posted/helped that poster back then. The original poster in that thread also mentioned something he also had to do to fix it. See if that info is of any use to you in today's version of FBA (I expect it is though) I also recently dabbled with the stand alone version of Final Burn Alpha, to see if there were any benefits to using it. and what they mentioned in the other thread does sound familiar with how I got it running in fulll screen for me as well. FYI, after playing with the stand-alone emulator, I can also say that the Retroarch core is much easier to setup and use and I quickly ditched the stand-alone version of FBA
  6. I found the solution: I could delete the "all" platform category in LaunchBox using "Manage platforms".
  7. As Retro808 mentioned, depending on the emulator you're using, most do have an option to do a full boot (ie. show the bios loading screen etc.). For example, in Retroarch, using the MednafenPSX_HW core, you can do this by launching a game, pressing your hotkeys to go into the Retroarch Quick Menu/Options, (to access your core options) and then set the Skip BIOS entry to FALSE. Exit Retroarch (remember to save your config file if you have Retroarch set to not auto-save the config on exit), and then re-launch the game. Assuming you have the correct BIOS setup etc. in Retroarch, you should see the normal BIOS screen that you're tying to play in a video. If you're not using Retroarch as your emulator of choice for PS1 games, let us know what you're using, as that emulator might have the same option that someone would be able to point out... as I said, most do have that option as some people (like me) like the nostalgia you get when seeing that logo and hearing that sound
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  9. Any idea what to do if I don't use default names for the emulators?
  10. Not sure if it matters or not, I doubt it does for this instance, but you seem to be running an older version of Retroarch. It's now up to 1.7.7. Also, there's a new kid on the block for Mupen64plus for cores for Retroarch called Mupen64plus-next. It incorporates the latest changes/edits done via the mupen64plus coding scheme apparently. You might want to consider upgrading retroarch, and maybe trying that core to see if that solves your mapping issues. The above aside, I tried playing Majora's Mask in my Retroach (I am running 1.7.7) and the Mupen64Plus-Next core that I mentioned above, and the C-buttons work fine for me on my 8bitdo controller (Retroarch recognizes it as an XBOX 360 controller, which I see you have listed in your screenshots, so it should map pretty much the same I expect). For me, with the default bindings in retroarch, the C-buttons are mapped to the up/down/left/right on my right analog stick on my controller. Unless you re-mapped your device, yours should be the same. On another note, if you're into N64 emulation, and were not aware of it, there's a very good stand-alone version of Mupen64Plus called M64P, which is one of the best emulators on the scene right now for N64 emulation. It's pretty easy to setup, but not as simple as the Retroarch core would have been to setup, as once Retroarch is configured, adding cores to it is really simple. Anyway, if you want to check it out here's a link to his site where you can sign up for Patreon and get the file (https://m64p.github.io/) or if you want to try it out before actually spending money to get access to the latest version, the last public release he did is still available on EMUCR's website (https://www.emucr.com/2019/01/m64p-20190126.html) In case you were wondering, after that last public release in January 2019, the developer for M64P decided to go the Patreon way as a means to pay for his hosting etc. Shame really, but I can understand why he would do that. The last public release though is very stable, and works much, much, better than the Retroarch cores IMO.
  11. It's that time again guys; we're finally nearing release for 9.8. I'm currently hoping to put out the official release on Tuesday or Wednesday. All translation packages have been updated, of course. As always, thank you all very much. @Opak @dukeemu @cyanjiang @Bardock @MajKSA @gamehacker @Cauptain @Kondorito @Nyny77 @alexposad
  12. Thank you @alexposad; I don't have this into the latest beta yet, but I'll get it into the next one. Not easily; I would have to create a new translation package for it, so unfortunately that's probably not going to happen soon.
  13. I wanted to share the solution to a couple issues I ran into using the Genesis Plus GX core in Retroarch that is certain to irritate us hardcore Sega Master System folks. #1 - The Sega boot screen is missing. While it certainly is convenient to launch directly into a game, it takes away from the original experience. It also takes away the hidden snail maze game when you press up + buttons 1 & 2 during the boot screen. To do this you will need to find the version 1.3 Europe/USA Sega Master System bios and place it in the Retroarch system folder. However, many of the bios files available are titled with custom text so simply rename the file to "bios_U". (The bios file must have a .sms file extension.) Finally, launch a game and if it still skips the bios screen press F1 to enter Retroarch quick menu, select options, and enable the "system bootrom" option. #2 - Game sounds and music are completely different from the original. This is an updated FM synthesis option and while it does sound cleaner and is intended to be an upgrade you may wish to hear the original PSG sound. You can toggle this option by pressing F1 to enter the Retroarch quick menu, select options, and change Master System FM to off.
  14. oh okay yeah I've got enough buttons on control panel for an exit key. How can just using an exit key and keyboard/controller automation be so different? I guess just to note holding down the key and pressing the exit key still doesn't work.
  15. Thank you very much. I will try it in the upcoming week.
  16. Yes, keyboard automation works the same way as controller automation, you need to use two keys, one as a hold and another as a exit.
  17. no idea what I'm doing wrong I can't get keyboard automation working with TAITO or Daphne games using 1 keyboard press. I'm using a batch file to run both systems. Is the only point of Keyboard/Controller automation to allow multiple button presses to do something?
  18. I use Alt+F4 It closes BeebEm whether opened inside or outside of LaunchBox.
  19. How can I exit Beebem (in the emulator it is Alt+F and then X) Thank you
  20. I see my problem. I have my emulators named differently than the defaults (I have duplicates). How can I find the default scripts if my emulator is named differently?
  21. Retroarch is setup by default using the default save/load keys.If you need to change the keys as you have already in the emulator just go to Tools/Manage/Emulators/Retroarch and click the Pause Screen tab, then the relevant tab inside that.
  22. Hey folks, I have the new beta and the pause screens are working well, but how do I add the save state options? Retroarch for example? Is there a place I'm not finding to activate these? Thanks for the help.
  23. Here are the Atari Playlists. Let me know if anyone wants the clear logos I created above. Atari 2600 - Best of Bronze.xml Atari 2600 - Best of Gold.xml Atari 2600 - Best of Silver.xml Atari 2600 - The Best.xml Atari 2600 All Games.xml Atari 5200 - Best of Bronze.xml Atari 5200 - Best of Gold.xml Atari 5200 - Best of Silver.xml Atari 5200 - The Best.xml Atari 5200 All Games.xml Atari 7800 - Best of Bronze.xml Atari 7800 - Best of Gold.xml Atari 7800 - Best of Silver.xml Atari 7800 - The Best.xml Atari 7800 All Games.xml Atari Jaguar - Best of Bronze.xml Atari Jaguar - Best of Gold.xml Atari Jaguar - Best of Silver.xml Atari Jaguar - The Best.xml Atari Jaguar All Games.xml
  24. That's good to hear... I've also noticed that button automation is now closing FS-UAE for Commodore Amiga/CD32 when I used to have to manually exit. However, button automation is not closing a version of MAME I have set up for MESS...
  25. Hi all. Haven't tried the new beta, but just wanted to ask. Is the disc swap accessible from the pause screen? And if yes, can I select a disc that is in 7zip and have launchbox unpack before exiting the pause screen?
  26. I have only dabbled into the XBox emulation but it has worked fairly well and easily with Launchbox using CXBX Reloaded. The one game I have and tested is Panzer Dragoon Orta and no special command line arguments were required for it to work. Below are some screenshots of my setup in LB. I do use an AHK script for closing out but it's just the generic close window one. $Esc:: { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} }
  27. I was having the same problem. This was the solution for me. Thanks a million.
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