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  1. Have you tried asking on Stack Overflow? By "YouTubeKids hotkeys" I'm assuming {Ctrl}{Alt}Y. And is it safe to assume that the exe file is what opens chrome? ('cause I ain't checkin') To combine the two, hmmm...... how about have the "mouse script" be a function inside the 1st script? Then when ^!Y is pressed, it does its' thing and also [have it] call mouseScript(). Though not sure how that works with the #Directives. But if you can work that out, inside CheckChrome: add in a check for {Shift}{Esc} and Return will (should?) close the function. Or Exit. But not ExitApp. I think..lol If (GetKeyState("Shift", "P") && GetKeyState("Escape", "P")) Return (...may need to put it in a Loop.) Plan B: is in the the ^!Y script, have it also 'Run' your Mouse_Script.ahk (or compile it to exe) and in the {Shif}{Escape} sequence add in DetectHiddenWindows, On WinClose, ahk_class AutoHotkey
  2. If I'm understanding correctly, you're basically wanting a single default bezel (artwork) for all games (or at least for ones that don't have their own). This might be what you're after... https://mrdo.mameworld.info/mame_artwork_generic.php
  3. Oh Snap! My bad. I am so sorry. So yes, compiling that script I gave (the one with "WinClose" in it) to an exe and have it "Run Automatically Before Main Application" will work. Actually, maybe use $Esc:: { WinClose, ahk_exe ABC.exe ExitApp } This way, you run the script before your Main App, the script then hangs around in the background until you press the {Escape} key. Then the script closes ABC.exe and then closes itself (with "ExitApp" so it's not 'hanging around' anymore).
  4. "best/correct/better/cleaner/", depends on who you ask. 😁 Alt+F4 is really no different than clicking "X". (i.e. clicking "X" does not do a quicky background save, then close. It closes just like Alt+F4) That said... Go to "Tools", "Manage Emulators...", select your 'emulator' for "ABC.exe" and Click "Edit". In the "Running AutoHotkey Script" tab, enter in $Esc:: { WinClose, ahk_exe ABC.exe } "Save", "Close".... So in hopes that your Win10 App doesn't use the {Escape} inside it, when you are in the App, pressing {Escape} will close the App. Alternately you could set it up so {Escape} sends Alt+F4 (for your scenario). But the above code is the "BEST" acceptable answer.
  5. Through you I-Pac setup, you should be able to set up 'key' combinations (if it wasn't setup by default already). i.e. I have an (old) I-Pac/2 in my cab. When you press "Player 1 Start" and "Player 1 Coin" buttons at the same time, it's send "Enter". And then also, "Player 1 Start" and "Play/Pause" buttons pressed at the same time send "Escape". Not sure about setting up the joystick. Sounds like (for when in LaunchBox vs BigBox), you need to set up a "Tab" button-combination (or just use the keyboards Tab key, if handy) to get you into the games section, then you can move around with the joystick. As for question #2, make sure have your personalized "License.xml" file in your LaunchBox directory. Then to get the latest release, in LaunchBox, select "Tools", "Options" and be sure to have "Check for Updates...." checked.
  6. @johnsanc Done. 1) During the Import process (by either Copy AND Import or Import Only), all games (new and existing) will be set as "Broken" [Broken=true] in LaunchBox if the game status of "Supported" is "no". If the supported status is "partial" or blank, then Broken=false. 2) - When Copying & Importing, files copied will overwrite existing files with the same name. (told you I had to cover all aspects. ) - During the Import process (by either Copy AND Import or Import Only), if the game already exists in LB (for the given Platform), it will not be added again. ...and it's supported status will be set accordingly. So for #2, there's no 'added button'. Just click Import Only and it will add any new games to LB and update the supported status for all games in that Platform. And of course, all this, making sure the hash files match the ROM set [which matches the MAME revision] Oh, and "Broken" is not an available option for "Additional Apps", so no worries there. **** Import Mame Software Lists 1.32 updates **** - Clarification: When copying files, existing files with the same name will be overwritten. (useful when updating Software Lists) - Fixed: Tools menu icon. - Fixed: Will no longer Import games that already exist. - Fixed: If Platform already exists as an 'Additional Platform' for the MAME emulator, it won't add it again. - New Feature: If a newly imported game is tagged as not supported by MAME, it will be marked as "Broken". Will also check existing games in the Platform being imported to (in case MAME updated its' status) (Not applicable to clones when imported as additional apps) - Changed: Made changes and reduced the dll file size by about 75%
  7. Arcade Database http://adb.arcadeitalia.net/default.php
  8. @johnsanc Glad it's working well for you. Simple AND working well is what I was striving for. Good suggestions. #1 is simple enough, and I can add that for the "Completionist's" sake. #2 For [just] Importing into LaunchBox (vs Copy and Import), I could add another button for "Check for Changes" or something like that. Then it would cross check the "Broken" status of existing games and add any new ones. But for the Copy process I'd want to have it do a hash check on all the existing rom files to see if any have been updated, replace those and add any missing (new). Sounds simple enough. I think. lol I've added these to my to-do list. BTW, figured out how to "correctly" add an icon to the Tools menu.
  9. @johnsanc Thank you so much for showing the debug log! Saved me a heck of a lot of banging my head. I tried to get fancy and have an icon next to it in the Tools menu. Guess I have some learning yet to do about embedding resources. 😊 I uploaded v1.31.1 with the icon reference removed. Attached is the dll file that was fixed (just unzip and place it in the ../Plugins/ImportMameSoftwareLists folder [and unblock?]). Or you can download the full "ImportMameSoftwareLists 1.31.1.zip" file from the downloads section. ImportMameSoftwareLists.zip
  10. @rexryan I edited my post to reflect that for the Refried Theme, you will need to edit "Arcade.xaml".
  11. @rexryan Make sure you have the BigBox version installed (as well as the LaunchBox version from this post). See above for link to the BigBox version. Edit for "Arcade.xaml" As @ed20910 indicated, for the Refried Theme, be sure you edit "Arcade.xaml" located in the "TextGamesView" folder. (Note the "s" in "Games") If the theme you're using shows Game Details (I don't have Refried), in BigBox, be sure to have "Show Custom Fields" checked under "Options", "Games Details". Also depending on the Theme, if there are too many "Details" checked, it may not show. If your Theme doesn't show Game Details [circled in red], there should also be (assuming the correct xaml is edited) a "View Hi-Scores" item in the menu [highlighted blue]. And of course, none of these will show if there are no saved high scores for the particular game.
  12. Looks like ePSXe can be setup to start in fullscreen from the gui.
  13. a YT video shows it running on RockNES X. It's obscure. At least to me.
  14. @fredpd Yes. Using RocketLauncher is the issue. I've never used RocketLauncher, but it's my understanding you 'point' your games to RL and it then redirects the game to MAME. The plugin looks for the emulator's folder used to launch your Arcade games which is assumed to be MAME. From there, it drills down to find the "hi" and "nvram" folders (where the high scores are saved). Which of course, it won't find inside RL's folder. At this point, we don't have plans to modify the code to account for RocketLauncher. But from what I've read, the features that originally made RocketLauncher so sought after are pretty much all available these days in LaunchBox. That said, if we get enough hate mail requests/interest to account for RocketLauncher, we’ll look into it.
  15. $x:: { WinClose, ahk_exe ccs64.exe } I guess we need to make sure we're inputting the actual program's executable name that we're trying to close. And if for some reason you're using "CCS64-2005.exe", change it to that in the code above.
  16. Try adding "$" $x:: send {alt down} send {F4} send {alt up} return If that don't work, you could always use $x:: { WinClose, ahk_exe ccs.exe }
  17. Glad you got it working! It's for editing an individual game (as in one-at-a-time ) In LaunchBox, right-click on a game. Select "Edit"
  18. Citra-qt doesn't need anything in it's command line. For the emulator, set it up like so: Then for the actual game(s), point it to your 3ds fileAnd set the emulator to Citra
  19. Try using this line #IfWinActive ahk_exe sorr.exe
  20. Glad it's working! Here's where I've gotten my instruction cards from. http://www.pinballrebel.com/pinball/cards/ Pre LaunchBox, I was modifying the tables script files so that when I pressed a certain key, the instruction card would popup in a window. Though that was quite a while ago. Adding those to the ..\Manuals folders would be much easier. Get real crazy and modify the pause xaml file so that the current tables I-card would show up on the right half of the screen.
  21. It shouldn't crash anything. All it's doing is a pseudo hold-down {Alt}, hit {Tab} until you get to the VPX table window and release {Alt}. That said, just did some more testing and found on a table that uses Virtual DMD (UltraDMD.exe) it will pause, but when I go to un-pause I get a message something like 'VPX just had a brain fart. Do you want to close it or wait to see if its' head clears out?' Clicking Wait seemed to... well, just wait. From this, I found if I {Alt}{Tab} to the DMD window and hit P[ause], it resumes just fine. I only have 5 tables that use UltraDMD (as far as I can tell) and only 2 of those had this happen. BUT!!!!!!!!............ when I went back to double check those, they un-paused just fine. So, I'll say it again. It seems to be random. And to top that off, I removed the 'WinActivate' line mentioned above, and all other tables return properly back to the play field now after pausing. Go figure. So maybe don't use the aforementioned line. Play, Pause, Un-Pause, {Alt}{Tab} back to the play field, Exit, Play, Pause, Un-Pause, {Alt}{Tab}, Exit and so forth then maybe after a while it'll clear itself up.😁
  22. It seems to be random that it does this, maybe depending on the table/DMD/PinMame... who know's. Also, looks like after the 1st time of needing to {Alt}{Tab} back to the table after pausing, it works fine. I think it's just a thing but adding this to the On Resume tab for the Visual Pinball X emulator seems to fix it. WinActivate ahk_class VPPlayer
  23. Very nice! I didn't know that %gameid% was even available to pass as a parameter. Definitely an awesome means for pointing to the individual game configs without using a script, plugin or hand typing in per game custom command lines. Though something like %FileNameWithoutExtensionAndPath% would be sweet. Thanks for this @Sunnyhat!
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