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  1. a YT video shows it running on RockNES X. It's obscure. At least to me.
  2. @fredpd Yes. Using RocketLauncher is the issue. I've never used RocketLauncher, but it's my understanding you 'point' your games to RL and it then redirects the game to MAME. The plugin looks for the emulator's folder used to launch your Arcade games which is assumed to be MAME. From there, it drills down to find the "hi" and "nvram" folders (where the high scores are saved). Which of course, it won't find inside RL's folder. At this point, we don't have plans to modify the code to account for RocketLauncher. But from what I've read, the features that originally made RocketLauncher so sought after are pretty much all available these days in LaunchBox. That said, if we get enough hate mail requests/interest to account for RocketLauncher, we’ll look into it.
  3. $x:: { WinClose, ahk_exe ccs64.exe } I guess we need to make sure we're inputting the actual program's executable name that we're trying to close. And if for some reason you're using "CCS64-2005.exe", change it to that in the code above.
  4. Try adding "$" $x:: send {alt down} send {F4} send {alt up} return If that don't work, you could always use $x:: { WinClose, ahk_exe ccs.exe }
  5. Glad you got it working! It's for editing an individual game (as in one-at-a-time ) In LaunchBox, right-click on a game. Select "Edit"
  6. Citra-qt doesn't need anything in it's command line. For the emulator, set it up like so: Then for the actual game(s), point it to your 3ds fileAnd set the emulator to Citra
  7. Try using this line #IfWinActive ahk_exe sorr.exe
  8. Glad it's working! Here's where I've gotten my instruction cards from. http://www.pinballrebel.com/pinball/cards/ Pre LaunchBox, I was modifying the tables script files so that when I pressed a certain key, the instruction card would popup in a window. Though that was quite a while ago. Adding those to the ..\Manuals folders would be much easier. Get real crazy and modify the pause xaml file so that the current tables I-card would show up on the right half of the screen.
  9. It shouldn't crash anything. All it's doing is a pseudo hold-down {Alt}, hit {Tab} until you get to the VPX table window and release {Alt}. That said, just did some more testing and found on a table that uses Virtual DMD (UltraDMD.exe) it will pause, but when I go to un-pause I get a message something like 'VPX just had a brain fart. Do you want to close it or wait to see if its' head clears out?' Clicking Wait seemed to... well, just wait. From this, I found if I {Alt}{Tab} to the DMD window and hit P[ause], it resumes just fine. I only have 5 tables that use UltraDMD (as far as I can tell) and only 2 of those had this happen. BUT!!!!!!!!............ when I went back to double check those, they un-paused just fine. So, I'll say it again. It seems to be random. And to top that off, I removed the 'WinActivate' line mentioned above, and all other tables return properly back to the play field now after pausing. Go figure. So maybe don't use the aforementioned line. Play, Pause, Un-Pause, {Alt}{Tab} back to the play field, Exit, Play, Pause, Un-Pause, {Alt}{Tab}, Exit and so forth then maybe after a while it'll clear itself up.😁
  10. It seems to be random that it does this, maybe depending on the table/DMD/PinMame... who know's. Also, looks like after the 1st time of needing to {Alt}{Tab} back to the table after pausing, it works fine. I think it's just a thing but adding this to the On Resume tab for the Visual Pinball X emulator seems to fix it. WinActivate ahk_class VPPlayer
  11. Very nice! I didn't know that %gameid% was even available to pass as a parameter. Definitely an awesome means for pointing to the individual game configs without using a script, plugin or hand typing in per game custom command lines. Though something like %FileNameWithoutExtensionAndPath% would be sweet. Thanks for this @Sunnyhat!
  12. Ya, naming conventions for Visual Pinball has been a mess since forever. And it will never go away. But can't really complain as all these tables are made royalty free by individuals, on their own free time. I do the same as @Headrush69 using a clean folder name. However back when, when I 1st imported them I did a drag and drop of all the VPX files. Since most all the authors/version/revision/what_ever where inside parenthesis, LB left the Names pretty good and the versions etc went into the Version field. Then when I update tables (again, way over due. lol) I drop them into the 'proper' folder respectively and manually update were LB is pointing to. Call it a part of the hobby. lol
  13. Let's backtrack a little.... A few posts back, for troubleshooting purposes your rem'd some lines attempting a process-of-elimination. And earlier before that you mentioned "Here is the batch file..." . Sorry I didn't catch that before, but the script (posted above) was to be an AutoHotKey's (AHK) script. I know both types were mentioned and I wasn't very clear on that. I apologize. So "the script" above should have a file extension of .ahk [to rem out a line, AHK uses a ; (semicolon) instead of 'rem'. ] However, I think you also indicated you ran "DS4W_Off.bat" by itself at the DOS prompt and it didn't work.?.?. I wouldn't think you'd need to create a shortcut (.lnk) to your batch files since the AHK script is pointing to the full path of the batch file itself. What do the DS4W_Off[/On] batch files look like themselves? Their 'commands' could be simply put into the AHK script file (using AHK 'lingo' of course) instead of pointing to an outside batch file. But either way is fine. Again, I apologize for creating confusion. But I do know this method does (and will) work.
  14. PINUP Player is actually pretty cool. But my little i5 machine needs just a touch more oomph. lol Honestly I haven't even looked at FP in about a year. So I'm probably out of touch by a version or 2. So until I update it, my allegiance is still with VPX. I also prefer the more nostalgic table look vs the eye candy of FX2 and FX3 (and to an extent, FP). Just old school that way, I guess. I know JP has done a lot of upgraded desktop modes for tables over the last 6+ months. Though it's been a while there since I upgraded tables too. VPX and pinmame are current, just not so much tables. 😊 Ahhh.... the ol' "I'm done tinkering, I'm goin' to start playing now" thoughts. Let us know how that goes for you. lol jk I need to stop thinking about it and actually start playing more myself. "Oh! Wait! Just one more little tweak here, and then I'll start playing again." It's a vicious cycle.
  15. I've never attempted a 2nd display with VPX (nor FP). Does Backglass - Options - X/Y Rotation do anything? Sounds like, video card pending, you might be able to automate a display rotation on a given monitor. https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=34850 But even better, add/modify a pov xml file for the table (backglass). https://vpinball.com/forums/topic/vpx-backdrop-pov-importexport-tutorial/#post-48590 Now, I don't know if they all come with pov files to modify, or if you can even just add one if it doesn't. But seems there has to be people who use dual desktop monitors for VPX, both in landscape mode.
  16. Do you by chance have more than one installation of mameui64.exe? It looks to me like the mame.ini file that's in the same folder as the mameui64.exe you're pointing LaunchBox to, doesn't have the 'rompath' pointing to the folder that simpsons.zip is located in. Or if you have more than one simpsons.zip on your computer....
  17. DOS prompt, go to D:\Gaming\Apps\Launchbox\Script_Files directory and then type DS4W_Off.bat Does that work?
  18. Because of the batch file, we need to use %comspec% which opens a 'DOS' window as well as whatever the batch file opens. /c closes the DOS window when the batch is done. In between ,, would go the parameter for "working directory" but with nothing there is acting like a place holder so we can push 'hide'. If you open your command window (get to the DOS prompt) and are at "D:\" [root directory] and type in "D:\Gaming\Apps\Launchbox\Script Files\DS4W_Off.bat" (need to include the quotes [because of the space between "Script" and "Files"], will it run as expected?
  19. @rcoltrane Gotch'ya. I get what you're asking now. But I'm going to take a wild (but somewhat educated) guess that that's never going to happen. Just curious, do you store all your MAME roms extracted? Here's a little caveat... You obtain MAME's Software List "MSX2 cartridges" [long name] aka "msx1_cart" [short name]. In there you have "hero.zip" [short] which holds "h.e.r.o. (japan).rom" [long]. The long name is of course a lot more descriptive of the actual game. And that [long] is how you have it stored on your computer. (no .zip file) In that same set you have "1942.zip" [short] which per the hash file, its 'description' is "1942 (Jpn)" and it's 'rom file' is "1942 (japan).rom". But the actual zip file contains "nc81820-g30 japan 8649" (at least mine does). Which one is MAME's standardized long name? Do you extract to rom from the zip file and rename it? And the only way to verify a good/bad dump is through a hash check (crc, sha1...). The name can only get you close. Caveat 2: the zip file is actually a culmination of multiple rom files. i.e. Arcade Machine "1942.zip" It contains 27 'rom files'. Now if you have in your collection roms from days afore, and by chance they happen to have the same naming convention MAME ended up using in their hash file 'rom file' name, That's pretty impressive and a rarity of it's own. I'm sure. But again, only for ones that have a single 'rom file'. Most, if not all people will get the emulatable roms directly from MAME's Software List collection. Which of course stores the files zipped with MAME's short naming convention and is what the MAME emu looks for. Again, just as is done for their Arcade Machines. (which I know you know this)
  20. Oh crikey! Forgot some [important] stuff.😊 Sorry about that. Run, %comspec% /c "D:\Gaming\Apps\Launchbox\Script Files\DS4W_Off.bat",,hide Sleep, 1000 ; Just in case it needs a sec to 'turn off' DS4W. 1000 = 1 second RunWait, "D:\Gaming\Emulators\RPCS3\rpcs3.exe" %1% Run, %comspec% /c "D:\Gaming\Apps\Launchbox\Script Files\DS4W_On.bat",,hide ExitApp Threw the Sleep line in just in case. Increase, decrease or remove as necessary.
  21. For your Dolphin emulator Default Command-Line Parameters...do you have "-b -e"? -b, --batch Exit Dolphin with emulator -e, --exec=<str> Loads a specific game file (ELF, DOL, GCM, ISO, WBFS, CISO, GCZ, WAD)
  22. @DOS76 beat me to the Submit Reply button... Suggestion #1: I'm not really clear on what you'er saying. But I think what you want is to be able to import into LaunchBox MAME Software Lists so that the game's proper Title shows in your Platform collection, while the game's rom_name can stay intact (zipped) so MAME can launch it. Just like it does when importing MAME Arcade Machines. If that is the case, LaunchBox does not currently accommodate MAME Software Lists (in that regards) as it does for MAME Arcade Machines. There is however a plugin that some guy wrote for the LB community that can help with that. Suggestion #2... That can be tricky as not all emulators open a console window. Also, it's probably actually easier just to ask here on the forums. There is a mass amount of knowledgeable people that are willing to help right here at your fingertips.
  23. I wasn't sure about your familiarity with MAME, and sounds like that not an issue. 👍 You're not allowed to post copyrighted materials (roms) here. That's why the moderators removed the link. That said, I already had it, and that's how I know it does work in LaunchBox. And so, I am determined to get it to work for you too. This brings it down to how it's set up in LaunchBox. Since you're using MAME 0.217, the default Command line parameter -keyboardprovider dinput is not an issue. Also, having your mame.ini in MAME's root folder (vs in it's ../ini folder, which is another common issue) is taken care of. And your rom/device_files/bios_files are all inside folders that are included in the "rompath" line inside mame.ini. Let's look at some basics, then go from there... In the Edit Game, Launcher tab, you have it pointing to a copy of "hero.zip" that's included in mame.ini 'rompath'?In the emulation tab, it's pointing to MAME (or however you called it)Click "Edit..."The exe file shown is the same one that has the rom path set for the selected game (above). What about the check boxes? Mine's setup (see below) such that even for Software List Platforms, the "Don't use..." and "Use file name..." can both stay checked (just like MAME Arcade Machines). You may need to uncheck those depending on how your Software Lists are setup. Now under the Associated Platforms tabCheck for the Platform that you have H.E.R.O. in inside LaunchBox. For me, it's " MSX1 cartridges". Set the Default Command-Line Parameters to expert11 -cart1 And check that it is the Default Emulator. "OK" your way back to the LaunchBox main ui. That's what's working for me. A note on Software List file locations. If you're planning to install several or many, what seems to work best (at least for me)... Create a sub folder in MAME called "software" (D:\Emulators\Mame\software) In that new folder, place the Software List folders for each console/computer you're installing using the exact same name as the hash.xml file_name for the folder_name. (D:\Emulators\Mame\software\msx1_cart) So for, the game in question would be located: D:\Emulators\Mame\software\msx1_cart\hero.zip I place all the console/computer bios and device files directly in "software". They probably could just as well be in their corresponding sub_folder, but for whatever reason, I did it this way and it's working. Thus I have the file expert11 located: D:\Emulators\Mame\software\expert11.zip With these file locations, all you need to add in the mame.ini "rompath" line is "software # # CORE SEARCH PATH OPTIONS # homepath . rompath roms;software MAME will know to look for expert11.zip and hero.zip under "software\" and under "software\msx1_cart\", respectively.
  24. No worries. Can you run from inside MAME itself? (vs from the command prompt.) And be sure your using the copy of MAME that you're using for LaunchBox. (C:\Temp... vs C:\RCS...) Kind of where I'm going with this is I see in your full command line parameters it has -rompath ... in it. That (as well as a lot of the parameters in there) would only need to be there if MAME isn't fully setup properly. I guess another way is.... in your mame.ini file that [should be] located in your MAME's root folder, does the rompath point to where your game roms and device (bios) roms are located? I see your screen shot shows you're in C:\Temp\UME but in your full command line, the rompath parameter points to C:\RCS\GAMES\UME\roms
  25. @rcoltrane In the future, please don't be so quick to blame LaunchBox. It's only doing what you told it to do. If you wish to use that particular command line (expert11 msx1_cart:hero), you have to edit your MAME emulator and check the box that says "No space before ROM". But that kinda screws up any other Platforms you have associated with MAME. Instead, use this as your Default Command-Line Parameters under Associated Platforms for your 'Expert 11' (or whatever name you gave it) Platform. expert11 -cart1 If you wish to verify through the Windows 10 DOS prompt, try: mame64.exe expert11 -cart1 hero Note the space and no : (colon) before the game_name (hero).
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