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  1. Here is the video. As you can see, im using the CityHunter theme as my default, and im using different themes for the other platforms, but i didnt show it in the video, and the cityhunter theme has the view that does what you are looking for, for MAME without doing anything special or modifying any file.
  2. that weird. You shouldnt have to do that. Something doesnt sound right in your setup. I really hoped that my solution worked for you. Ill try and make a video. so you can see what i was talking about.
  3. These are my setting in case it not the theme but your settings.
  4. What theme are you using. I tried it with the CityHunter theme and it has the view you are looking for and it works like the way you want it. It could be possible that the theme you are trying doesn't have that view with the fade out effects. One thing you can do since bigbox supports different themes per platform, is download the cityhunter theme if you dont have, it or use the CriticalZone theme, and go into MAME, press the J (Default key to switch themes) and choose CityHunter or CritialZone to use just for MAMAE, then change the view, and you should find the view you are looking for. This
  5. Wow!! The Wii theme is great. I cant wait to see the platforms you do next 🙂
  6. Yeah, most themes have this view like the theme CriticalZone theme that comes default with BigBox or CityHunter includes this view, and to change views, you have to set a key in the settings. For example i have mine set to S to switch views until i find the view i like or the view you are looking for. Hope this helps,
  7. This one looks really good. I like the fact that it looks like the Wii menu. Cant wait for this theme
  8. I'm sure you are, but if your not, make sure that you are on the latest version or even the latest beta of launchbox. Also when switching themes, choose the main theme for platforms and go into a platform games view that you want to use these themes on, so N64 for example, then press J on the keyboard and a box should come up to choose the coverbox theme you want N6,4 and then switch the view, and do that for all the other platforms and it should work. Let us know if the themes work or not
  9. thank you for making this variation i like this one and I appreciate your hard work.
  10. Im loving these thmes, but for the gamecube theme, will you be making a variation cause i would like to have the game video box bigger since i think the size of the video look funny and maybe the game clear logo could be in the video like it is in the n64 them. Hope this make sense and keep making these themes
  11. This is why i love this community. You guys always getting me excited . LOL. I cant wait to see what you have coming
  12. I love these. I was hoping someone would make specific themes for each platform game list ever since bigbox supports different themes for each platform. I hope you make more platform themes.
  13. Is this the kind of effect your looking for. Im pretty good with Photoshop so i made this glass text effect.
  14. Welcome back @SNAK3ATER. Cant wait to see what youve been working on. Keep it up Launchbox Fam
  15. Good work @Jason Carr i didnt think this was a problem since i never noticed it before.
  16. For that issue, what you can try, is go into the setting and clear the cache and see if that fixes the issue, If not then you may have to re download all of the images for Nes. By the way, does the problem happen on other platform, since i have seen people with a similar issue, and usually refreshing the cache fixes the problem.
  17. At this moment there isn't a setting for that, but @Jason will most likely add that in. Launchbox/bigbox is growing very fast and its amazing that @Jason being the main developer has done and added to launchbox/bigbox.
  18. OOOOHHH!!!! i would love those features. Listen Jason! LOL
  19. you can change sounds, but you have to go into the setting----->Sounds----->Sound Pack, and change the sound pack that you would like to use for the theme. At moment, the sound packs don't change when you change themes, so you have to change the sound pack every time you want to choose another theme. I hope Jason will add the ability to set sound packs to themes so that when you change themes, it also changes the sounds.
  20. I still have that theme, but i don't want to share it without @Grila permission and who i think was the creator of that theme.
  21. Nice logos. I would love it someone made playlist videos to go along with these,
  22. Music box kind of reminds me of Groove music that's in windows 10 because it looks similar in a way.
  23. Give it time and Jason will most likely merge the Music box site with lunchbox. Jason said he was going to work on seamlessly merging the Launchbox website with the forums so it is just one log in and he was going to add some features, but i havnt heard anything at this time. So be patient.
  24. Lol, i hope Styphelus was joking.
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