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Jason Carr

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8 minutes ago, viking said:

How ??
Here is what I see

Redream v.1.5.0 with "premium" version.

Thx ! I try this !!

It just works. 1.5 official is two years old at this point, you want a 1.5 development release, last updated 8 hours ago.






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Thx @neil9000 !
Yes, I see and tested the latest development release.
Unfortunately, it doesn't work. Redream closes/crash as soon as I want to launch a winCE game.
Directly in the emulator or in LaunchBox.

Maybe I'll wait for a new build.

Thx for the tips !!!  =)


By the way, since I'm in the right thread, I also have a problem with RetroArch for the Saturn (kronos core).
When I launch a game, the emulator stays in the background, behind LaunchBox.
Black screen if I force it. I only have sound.

RetroArch work well with other system setup. 
An idea ?

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@viking This  command line seemed to work fine for me: Edit: Didn't see previous replies. This command line below works for full screen flycast standalone. 

But on the topic of WindowsCE games, I can also confirm ReDream works fine for me (just tested Sega Rally Championship).




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9 hours ago, Pineappleking said:

😶 oh... ok. Thank you.
I think they won´t work in retroarch, too?

DEMUL is like the only thing I'm aware of that runs Hikaru, but the only issue is that it doesn't fullscreen at launch for some odd reason while things like NAOMI, NAOMI 2, and Atomiswave launch at fullscreen just fine. You;ll have to just Alt+Enter once you launch a Hikaru game to make it fullscreen. Some have claimed to found a way to fix it, but then have claimed it somehow went back to not launching at fullscreen. Other than that, DEMUL seems the best and only option. I hope someday Flycast is able to run more than just Dreamcast, NAOMI, and Atomiswave because then we can have all that in RetroArch

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greetings all!@ these forum reviews!!,hope everything is real simple now?, appreciate the help when needed also.

I'd like an updated list of parameters for launching command-line purposes here at this area,please make them easier i the way that they could be more specific to running MAME and other platforms there have being changes, I'm a emulator person as well and really require some insight into doing emulator launching on other front ends. // retrofe.nl site has no information concerning advanced setting or configurations besides the guide that points to a global.conf file that doesn't exist in the executable root directory of RetroFE , can anyone help here on the forums? would like some feedback sooner than whenever.please.. an  in depth list like the one above maybe uploaded at this years emulation, maybe eta prime could host something if and when he's available?..

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